Adsense Research on Invalid Traffic concerns limited ads

AdSense invalid traffic research case study
AdSense invalid traffic research case study

Adsense target publisher with policy centre notification. The violation notification start from Sep-2019 and people start receiving “Invalid Traffic Concerns” and their Adsense Ads has been limited. Most targets are the new site, blogger, and old sites.

The perspective of these contents explaining our research where we reached out people with a similar issue. Due to privacy concern, we are not publishing any domain name but they are visible from the help forum to find easily.

Previously, post the initial concern of Adsense invalid traffic concerns with Ads limit. Adding more research contents after the initial concern and investigation. After that, you can understand what happened next to those publishers.

Initial research and complain of invalid traffic concerns

There is a number of people start complaining about a similar issue. However, we are adding a few examples to illustrate the common problem here.

  1. Some users show up and publish their Google Analytics screenshots proving that their visitors are from Google search engine.
  2. Blogger with 95% search engine visitors is also receiving invalid traffic concerns tag.
  3. Most of the users admit their site hitting 50% from the social network including Facebook, Twitter and others.
  4. Some users are getting the warning after they add their new website and ads are now effecting on both sites.
  5. One user also reports a blog and a forum. The forum is not showing ads but the blog has no issue with Adsense

There are many other issues, but for instance, just mention the most common issues that publishers are reporting. Even we investigate that some of the sites stop Adsense ads and go with other publishers. We found some Infolink when visiting their domain and no Adsense codes on their website. However, most of them didn’t provide their feedback when trying to contact them.

Some sites showing ads other than Adsense

Out investigation found other than Adsense ads when visiting their website. Most of the domain owner didn’t reply while few of them have no hope that their policy centre warning can go away for their domain. There is a number of reason people switch from Google Adsense other competitors. While finding shortcut ways to monetize their website quickly.

Following are the possible reason people switch to other ads competitor for monetization:

  1. They know their traffic is a bad concern in reality and they can’t wait to waste their time further.
  2. The user might just find a quick way of earning money and can’t tolerate the delay to review policy centre warning.
  3. They find an easy switch option and just a newbie in the monetization world.
  4. People watch and read unauthentic reviews which are stating mostly to not expect anything if their traffic is mostly from another source than a search engine.

Is social media traffic is bad for Adsense?

The answer is both Yes and No. But there are other factors to calculate with each Yes and No. For example, if you purchase traffic on Facebook, which is not legitimate traffic in terms of Adsense. That traffic is not natural and might cause damages to the advertiser. Where advertisers are looking and expecting the natural visitor.

For instance, consider the following character to illustrate an example:

  1. You as publisher
  2. Advertiser (Paying money to place ads on your site)
  3. The visitor (Landing on your site and clicking the ads)

The advertiser starts a campaign to advertise his product. For example a new brand smartphone. You as publisher hit a Facebook campaign without the interest of people to need to buy a phone. These visitors landing to your site seeing smartphone ads and they have no interest to buy. However, invalid traffic and invalid click may cause just to explore the phone by clicking it. And repeat clicking increase the CTR (Click-through rate).

Case study 1: User report of two websites – Invalid traffic concerns

A user reports a domain with 18k visitors per month and 90% of visitors are purely from Google search engine. The support forum showing his just one domain. We reached out privately to the users after we found his site showing ads just a week after he complains. However, the user doesn’t like us to post his details but he provides information which looks like totally different than his initial complaint. Here is the email quote from the original domain owner.

Invalid traffic concerns case study
Invalid traffic concerns case study

I linked my Adsense account to my Google Analytics and removed Second from my Adsense account as well. I removed Second because it’s a new website and doesn’t get enough traffic from Google search.

In short, when you don’t get more of your traffic from Google, invalid traffic occurs.

So it appears that the problem is not from the first domain, but from the second domain, since it’s a new website and not getting organic traffic from Google.

Email from publisher (change domain name to first and second for privacy reason)

From his reply and other case studies, we are not counting he is totally correct. However, it may possibly due to the fact that Policy centre is not letting you know the domain name.

Case Study 2: New website 90% traffic source from Social network

It was just a month old website and send some queries to the domain owner. After that, he answers all queries and provides more details. However, his claim support with Google analytics screenshots. And we strongly believe, any detail provides by the user is accurate and legit. Here are some details from the user.

  • One-month-old website.
  • Monthly calculation of all traffic source 95% Social traffic 3% referral traffic and 2% Organic. Furthermore, 1% is another traffic source.
  • Monthly total traffic hit is less than 1000 (hiding an exact figure from public view)

The user further explains that he didn’t remove Adsense ads. The ads stay and sometimes report only 1 or 2 impressions a day. Our conversation further includes more questions:

Question: How you get back your ads if your traffic source is 95% from a social network (which is Facebook 93%)

Answer: I didn’t purchase any traffic, but my Facebook page has a genuine follower to ****. I didn’t purchase any followers for the Facebook page. All my follower are natural. I didn’t purchase any traffic from Facebook neither promote any post on my Facebook.

Now turn it to your own judgement and post your opinion. We can’t post anything that could go wrong and publisher may found it incorrect. Since we notice, that most people are wrong when they mention that social traffic is invalid to Adsense.

Invalid traffic concern review duration

As of our investigation, most domains with a record number of visitors found their ads live after a week. Furthermore, a few thousand visitors per month fix invalid traffic concern after two weeks. While some users are still under review even after two months.

Help the publisher and post your experience in the comments below. However, we don’t recommend you to post your domain publically. If you have any question for us in private, then write to us on our contact page.

