Best Google Docs Add-Ons and How to Install and Remove Add-ons

Google Docs Add-ons Install and remove
Google Docs Add-ons Install and remove

How to Install and Remove Google Doc Add-ons? What are the most useful Google Docs add-ons? Do you know the most useful add-on for Google Docs? How to add or install an Add-on to Google Docs? How to remove add-on from Google Docs? Add-ons work the same as how browser extension works. Let’s answer all the above questions to show you how to do it. Read: Google Docs the Definitive Guide for Beginner

There is no shortage of useful add-ons for Google Docs. They are a third-party application that you install to Google Docs to gain additional functions and features. Some of the add-ons add more extensive capabilities (Permits teach to integrate grades into students’ papers) and some increased productivity (like proofreading tools).  Simple a fast search will bring up tools that can help speed up document creation and make sure you produce the best document that you can.

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How to Install, Access, and Remove Add-ons to Google Docs

Want to have your Google Docs translate your speech? There is an add-on for that. What about transcribe your writing into a foreign language, insert your signature or create reports? There is a Google Docs add-on for all of that use. Here’s how to install them and some of our favorites.

Here, we list the Google Docs add-ons that we found most useful when writing, editing and sharing documents.

How to Install Add-On to Google Docs

Let’s teach you how to install an add-on to Google Docs for new or existing file in the following below steps:

  1. Select Google Docs from Google Apps or Visit
  2. Open an Existing or New File in Google Docs to get an add-on
  3. Then click on Add-ons menu
  4. Now click on the Get add-on option from the menu
  5. You will redirect to G-Suite Marketplace with a new tab
  6. Browse the list
  7. Browse the list of all add-ons then use the search using the search bar or click Three-horizontal lines bar or Main Menu use the Drop-down menu to sort by category to the left side
  8. When you find out an Add-on want to add
  9. Then click on the Free or Install the add-on (in case it is a paid add-on then this option will reflect the purchase price)
  10. Select the Continue option on next window
  11. Choose your Google Account on which you want to install the app
  12. You will need to Allow them particular permissions upon installing add-ons. These are the basic to the process of the add-on in order to proceed properly. Then make sure you completely understand the permissions and trust the developer before installing any add-on
  13. Click on the Allow option
  14. Once the installation of an add-on complete then click on the Add-ons point and then click on the Next option to the one you want to user
  15. Then click on the either Show or Start option
  16. This will launch the add-on or docks the sidebar to your window
Open Google Docs, New doc, Click on Add-ons and Get add-ons
Open Google Docs, New doc, Click on Add-ons and Get add-ons
Search Add-ons by Name or Go Main Menu
Search Add-ons by Name or Go Main Menu
Select the Add-on to Install it
Select the Add-on to Install it
Press the Install Option
Press the Install Option
Click on the Continue option to Start Installation of Add-ons
Click on the Continue option to Start Installation of Add-ons
Choose an Account to Continue to Add-on
Choose an Account to Continue to Add-on
Select the Allow option to
Select the Allow option to
Click on Next option to use Add-ons
Click on Next option to use Add-ons

What will access the Add-ons on your Google Account

When you will allow the add-on then it will access the following below:

  1. It Views organization units on your domain
  2. Can View groups on your domain
  3. The app will View users on your domain
  4. It will Views and manages Google Drive files and folders that you have opened or created with this app
  5. View and manage the Google Slides presentations that this application is installed in
  6. This app will view and manage documents that this application has been installed in
  7. View and manage spreadsheets that this application has been installed in
  8. To connect to an external service
  9. View and manage data associated with the application
  10. Display and run third-party web content in prompts and sidebars inside Google applications
Select the Allow option to
Select the Allow option to

Where you can Find the Add-ons on Google Docs, Slides, Spreadsheet and Drive

1 of 2 Where to find the Add-ons after the installation. You can find the Add-ons in the following places:

  1. Under the Apps launcher icon
  2. Under the Google Docs Add-on
  3. As a Google Slides Add-on
  4. As a Google Spreadsheet Add-on
  5. By choosing “Open with” in Drive
Click on Next option to use Add-ons
Click on Next option to use Add-ons

How to Remove Google Docs an Add-On

When you complete your task and do not want to use an add-on or one did not perform according to your expectation, they are easy to remove from Google docs in the following below given steps:

  1. Go to your Google Docs from the Google Apps
  2. Then click on the Add-ons menu
  3. Now click on the Manage Add-ons
  4. A window of G-Suit Marketplace will pop up on you screen
  5. Scroll down to the Add-on that you want to remove
  6. Click on Three vertical dots and then select Uninstall from the Menu
  7. You can also Double click on the Add-ons to open
  8. Next, click on the Uninstall option or Manage Green button
  9. Then click on the Uninstall App or Remove option
  10. After that selected add-on will be uninstalled or removed and the manage option is now changing the color from green to blue Free install or Install button
Open Google Docs, New doc, Click on Add-ons and Mange Add-ons
Open Google Docs, New doc, Click on Add-ons and Manage Add-ons
Single Click on Add-on and Select Uninstall or Double Click
Single Click on Add-on and Select Uninstall or Double Click
Once the Add-on Open and Click on Uninstall option
Once the Add-on Open and Click on Uninstall option
Confirm Uninstallation of Add-on App
Confirm Uninstallation of Add-on App

How to Find Favorite Google Docs Add-Ons on G-Suits Marketplace

Now, with the how-stuff out of the method, There are a lot of add-ons that help to improve the accessibility of Google Docs and let’s begin with some of the best Google Docs add-ons. You can visit the G Suite Marketplace to find your best Google Docs Add-ons for getting more features and productivity.


