How to Create a Facebook Business Page 2022

Create Facebook Business Page

Do you know how to create a business page on Facebook 2022? Most businesses are now integrating online Facebook Business pages. You may be aware that Facebook has more than two billion monthly active users. Therefore they can’t neglect the Businesses to get involved and increase the interaction of those billion users. If your business still doesn’t have a Business Page on Facebook then you might at considering at stone age. Perhaps that is why more than two hundred million businesses use Facebook’s free services. That contains business Pages. Yes, creating a FB Page is a free method to market your business.

People usually don’t visit the website, but easy to view your page on their FB App. The reason is being on Facebook makes so easier for their user to interact and discover with your brand online.

So, let’s start that how to create a Facebook page for the Business, and the below steps are very helpful you will have your Facebook at the end of these contents.

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What is a Facebook Business Page?

A Facebook Page is a public Facebook account that can be used by organizations, brands, artists, artists, and public figures. Businesses use FB Pages to share contact information, share content, post updates, releases, promote events, and –perhaps most important- connect with their Facebook audiences.

How to Create Facebook Business Page on Desktop

You can create a Facebook Page on your desktop computer using classic Facebook and new Facebook versions. Here are the following ways to create a Facebook Page.

Create Facebook Page on New Facebook Version

To create a Facebook page on new Facebook version then here are seven steps to follow.

Sign Up to a Facebook Page


Enter your Facebook Page information in the left side panel

Page Name: Enter your business name or the name people are likely to search for once trying to find your business. 

Go to Create a Page on your Facebook
Go to Create a Page on your Facebook

Category: Type a word or two words that describe your business and Facebook will suggest some options. You can select up to three of the suggestions. 

Enter Category for your Page
Enter Category for your Page

Description: Enter a short description in the description field that appears in search results. It should be only a few sentences max 255 characters. 

Click on Create Page. When you are satisfied with your description.

Enter Description of your Facebook Page and Create Page
Enter Description of your Facebook Page and Create Page

Add Picture to Your Facebook Page:

Upload a profile and cover images to Your Facebook Page

Add a Profile Picture: Choose a great photo to add is a profile picture. The profile image should be 170 x 170 pixels.

Add a Cover Picture: This picture should take the essence of your business and convey your brand or business personality. Facebook recommends your select an image that’s 1640 x 856 pixels. Once you choose an image then click on Add Cover Photo option.

Check Preview: When you upload the images, you can use the options in the top right of the preview to toggle between mobile and desktop views. Make sure by using these you are happy with how your photos look in both displays. You can drag the photos in the left column to adjust their positioning. 

Save: Once you are satisfied with your selection then click on the Save. 

That’s all! Now you have a Facebook Business Page, although very rare.

Of course, the Facebook Page skeleton for your business is now ready. You have to still got a lot of work to do before you share it with your audience. 

To Connect Your Business Page to WhatsApp (optional)

When you save the changes, you will see a pop-up box asking in case you wish to connect your business to WhatsApp. This is optional, but it does let you add a WhatsApp button to your page, or send people to WhatsApp from Facebook ads. 

Connect Your Facebook Page to WhatsApp and Send Code
Connect Your Facebook Page to WhatsApp and Send Code

If you wish to link your business to WhatsApp, press the Send Code. Otherwise, close the window to continue without connecting WhatsApp. You will receive one more pop-up box asking in case you are sure. 

Since we are skipping this for now we will click on the Leave option 

Leave for Now if you do not want to connect WhatsApp
Leave for Now if you do not want to connect to WhatsApp

To Create your username

Your page username also knows your vanity URL, which is how you tell users where to locate you on Facebook. 

Your page username will be up to 50 characters long but do not use additional characters just due to you can. If you want to make it easy then type and easy to remember. Your business name or some obvious variation of it is a safe bet. 

To create your page username, just click on Create Username on the Page preview. 

Enter Username and Create Username
Enter Username and Create Username

Type the name you wish to use. Facebook will allow you to know if it is available. If you get a green checkmark, you are good to go. Click on Create Username. 

You will receive a confirmation pop-up. Just click on the Done option. 

Select Done to Create Page Username
Select Done to Create Page Username

Add your business details

This is the very first place from where customers get about your business information. You can leave this step empty and this is why you need to enter all the important info.

Luckily, Facebook makes it very simple to complete. Just scroll down your Facebook Page view to the section called Set Your Page Up for Success and expand the item called Provide Info and Preferences.

Click on Add Website, Add location, and Add hours. Enter the related details. such as Info, open hours, etc. This information shows up in search results. 

Enter your About details
Enter you’re About details

Add an Action Button: Facebook’s built-in call-to-action button makes it very simple to give the consumer what they are searching for and it lets them engage with your business in real-time. 

The right CTA button will encourage visitors to learn more about your shop, business, download your application, or book an appointment. 

To add your CTA, Click on the blue that asks Add Button, then select which kind of button you wish. 

Edit Action Button
Edit Action Button

In case you do not wish to complete all of these steps now, you can always access them later. In the Manage Page menu on the left, just go down to Edit Page Info

Unpublish page: In the case at any time you wish to take your Facebook Business Page offline while you work on the details, you can select to unpublish your page. Ahead to Manage Page menu> Settings > General > Page Visibility > Change the Status to Page Unpublished. Read to delete your Facebook Page.

Select Page unpublished and Save Changes
Select Page unpublished and Save Changes

To republish your page follow the same steps when you are ready. 

