AdSense Mobile sunsetting Android and iOS App

AdSense Mobile Interface ending soon
AdSense Mobile Interface ending soon

AdSense users are getting email notifications regarding upcoming changes in AdSense Mobile App. The App is going to remove in the coming few months. The 2019 year remaining few last months to enjoy the user experience on a mobile device. However, nothing to worry, since Google is now investing more to bring new application with great user interface and speed up from the current version. According to the Google blog, nearly 70% of users using it on Android and iOS devices. More importantly for the publisher to see their progress and investigate the report. Easy track to review the earning and click-through rate of the day while away from your computer.

Adsense Mobile Experience Email notification

AdSense Mobile Experience notification
AdSense Mobile Experience notification

The email notifying AdSense App Mobile user, they will stop supporting in the coming few months. However, the aim is to deliver responsive web interface and improve the application and user experience. Furthermore, the new App is going to be much faster, rich features and functionality.

To deliver a richer experience on mobile, we’re investing heavily in creating a responsive web interface. Our goal is to improve the AdSense mobile experience by giving you more features and functionality much faster than we can today. As we move towards this goal, we’ll stop supporting the AdSense mobile application over the next few months. In the meantime, stay tuned for updates on the AdSense mobile web experience!

Adsense Mobile Experience

What does it mean to a publisher?

The conclusion and to summarize the notification, the user can still use the Application on their devices. However, the advance notification to publishers that it will stop supporting it and discontinue in the coming few months. Instead, publisher will hands-on brand new user interface and application to use.

You don’t need to worry since you can still able to start downloading it on your device. Their ration of mobile interface vs desktop is 7:3. In other words, 30% are from desktop and 70% are from the Mobile user interface. It’s sound like you should have an alternative option prior to discontinuing the current one.

What is my action right now?

Publisher are usually taking care of all the aspect. It is because of any harm to their account and invalid activity to report as early as possible. In order to protect their account from misuse. Therefore the publisher must have hands-on the report all the time. Therefore, there is no action need from you right now. It is just notification while you need to wait for the upcoming announcement when there is an alternative application for mobile.

Upcoming changes earlier notification

Google AdSense actually announce the changes in July-2019. After that, people are getting email notification Nov-2019. It is demonstrating the there is huge progress and milestone. This is how it is to update the publisher on their inbox message. Not all users are reading the blog and announcement and potential announcement and notification are getting to the inbox. Most important and high priority is hitting the notification bell on the AdSense interface.

According to Google research, the AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) and PWA (Progressive Web Apps) work faster and emerging experience in terms of web delivery. The upcoming changes aim to improve the user experience even better than the current experience.

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