  1. Speakd reads your document aloud, permit you to listen out for sentences or mistakes which do not quite flow as you would like.
  2. Perfect for journalists who do not have the luxury of getting their work subbed!
  3. The Speakd also allows you to generate reading-time estimates for whatever you are writing
  4. Unlucky this add-on currently only has one re-back speed which some users have criticized as being quite slow.

Magic Link

  1. Magic Link is 100 percent free.
  2. The ever fast way to link to other documents in your Google Drive without having to open another tab
  3. Just go to your Drive, Copy the link and then past the link into your File
  4. It adds a hyperlink that sends collaborators directly to the Drive file of your choosing.
  5. This add-on is best and perfect for document sharing with team members, creating your internal Wikis or Setting up agendas.

OrangeSlice: Teacher Rubric

  1. OrangeSlice is totally free for all users to use
  2. OrangeSlic: Teacher Rubric is add-ons that expand upon Google Docs and classroom to add grades that stand out from the assignments and make rubric selections easier, increasing teacher’s grading productivity by eliminating repetitive clicks.
  3. Rubrics are completely customizable, allowing you to change any or all of the cells contained inside.

Translate Plus

  1. Translate Plus is an add-on for translation and built right inside in Google Docs.
  2. You do not need to go back and forth between browser tabs
  3. The Translate Plus able to translate over a hundred languages( Google Translate add-on supports only five languages)
  4. You will need to do is to select highlight the text and then launch the add-on
  5. The selected text is automatically detected and you only have to specify the output language you want to translate into
  6. Translate Plus is 100% free


  1. Whether you are writing essays or doing research
  2. EasyBib is a dream when citing sources in your Files or documents
  3. It automatically handles one of the more tedious parts by alphabetizing and citing in Chicago, MLA, and APA format.
  4. Search for a source (journals, websites, or books) and add it to the end of your essay with a few simple clicks
  5. EasyBib is free to use
  6. But if you are looking for a bit extra, they providing a pro account that offers punctuation, grammar suggestions, and plagiarism check, and even more sources and styles.
  7. Pros Start at $9.95/month.

Search & Navigate

  1. Search & Navigate is 100% free
  2. It is an all-in-one add-on that automatically generates lists, a table of contents, images, bookmarks, and tables
  3. This will let you search your complete document to open around with ease
  4. Use the search bar or feature at the top of the pane to parse your file or document for any keywords you want
  5. You can also click on any of the links from any of the categories to move your insertion point directly to a part of your file or document.


  1. The Wolfram|Alpha add-on is a fun little app that fundamentally provides users with a Google search feature for the comfort of their own Google Docs
  2. When installing this add-on it will insert a toolbar into your document
  3. Just enter a search term into the bar
  4. Then press Compute Selection
  5. Wolfram|Alpha will pull up most of the relevant information related to your query and insert it into the text


  1. The DocSecrets permits users to annotate a group document and select who sees certain annotations.
  2. For instance, if your file including sensitive information such as password, DocSecret will encrypt and hide it
  3. When you turn on this add-on
  4. You can add a passphrase to the DocSecrets sidebar
  5. Then enter any sensitive information to add to your file or document.
  6. To reveal any of this censored information
  7. Simply type your passphrase and voila-you can see all the information enclosed within the document.

Koodid Barcodes

  1. If you work in the events industry, you will often rely on QR codes and barcodes to manage entries into an event
  2. Barcodes are also useful for reaching data quickly for printed documents.
  3. You could add a QR code or barcode at the end of a document to provide additional information for the receiver.
  4. Koodid Barcodes is an add-on of Google Docs that allows you to choose from a massive range of QR codes and barcode types – 80 in fact.
  5. All you need to do is add in the value that you want to be encoded on the barcode
  6. You can rotate it and adjust the size as well, which should mean most barcodes will fit on your file or document.

