How to Block Email on Mail App iOS devices

iOS Mail App block unblock contact

There is a lot of reason to block email or sender in the Mail app while using iOS or iPhone and iPad. Some of them are receiving annoying email thread, pack email, pesky scammer, receiving irrelevant press releases. However, sometimes old acquaintance you do not want a chat or deal with them. You can ignore these type of messages to filter and block easily from the sender address.

If you want to filter these spam email threads and want to catch them. Then use the new feature in iPods 13 and iOS of Block Sender to automatically mark spam it spams and moves to trash/bin. Trash/bin keep messages for the limit duration. After that, the contents delete forever.

How to Block Email from Mail App on iPhone and iPad

In the Mail app iOS, 13 and iPadOS 13 extend the blocked contacts feature from the Phone and Message app. So if you want to block a sender from Mail then follow the below steps.

  1. Open Mail App and
  2. Search for the Email you want to block
  3. To reveal sender details tap on their Profile Picture
  4. In the From Field and tap on the sender Name
  5. Open the sender’s contact card and tap on Block this Contact option
  6. Finally, you will see next popup then tap on Block This Contact to confirm this action
Open Email Address
The sender in the Mail App

Tap on the contact/sender profile icon to explore more options.

Block Email Sender or contact
Block this contact in the Mail App

From more options, click the Block this Contact to move new messages from sender to bin. It actually set up a filter from the same sender to never receive a new message on your Mail App inbox. However, the Trash/bin will delete the block email messages after a few days.

Block this contact to confirm
Confirm to Block this contact

Confirm your action to block the sender.

Block Email icon
Sender block icon in Mail App (Hand stop icon)

Finally, now you blocked the sender and you will not receive any new email notification. But the person will still available in your Inbox. However, similar contact messages are indicating with a stop hand icon.

Block Sender Options

If you looking for an option that you do not want an email from a blocked sender to appear up in the Inbox it all to hide. There is an option in Mail app Settings directly an email from blocked sender contact to the Bin. Therefore to turn on this option follow the below

  1. Open Mail app
  2. Tap Settings app to open
  3. Choose the Mail option
  4. Next, you need to tap on Blocked Sender options
  5. Now tap to switch to Move to Bin option
Block Email Sender option
Block sender options Mail App iOS

Click on the blocked sender options to explore further options.

Move to Bin
Block Email messages in Bin/Trash

After that, all the new emails from the blocked contact will transfer directly to the Bin. However, you can move back the block sender to unblock. After that, you will see new messages in your inbox. You can follow the steps below to unblock a contact in iOS Mail App.

How to Unblock and Manage a Sender

Block sender messages end up in Trash. To receive messages from block contact, you need to unblock to resume receiving email from block email sender contact. Follow the steps

  1. Open the Settings app
  2. Tap on the Mail option
  3. Choose the Blocked option
  4. Search to find the blocked email contact and then tap on the Unblock option by Swipe left on the contact to reverse the changes.
Blocked Option
Blocked option to unblock a sender iOS Mail App
Unblock option
Unblock sender/contact in iOS Mail App

After you click unblock, you will receive new emails on your Mail App inbox from unblock a contact.

Alternative Methods to Block Sender Emails

There are some of the alternative methods which will help you to block someone send you an email notification and you don’t want to contact him. So read the below for your guidance:

How do I block emails on the iPad and iPhone?

If you want to start block email on iPad and iPhone with follow steps

  1. Open the App Store and Download Gmail App
  2. Install and Sign in Gmail
  3. Find the contact email sender you want to block and Tap it
  4. Then tap the Three-dots of the message top right corner
  5. Go to dropdown box choose Block Sender option

How do I block email on my iPhone?

Let’s block someone on your iPhone an email address

  1. Open your Mail app on your iPhone look like a red color envelope
  2. After that, navigate the email to bring more option then tap the Three-dots opposite of the sender
  3. Choose the Block Sender option from the pop-up menu

How can I block emails on my iPad?

If you are using Apple iOS 8 iPad, iPod Touch, and iPhone to block the email address. Therefore use the following method Tap From> choose to Create Contact>New>Down the Name and email address> or > Sender Info. If you forget the info then tap to Open Email and then tap From option. So open the Settings option and just scroll down to Face Time.

How do you block an email address on Yahoo on the iPhone?

What you should know to block an email address on Yahoo via iPhone device then follow the below

  1. Open your Yahoo Mail on your iPhone
  2. Hover or tap the Gear icon
  3. Select the Settings from the menu
  4. Tap the Blocked Addresses
  5. In the field of Add an Address, click enter an email address to Block
  6. Then tap the Block option

How do I block emails on iOS 12?

Similarly, like above all methods, you can also block sender email via iOS 12 from the Mail app

  1. Open Mail App
  2. Find an email from a sender and then tap to Open you want to block
  3. Go to the Name of the sender and Tap it
  4. Select the Name listed near to the header
  5. Then choose the Block This Contact option
  6. Tap again the Block option from the pop-up to confirm your action
  7. You can add the email address to the Blocked list on the iOS and iPad.

Summarize block and unblock iOS Mail App

For instance, if you are unable to unsubscribe from mail address, you can simply block a contact. However, the block contacts are optional to move directly to the trash. After that, you are not getting new messages from a similar sender. If you need those mails messages back. In other words, to unblock a contact. Simply unblock a sender to start getting new messages.

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