To Create your first post

Before you get started inviting people to like and follow the Facebook Page for your business, you should create posts of some incredible content. You can create your own posts, or share related content p from thought leaders in your industry. 

You could also create a certain type of post like an offer or event by simply clicking one of the options in the Create boat in the upper of your page.

Create Your Own post on Facebook Page
Create Your Own post on Facebook Page

You need to make sure that whatever you share offers value for your consumers or visitors once they arrive at your Facebook Business Page, so they will be inclined to stick around. 

To Invite an audience

Now your Facebook Business Page will represent a robust online presence that will create potential customers and followers to feel relaxed to interacting with you. 

You need now to get some followers!

Get started by inviting your existing Facebook friends to like your FB Page. To do so, just go down at the bottom of the Set Your Page up for Success box and expand the section called Introduce Your Page. 

Press the Blue Invite Friends button to appear up a list of your Facebook friends. Select which friends you wish to invite. Then click Send Invites option. 

Select Invite friends option
Select Invite friends option

How to Create a Business Page Via Classic Facebook Version

Use the classic version of Facebook to create a Business Page for your business. Here are these steps as follows.

Sign up Business Page

  1. Open your Facebook account and click on Create option in the top right-hand corner and select the Page option from the menu list
  2. To proceed a page you need to choose a page category of Business Brand Page or Community or Public Figure Page.
  3. Choose the Business Brand Page Option
  4. Click on the Get Started Option
  5. A box will open for further more details, like your business page Name, Your business page Category, and your Address. Categories are the sub-types within the big business category you have already selected. Type in the category field, and then choose from the list of the potential category options.
  6. Click on the Continue
Create of Business Page
Get Started a Business or Brand Page
Business or Brand, Page Name, Category, Address and Phone Number

Add Profile and Cover Photos

Upload your Profile and cover images for your Facebook page. You may aware that a picture is worth many words. A good visual impression in the first look will be very important for your business, so you need to make sure that the photo you select aligns with your brand and easily identify with your business. Also, you need to keep profile and banner page dimensions to visually appear nice and attractive.

Upload a Profile and Cover Picture
  1. First Add your Profile Image and it will accompany your business name in searching results and when you dealing with customers or users and also appears at the top left of your page.
  2. If you want your logo, for a big brand it is probably a safe way to go to allow a potential customer and follower to make the connection immediately.
  3. First, create your profile picture as per the required size of the Facebook and don’t put any critical details in the corners, because it will crop to a circle in posts and ads. Select Upload Profile Picture.
  4. The most important and prominent photo on your Business Facebook pages in the Cover photo.
  5. The photo should capture convey of your brand personality and essence of your brand. The display size of the image at on desktop 820 x 312 pixels and on mobile 640 x 360 pixels. The Photo or image must be at least 150 tall and 400 pixels wide.
  6. When you have chosen an appropriate image, click Upload a Cover Photo.

Note: You can change the cover photo any time you want. If you feel the photo is not getting in the right place. Then consider the crop areas and calculate on the design page. You can easily resize vector contents in the design page to consider crop area in the cover page.

Add Short Description to Page

This is an opportunity for you to tell the user about the Facebook business page. it should be in just a few lines (max 155 characters), so no need to explain in more detail here. Click on the Add a Short Description from the page info, later on, you can edit and add a longer description as you want.

Add Short Description to Page

Explore your New Facebook Page

Now your Facebook page is live, although it is extremely viral. At this stage, you will prompt to take a quick walk-through of the few features. If you are already well Known of how Business Facebook pages operate, and you are aware of everything is where. It might take a few minutes.

Explore your New Facebook Business Page

Of course, your Facebook Business page is ready and you have still got some work to do before you’re going to share it with your Facebook audience. Or run Facebook ads to target customers in your region.

To create your page Username

Username is very important for your page, also known as your vanity URL, and you will tell the audience where to find you on Facebook. You want it to be easy to remember and to type. You can refer to the below steps or try in reading more details here How to add a username to FB Page.

  1. To set up your vanity URL click on Create a Username for Your Page
  2. Click on the Create Username. A box will pop to you with the links where you can share with people. (Direct link to your page)
  3. Then click the OK option to continue adding more details of Business Page on Facebook.
Create your page username

Complete Your Page About Section

You have the option to skip and you want to leave the details information for later, but it’s most important to fill all of them in the about section of your Facebook page. In the very first stage for a customer goes to check and get information about you, and it is the best idea to list all information. Visitors will be able to send you queries on FB Messenger. You need a customer service representative answering queries and improving online hours with the estimated response time.

  1. Click on About on Business page
  2. In Edit section click Edit Story to add a long detail description.
  3. Click on Page Info to specify your business location
  4. Once you finished filling all the information then click on Save Changes.
Complete the about section
Your  Location or Address

Create First Post from your Page

You need to post some valuable content before you are going to invite people to like your Facebook Page for your business. You must create some of your posts or share relevant content from the management leaders in your industry.

Create the first post

Start Engaging People

Now you have a Facebook page for business is ready for a bit of a nudge. Invite your friends and family to follow and like the page. Target the audience in different communities and groups. To promote your page use you’re other social channels like Twitter and website. Promoting via FB Ads is a lot of targeting tools. Add email signature on your promotional materials and/ or “follow us” logos. If you are comfortable with it, you can even ask your customers to review you on Facebook. People review impression is very good for a Business page and especially for new visitors to see people experience with you.

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