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  1. Hi Saeed

    My site has ad restrictions due to invalid traffic.

    For your information,

    My site gets a total of 407,624 users in a month.
    With details:
    1. Organic Search 323,426 (85.16%) users
    2. Direct 49,288 (12.98%) users
    3. Referrals 6,434 (1.69%) users
    4. Social 618 (0.16%) users
    5. Email 4 (0.00%) users
    6. (Other) 7 (0.00%) users

    Besides adsense, I also run other types of monetization, namely MGID and ADOP.

    For monetization from MGID, I only installed 1 ad unit
    For ADOP, I only put video ads

    I got a notification of ad restrictions due to invalid traffic since December 14, 2019.

    Until now, there has been no solution from the google adsense.

    ADOP and MGID ad units are still installed on my site.

    My question is

    1. Do I have to remove the ad code other than Google Adsense during the traffic verification period from Google?
    2. How long will it take to verify the problem of invalid traffic on Google Adsense?

    NB. I want to include a screenshot of my site’s traffic in Google Analytics, but I can’t embed it in this comment column

    1. Hello Deddy

      Thanks for posting your question.
      Since you didn’t post your domain name, I will suggest you provide your domain name in the contact us page privately. Furthermore, you should have an email from AdSense. If so, what do the contents say?
      Checking your domain pages will allow me, how you displaying your ads.
      People receive a similar issue in the past is with AdSense limited ads. However, your Ads is restricted and look like for one domain.

      In case you didn’t link your Google Analytics with AdSense, do it right away. It will help AdSense to analyze your website. You Traffic detail ratio is perfect and should not the cause but what I am assuming, that Analytics is not yet linked with AdSense. Please confirm if you did so.
      Also, analyze the AdSense impression since the day it is restricted and see the result if there is any single impression after the restriction. If you are interested and need further guidance then let me know to send you email sharing details.

  2. thank you

    I have asked this problem in the google adsense support forum (***)

    However, until now no one has answered.
    Since I first joined Adsense, I have linked my Google Analytics with Adsense.

    I have joined Adsense since 2017, and have never had a problem with the policy center

    Every time there is a new policy from Google Adsense, I always obey.

    For additional information, my site/blog about jobs in government

    Which every year trending topics for 2 to 4 months.

    And now, my blog niche is trending, entering its second month.

    But unfortunately, because of ad restrictions from adsense, my income dropped 99 percent

    One month before there was a limit on the number of ads from Adsense, my adsense CTR was in the range of 5-6%

    my site is in Indonesian, and it targets an audience from Indonesia too.

    My site is ***

    My next question, is 5-6 percent CTR can limit the number of adsense ads too?


    1. After reviewing your site, I checked there should no problem with your traffic. Google is just monitoring all the site and when they finish, they will just allow all your Ads to display on your site back. Usually, it’s taking time, and there is no timeframe. There is currently no recommendation for your site traffic since it is OK and up to the expectation of true traffic.

  3. Hello, i have been following you for a while now, i have had Invalid Traffic Concerns up to Three Times now, and every time it happens, it will last for up to 3 weeks to a month and this has really been an effect on my earnings. So far, i have received money from adsense just once, i have 90 percent of my traffic from Google Search.

    Just today, when i logged into my Adsense Account, i received Invalid Traffic Concerns Notification and hence ads serving limited.

    In the past, i have removed manual ads units and activated Auto Ads, but that does not bring any earnings as i rarely see ads on my articles.
    I see that you have previously been stroked with Invalid Traffic Concerns hence this article.
    Please advise me on what to do next, as i always put back old ads unit to enable in-articles ads, and use AUTO ADS as well. If this strike is lifted, how can i use auto ads on all of my post and pages

    1. Did you link your Google Analytics account?
      What is the bounce rate monthly?. If you don’t want to share in the public comments place, I suggest you provide your feedback in the contact page to reach me privately.

  4. Hello! Please any guide for me? I received this mail:
    We recently identified invalid traffic concerns in your AdSense account. As a result, we have introduced an ad serving limit on your account. We will automatically review and update this limit as we continue to monitor your traffic.
    Why has this happened?
    We found potentially invalid traffic being used to generate ad revenue on your account. As a reminder, invalid traffic is strictly prohibited by the AdSense Program policies. Clicks on Google ads must result from genuine user interest. Publishers may not ask others to click their ads. This includes asking users to support your site, offering rewards to users for viewing ads, and promising to raise money for third parties for such behavior. Additionally, clicking your own ads, automated clicking tools or traffic sources, robots, or other deceptive software are also prohibited.
    We understand that you may want to know more about the activity we’ve detected. Because this information could be used to circumvent our proprietary detection systems, we’re unable to provide our publishers with information about specific account activity, including users that may have been involved.
    Note that if you are found to be in violation of the AdSense Program policies, your account may be subject to further enforcement actions or may be permanently disabled.
    What should I do now?
    Your account is still fully accessible and you can view details about this account-level issue in the Policy center. We encourage you to be proactive in making sure your ad traffic complies with the AdSense Program policies. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
    The Google AdSense Team

    My Traffic details below:

    Site Name Total Times View referer link 593 View referer link 43 View referer link 35 View referer link 5 View referer link 5 View referer link 4 View referer link 2 View referer link 2 View referer link 1 View referer link 1 View referer link 1 View referer link 1
    Please help me because ads not showing again on my site and I don’t see anything invalid on my site. They are all genuine visit and I don’t even receive clicks as such because I don’t even earn up to 1 dollar. I am just wondering why google will just place a limit on my site as such. please any guide?

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