How to Backup and Restore Gmail Contacts

Gmail Contacts Backup and Restore
Gmail Contacts Backup and Restore

Do you know how to backup and restore Gmail Contacts? Most of the people are talking about how to keep their phone contacts. The Google contacts backup will work at that time when someone is going to change or format his Smartphone to secure phone contacts first. It is the best option to secure your phone contacts during the following giving situations. Some of the common questions come in the mind of the Smartphone users like:

  1. What is the Procedure for Google Contacts Backup?
  2. What will happen to the contacts when the mobile is formatted?
  3. Where should we back up the contacts?

A lot of people also face those problems. What is the solution to these questions? Let’s guide you on how to protect and secure your phone contacts.

Where you can Save Contacts?

Yes, you can save or secure contacts everywhere you want. If you are not using to Gmail account, then you can save contacts in SIM card or Phone memory. But now a day’s most of the mobile users have Gmail account. They required the account for connections backup to their Google contacts. According to them the Gmail opinion that Google contact is securing. It is secure and nobody can access until you do not reveal your password to someone.

How to Check your Contacts

First of all, you will need to check where you are your keep contacts. Most of the mobile users are often tap phone number and press on the Add to contact option. But they did not think contact saved in the SIM card or phone Memory or Gmail Account. Let’s scroll down the given steps to check your current location of contacts.

  1. Go to your mobile Home screen
  2. Tap on the Dialer option from the Home Screen
  3. Select the Contacts option
  4. Tap on the Three-dot menu from the top right side
  5. Select the Settings option
  6. Find the Configure Contact list and select it (then it will show you where the actual contact is.

Alternative Way to Configure Contact

Here is the alternative way to reach the Configure contact list on your Smartphone in the following steps:

  1. Go to your Phone Settings
  2. Next, select the System App Settings option
  3. Tap on the Contacts

After that, if you want to save the account. If your contact saved on Gmail, then skip the step of Import contacts from Gmail account to Phone Memory.

How to Backup Contacts to Gmail account?

The contacts on Phone then continue with the next step for backup contacts to the Gmail are you can download many apps from Google play store for backup your contacts to Gmail. But we are going to use the Google Contacts Android app. Let’s scroll down the given steps to backup your contacts to Gmail account.

Steps to Backup Contacts to Gmail account

  1. Open your Google Play Store
  2. You will need to Download and Install app
  3. Next Open the Application
  4. Allow the Permissions to Sync contacts from Phone Memory
  5. Select your Profile at the upper right corner of App
  6. Then Select Device option (In case you saved your contacts in Phone memory then the Device option will appear. Otherwise not)
  7. Once you select the Device
  8. The Google contacts will ask you to start back up these contacts to Google
  9. If you want to transfer or move to Gmail then tap on the Backup
  10. Tap on Don’t Back Up if you don’t want to move
  11. Later on, you can do manually by choosing particular Contacts
How to do Gmail Contacts Backup and Restore
How to do Gmail Contacts Backup and Restore

How to Import contacts from Gmail to Phone Memory

The above method is best and great for you to learn how to Backup Contacts to Google Account. If you didn’t yet to learn then read the backup procedure carefully. Let’s teach you to learn how to Import Contacts. You have changed or formatted smartphones and you also have a Gmail account where you keep secure your contacts.

How to Create the VCF File:

  1. Go to your Play Store
  2. Download Google Contacts
  3. Tap to Allow Permissions
  4. Next, tap to Sign in with your associated Gmail account which has backed up your Contacts
  5. Tap on the Three Horizontal Lines bar from Left side
  6. Select the Settings option
  7. Go down to the Manage Contacts
  8. Tap on the Export option
  9. Choose the Device option
  10. Then tap on the Export to a .vcf file (VCF file is meaning a vCard file which uses for only saving Business contacts, Person Contact. This file will include your Name, Phone Number, Address, Email address, and other contact info.
  11. Give the Name as you wish and then Save it
  12. Finally, you have created a VCF file successfully.

Important Note:

Keep in mind you can save that file in Device memory, or also in the same email address. If the Device Memory not showing there then selects the Three-dot menu from the upper right corner and tap on the Show SD Card.

How to Import VCF Contacts file in Device Memory

Here now you are on the last step to import VCF contacts file in Device Memory in the following steps:

  1. Open your Google Contacts
  2. Next, select Three Horizontal Lines
  3. Select the Setting option
  4. Go down to the Manage Contacts option
  5. Tap on the Import option
  6. Choose the Import Contact from SIM Card or .vcf files option
  7. Select the .vcf File option
  8. Choose the location where you want to Keep contacts from a .vcf file
  9. Then tap on Device option because of Import Contacts to Phone Memory
  10. After that Locate your saved .vcf File and tap the Done option

Manually Import/Export Contacts

You have Successfully Imported Contacts from Gmail account using Google Contacts. If you have the only .vcf file and not have Google Contacts Installed, Then go to Phone Contacts, Tap on Three Dots right top corner select Import/Export Contacts. It’s so easy to play with Google Contacts.

You can also do the same procedure for iPhone Smartphone. Create a VCF file and import it.

How to create a Group in Google Contacts

When you move the contact Google and want to organize Gmail contacts to create a group. You can find this option with the name of Label. You can make labels to manage contacts list. You will need to follow the below steps:

How to Create a Label:

  1. Open your Google Contacts on Desktop Website or App
  2. Select the Three Horizontal Bars and find the Create label option ( On the Desktop website available to the left side)
  3. Give the Label Name. For instance: If you want to arrange only Family contacts then name Family and if there are friends number then call it Friends.
  4. Press the Add a contact option after creating a label and you can add by Tapping on Contacts name
  5. Tap and Hold contact to select different names
  6. Finally, you created a label successfully

How to Edit Label:

If you want to edit a label then follow the describe steps for your guidance:

  1. Rename Label:
    • Tap Label that you wish to change name or rename.
    • Select the Three-dot menu at top right side and tap on the Rename Label option
  2. Delete Label:
    • To delete a Label then select it first
    • Select the Three-dot option from the top right corner
    • Tap the Delete Label option
  3. Delete Contact from Label
    • If you to delete a Contact then Tap and Hold it
    • Tap on the Three-dots
    • Select the Remove from the label option

How to Export Google Contacts to Excel

If you want to export Google contact to excel then this option is not available in the Google Contacts app. You will need to create an Excel file. You will need to go to the Google Contacts website. This will be possible on the web version and follow the given steps for your guidance:

Steps to Export Google Contacts to Excel

  1. Visit your Google Contact Page with the associated Gmail id in which you saved contacts
  2. Go to the left side menu select More option
  3. Then click Export option
  4. Select Contacts option from a pop-up box and then click the Google CSV option
  5. Next, select the Export option then Excel file will be downloaded in no time
  6. In case you do not want to export all the contacts, then first select contacts Export them

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