How to Change your Email on Facebook on Web & App

Change email on Facebook Account

People searching if a change of email on the Facebook account is possible. Yes, you can change your associate email on Facebook account. If you are using any connection of internet which connected with your device and your account is not secured. You should change the email address if your FB account hacked or breached. If you change the email provider, and different other reasons then you can also opt to do it.

However, whatever the reason, there are two steps to follow. First of all, you have to add the email address that you want to use, and then, configure the email is a primary address.

After that, you can achieve to use a different email than previously associated email account on Facebook.

How to Change Email on Facebook on your Computer

You can replace your email address from any PC, doesn’t matter if it’s Windows or Mac-based. It’s all about the browser you use either on PC or laptop.

To change your email address using a Facebook account on the web browser, try the following steps:

  1. Open the Facebook web
  2. Click the Down arrow and select the Settings from the drop-down menu.
  3. Select the Contact from the General tab.
  4. Click the Add Another Email or Mobil Number to your email account
  5. Enter your New Email Address and click Add
  6. Type your Facebook password and click Submit
  7. Click Close
  8. Check your email first and then select Confirm option to verify you made this change
  9. When Prompted then Login to Facebook
  10. Select the Contact option again (in step 3)
  11. Click the new address and select Save Changes to make it your new email primary.

You can also view your current email address from direct link here.

#1 Open Facebook Settings

Open and Settings of Change Email on Facebook

From the drop-down menu click the Settings on your Facebook account.

#2 Edit Contact from General Account Settings

General and change contact

In FB Settings > General tab > General Account Settings > scroll down to Add account contact and click Edit.

#3 Add another email on Facebook account

Add Another Email or Mobile Number

After that, click on “Add another email or mobile number” under primary contact.

Enter you Email address

Add a New Email then click Add button.

Enter your Password and Submit

Re-entry your password to proceed security settings.

Add another Email and Close

Carefully read the email and make sure there is no mistake. Any typo error can send email verification to someone else. Now click the Close button.

#4 Confirm email address

Click confirm Email

Check your email address to view verification code from Facebook. Note down the code number and click Confirm to add the pin code here to verify.

Confirm you Email Address

Enter the code received via email and click OK.

Email confirmation and Close

Email confirmation successful, now just click Close.

#5 Switch Primary Contact / Change email

Primary Contact and Save Changes

Now contact is listing two emails account. The first one is your Primary account and the second one add recently. Click on the radio button to switch/change the email address to the primary. After that, click Save Changes.

Note: You can easily remove your old email address if you want to follow the above steps 1-3 and selecting the option email remove.

How to Change Your Email on Facebook via iPad or iPhone

Follow the steps below to change your Email address on Facebook account while using Facebook App on iPhone or iPad.

  1. Tap the Facebook app and open it
  2. The tap three lines bar
  3. Scroll to tap Settings & Privacy or Account Settings option
  4. Tap to General and then Email
  5. Select Tap Add Email Address
  6. Enter the Address to add and tap Add Email
  7. First, check your email address from mobile’s Mail app and tap Confirm to verify that you made this change.
  8. When prompt then Login to your Facebook
  9. Tap to Continue
  10. Choose the new address and tap Save Changes to make it your primary email.
  11. Tap the Three lines bars and select Account Settings
  12. Tap General, then Email address, then Primary Email and tap the new email you just added and tap Save.

How to Change Email on Facebook via Android Mobile Phone

To change your primary email address on the Facebook account using an Android device. Follow the steps below and view the screenshot for more guidance.

  1. Open your Facebook app
  2. Tap the Three Horizontal lines bar it the bottom of the screen
  3. Select the Settings & Privacy or tap Account Settings
  4. Tap Personal Information and the Email
  5. Select Email Address
  6. Enter the Email address
  7. Enter your Facebook password and tap Add Email option
  8. Tap Add Email Address
  9. You need to check your email from your mobile’s Mail app and tap confirm option to verify you made this change
  10. Sign-in back to your Facebook
  11. Open to Settings & Privacy or Account Settings option, then General, and Email option
  12. Tap Primary Email option
  13. Choose the New Address, enter your FB password, and tap Save to make it your primary email address
  14. Tap the Main menu or three lines bar and tap Account Settings
  15. Tap General option, then Email, then Primary Email and choose the new email you recently added and tap save option.

#1 Open Facebook App Settings

Main Menu and Settings

Open the Facebook App and then tap the Menu button. Now Tab on Settings & Privacy. After that, click Settings.

Account Settigs and Personal Information

In Account Settings, tap on Personal Information to view and update the email address. Similarly, other settings are available too to change. Such as name on the account and phone number.

#2 Edit Personal Information to add the new email

Add Email and Change Facebook email

In the personal information section, tap on the email address.

Add Email

Tap on the link “Add Email Address”. Furthermore, you can also add a phone number here.

Add Email and Enter your Password

Now enter a new additional email address. After that, to save settings, enter the Facebook account password and tap on Add Email.

#3 Confirm Email Address

Confirm you Email Address

Open your email address inbox to copy the code from Facebook verification. Then tap on Confirm Email Address to enter the code.

Enter your confirmation code

Enter confirmation code to verify that email belongs to you then click Confirm.

After that, your new email address is added to a Facebook account. Similarly, you can follow previous steps to view all emails on the account. After that, change the primary account to another email address.

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