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AdSense Payments on Hold Verify Address PIN

New to AdSense? and getting a red banner of “Your payments are currently on hold because you have not verified your address”. It means that you reach the payment threshold and you are to verify your physical address. For publishers, AdSense would like to know your country and current address. After you provide your country and current address, you need to verify the physical address. To verify the address, Google AdSense is sending Personal Identification number PIN to your physical address. You will need to enter that PIN code number the Verify Address section.

Your payments are currently on hold Verify address AdSense
Your payments are currently on hold Verify address AdSense

It is strongly recommended to follow the steps, what exactly you need to do. Ensure the physical address is correct and you didn’t change your address recently. In case you are getting any Mail including PIN code, so that reach on your current address.

Steps to setup the AdSense account verify address

There are following steps to consider prior to request the PIN mail. The PIN request option is getting only when you reach the verification threshold. Depend on your country and usually US dollar 10. You can change a similar threshold to your current currency.

Enter Your Payment Address

You need to enter your current physical address to help AdSense identify your physical location. Usually, payment transfer needs your address and requires all banking transfer. To enter your payment address, follow the steps below.

  1. Open your AdSense account
  2. Go to the Payment section
  3. Click on the Name and address to modify
  4. Enter the Payment address
  5. Click Save to update changes

Entering your details, make sure that you have proof of your physical address and you are actually available on the exact location. Also, your personal name must similar to your name appearing on the government official documents. These documents are supposed to national identity card, passport and other relevant documents. entering the wrong name could get problems when getting payment from the bank.

Change and correct payment address

If your payment address is incorrect or you change your address recently then you need to update. To update the payment address, follow the steps:

  1. Sign in to Adsense account
  2. Go to Payments
  3. On Payments Profile click on Name and Address
  4. Edit and correct your name and address
AdSense Payment address and name
AdSense Payment address and name

On the name and address section, you click on the pencil icon to edit the contents. You can change your name on account too.

Request PIN Address verification

After you enter Name and address, you need to request the personal identification number. The PIN is usually arriving 2 to 4 weeks. In some cases and depending on user location the PIN can reach longer than 4 weeks. Since the Mail is sending to all users on normal postal. The delay of the PIN is depending on the country postal address. To request Address verification, follow the steps below.

Verify Address AdSense
Verify Address AdSense
  1. Open AdSense account
  2. Click on the Account then Settings
  3. Go to the Account Information section
  4. Click on the Verify address
  5. Request PIN

Enter your PIN to Verify Address

After you receive a PIN via Post Mail on your physical address, open AdSense account to enter the PIN code. After that, Adsense verifies the address as you get the hidden code via Post Mail.

Your PIN on Post Mail
Your PIN on Post Mail

The post via mail you receive, include the PIN code to enter and verify the address. Usually, the PIN code will be sent you by post after 3-5 days when request initially. Depending on the postal service in the region, you will get within 2 to 4 weeks. Follow the steps the submit the PIN code.

  1. Sign in to AdSense Account
  2. Click on Account > Settings > Account information
  3. Enter the PIN code from the card received via Post Mail
  4. Click on Submit PIN
  5. Congratulation, You address is verified now.
Submit AdSense PIN Code
Submit AdSense PIN Code

In case you ware waiting more than 4 weeks and didn’t receive the PIN code, then request a new PIN code. You don’t need to worry about different PIN code. Google AdSense is actually sending the similar exact code sent you initially. It doesn’t matter which code you are entering first. All code sending to you exact similar and duplicate code.

You can share your personal experience of getting the PIN code to valuable these contents for the reader even more. Getting into personal experience and reading your experience will generate more user satisfaction. Thanks for your contribution in advance.

If you have any comments, write down in the comments section below and will promptly answer your queries.

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