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Similar to other OS, Apple iOS is using custom and editable. You can easily adjust the iOS fonts. Sometimes the small size of default text size is very hard to read on iPad and iPhone displays. However, you can turn on a system-wide large and Bold Text and make easy for the reader to read. Bold and large text is an accessibility function that increases legibility by using the iPhone/iOS dynamic type of engine to change the size of fonts bigger or heavier and usually easier to read.

This function is making text bold and larger for the low vision people to read without magnifying interface elements and increase the contrast. Enable bold or large text, after that, the iPhone will make the text bolder and larger in all Apple’s apps.  In the App Store Apps that support the dynamic framework type. Let’s scroll down to learn about how to enable the feature on the iPad and iPhone to large and bold the text.

How to enable bold and large text on iPad and iPhone

You can turn on the feature to bold and large the text on iPhone and iPad in the below steps. Furthermore, you can perform a similar setting in your iPad too.

  1. Tap the Settings App to open on your iPad and iPhone running iOS 7 or higher.
  2. Then tap on General option
  3. Select the Accessibility
  4. Tap on the Larger Text option
  5. You can Turn On the feature for Larger Accessibility Sizes
  6. So to adjust the text size then tap the Slider from left to right side order
  7. Next tap the Accessibility option at the top left to get back to the previous screen
  8. Go to the Bold Text Option and Turn it On
  9. Finally, tap the Continue option to reboot your iPad or iPhone
iPhone Setting icon
Display Brightness

Go to iOS settings on iOS device and navigate to Display & Brightness to access and edit fonts option.

Bold Text option

Within the Display & Brightness Settings, you can adjust the text size and bold text. The texts will appear all over the iOS applications and user interface.

How to Adjust the Text Size

If you want to adjust text size on your iPad or iPhone to make it easier to read, you can change the text size. However, you can manually adjust the scale text size while using a built-in tool on your iPad or iPhone. 

Simply open the Settings app> Tap Display & Brightness option > Tap Text size by scroll down> Tap on the Slider to adjust the text size as you desired. If you want as default sizes then left the slider in middle and you can change the font size to the larger or smaller.

Text size Option
Drage Slider option

Drag the font dot from small size A to large A to get bigger font size. And verse versa, to change font size to smaller size.

After that, reboot your Smartphone iPhone or iPad, you should notice the different text is larger or bolder from the previous one and not nearly as thin. For all of those users with visual impairments, this should make it easy for the reader. You must remember that not all the third-party app support the bold text. However, many App Store apps and all built-in apps do.

Apple iOS emphasizing the app developer to built-in accessibility features to adopt the iOS fonts within their Apps.

Alternative Ways to Turn on to Bold & Large on iPhone and iPad

By scroll down to know the alternatives ways to make adjust, bold, and lager your text on the iPhone and iPad. So the below are the alternative methods for your guidance

How do you make text bold on the iPad?

Let’s teach you how to italic, bold, and underline text on your iPad and iPhone in the following steps

  1. Simply Bold the text you need to select that
  2. Tap on the Menu bar
  3. Then tap the BIU option
  4. Next tap the Bold button option

Is Bold text better on iPhone?

To adjust the default text size on iPhone then you have to follow the steps

  1. Tap the Settings on your iPhone
  2. Select the Display & Brightness option
  3. Select the Text Size
  4. Then tap to Drag the Slider from left to right side until it looks comfortable more.

How do I make my iPhone keyboard black?

Here is to make your iPhone keyboard black in the following steps

  1. Open the Accessibility Settings from the Settings option
  2. You will see a pop up of Darker Keyboard on your screen in the iOS 7.0.
  3. Until now there is no option to set up it manually
  4. To make it darker then you need to reduce the Transparency

What is the purpose of the bold text on iOS?

Generally, there are some of the purposes of bold text are to hold the attention of the viewers. In this way to make larger and bold font some of the text, the font will bold, heavier and darker than the normal type of text. So the main purpose of this feature is to emphasis to make certain phrases and words stand out from the other surrounding text.

But within Apple iOS the bold text settings are for the accessibility purpose. People with low eyesight or impaired vision issue, they are unable to read thin fonts. However, the bolt fonts all over the interface suit to their vision and can read easily. Similarly, iOS allows users to get it as an accessibility option on their device.

How do you make the font bold on iPhone?

Here is how to enable bold text or change the font size on an iPhone and to do it. You have to open the Settings App on iPhone> Tap the Display and Brightness> then tap Text size> Tap to drag the Slider on the Text Size page to change the text larger or smaller> Open the Settings app> Tap the General option> Then tap Accessibility. After that, you can adjust the fonts to suit well to your vision.

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