Easy Accents

  1. Easy Accents is an add-on of Google Docs that provides you with all the keys you will need, contains accents for 25 languages.
  2. Using your keyboard will house most of the functionality you will ever be required
  3. If you work across different regions and are needed to write in a number of languages, your keyboard will not have the regional keys you will require.
  4. So this time the Easy Accents will help you to provide you with all the keys and accents


  1. Whenever you need to send a fax but you do not have a fax machine
  2. It may not happen that often but there are some users out there who still looking for faxes
  3. If you also among those people and run into this problem this add-on is helpful for you
  4. HelloFax allows you to send and receive faxes online through Google Docs to over seventies countries of the worldwide
  5. You will Enter the Fax Number
  6. Fill out a cover sheet
  7. Press Send button
  8. That’s all there is to it and your fax is sent to a physical fax machine
  9. If want to send a few pages then this add-on is free of cost for the first five pages, which is good for everyone.
  10. If you want to send more than five pages, you will start a basic plan at $9.99 for 300 pages/month.


Not everyone is a complete typist. We all make some mistakes and not everyone has the resource of having an editor.

  1. The Language Tool is proofread text in your documents for grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors.
  2. It is offered in 20+ languages, and they sending everything over an encrypted connection, never store text.
  3. Unlike other famous proofreading application Language Tool provide at free of cost many of the same functions offered by other paid services.
  4. One of the limitations to the free account is the numbers of characters able to be checked
  5. You are limited to 20,000 characters, it means you have to select and highlight the text with your mouse that you to check in your file or document unless the whole of you file or document is under the maximum limit
  6. If you want to apply of a premium account then it is available for as little as $6/month on a yearly subscription
  7. Premium accounts get MS Word integration, additional typo detections, 40,000 characters per check, and more


This add-on is best for the sign a file or document in Google Docs

  1. HelloSign will allow you to sign your signature in a box
  2. Then you can drag and paste the signature onto the file or document
  3. If you want to make a file for other users to sign
  4. You mark an area in the file where you want the signature to be placed
  5. Enter their email addresses into the HelloSign tool panel
  6. They will receive the file through HeloSign’s servers with instructions on how to sign it online

Text Cleaner

If you are searching for the cleaning formatting tool for your Google Docs.

  1. The Text Cleaner will help you to clean up text when copying and pasting between apps.
  2. It will let you remove email incidents and clean up spacing as well as use its find and replace tool
  3. If you use a plain text editor this add-on allows you to copy texts from another outside file or documents and remove formatting to mirror the effect of a plain text editor.
  4. In this method, you can take benefit of Google’s auto-saving and collaboration features without adhering to its formality

LucidChart Diagrams

  1. The Lucidchart add-on uses HTML5 to insert and create diagrams, mind maps, charts, and more quickly and easily.
  2. People can choose from 100 of designs, shapes, and even drag and drop their own images into a chart or diagram
  3. You can use custom templates to make for shared use across organizations too and making this an excellent tool for startups creating a similar business style


The all-in-one analytics tool is Supremetrics for your Google Docs

  1. Its user-friendly interface pulls in data from your analytics tools to make automated reports and graphs
  2. It will also able you to send data reports and create daily alerts, ideal for keeping track of data analytics
  3. This is free tool app breaks down information by date, location and social platform and integrates with Google Analytics, AdWords, Bing Ads, and Twitter


AppSheet is an add-on for Google Docs that can make your data into a readable app. here is how to:

  1. First, create a document template with a placeholder for input fields
  2. Go to your Add-ons menu to Open the AppSheet add-on
  3. Now click on the Prepare and then select Launch within the AppSheet sidebar. You will redirect to a new browser tab of
  4. Sign in to the AppSheet with Google, if you are using for the first time and provide the required permissions
  5. Voila, you are using AppSheet on your mobile then you can capture data using your mobile application. Each recorded entry results in an email with the data results merged into a copy of the document template
  6. In the starting point, choose to modify and enhance your application using the many functions in the AppSheet platform.
  7. Explore advanced functions such as scanner, signature capture, and image, as well as a rich display of the form responses using image galleries, maps, and charts.


  1. If you required to have a document approved – not revised – by other people (with the one you are going to share the document through Google Drive), the Workflows add-on will help and coordinate for everything.
  2. After a designated person has watched over the document file, they then click on the approve option and can add a brief comment.
  3. Letter Feed Workflows will keep a tally of the approval

Voice Typing

  1. This add-on is voice dictation for Google Docs
  2. Voice Typing tool will allow you to type with your voice as well as adding highlighting and formats text
  3. It will lets to select a phrase or a word to edit, bold, underline, or italicize
  4. You can set up an easy way by turn on voice typing in the tools menu
  5. Then click on the Microphone icon
  6. It also checks spelling mistakes and grammatical errors as well as supporting 43 languages

 Merge Mail

  1. Merge Mail will help you to compose a message in Google docs and email this message to addresses listed on a Google Sheets spreadsheet.
  2. You can also include fields in the message where the personalized text goes (e.g. the receiver’s name).
  3. These fields will be filled in with the corresponding info from the Google Sheets spreadsheet you created containing the personal data and email addresses pertaining to them


  1. Another add-on which simply keeps the Google Translate website tool inside a panel in Google Docs
  2. Technically speaking, it is not a big job – you can keep translating into another Chrome tab
  3. If you happen to be working on a document that needed more of language translating though
  4. The Google Translate will be handy to have this tool more readily accessible on the same page as the document.

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