How to Change Your Hulu Plan Web and App

Change Hulu Plan
Change Hulu Plan

Hulu + Live TV is kind of like cable, only better, with over 65+ live and on-demand channels. Do you know how to change your Hulu plan? There are quite a few various plans you can choose from when it comes to Hulu. From live TV, ad-less streaming, & several premium channels that you can add on, there’s something on Hulu for everyone. 

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How to Change Your Hulu Plan

You will learn how to change your plan Hulu website on desktop and using iPhone or iPad app. You can change to upgrade or downgrade your plan in the settings of the iPhone or iPad Settings app. If you signed up through Hulu directly, you can make changes using while using your mobile web browser.

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Hulu Plans and Add-ons

Hulu plan options are very flexible, give you the right of freedom to customize a subscription. That fits your requirements, Start your plan by picking – Hulu + Live TV for $ 54./month* or Hulu (No Ads)+Live TV for $60.99/per month*. Then choose between a number of optional add-ons like.

  1. Premium Network Add-ons
  2. Entertainment Networks Add-on
  3. Español Networks Add-on
  4. Enhanced Cloud DVR
  5. Unlimited Streams

If you are simply interested in live streaming movies and shows on your own time more about Hulu & Hulu(No Ads) plans.

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How to Change Your Hulu Plan Using Desktop Web

Let’s show you how to change your Hulu plan to everything you want to watch. Follow the given listed steps to change your Hulu Plan:

  1. Visit Hulu website on Desktop with any browser
  2. Sign in to your account then select your Account icon from the upper right corner
  3. Then select  Account option from the menu
  4. You will redirect to another page then scroll down to the Your Subscription section
  5. Click on the Manage Plan Next to the current Plan under subscription
  6. After that, a list of plans will appear to you to choose from that
  7. Click the slider option next to the plan that you wish
  8. Now click the Review Changes button with the new plan selected to change your new plan
  9. Finally, your new plan choose and successfully changed, you will begin to enjoy parts of Hulu that were not a part of your previous subscription.
Open your Hulu Account
Open your Hulu Account
Scroll Dow to Your Subscription and Click Mange Plan Next to Hulu Base Plan
Scroll Dow to Your Subscription and Click Mange Plan Next to Hulu Base Plan
Click the Slider from Left to Right side
Click the Slider from Left to Right side
Then Click the Review Changes Option
Then Click the Review Changes Option

Whether you invested in the bundle with Disney + and ESPN or on live TV. There will be new shows to watch with your new selected plan.

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How to Change Plan on Hulu on iPhone or iPad App Store

You can use the App Store to change the plan on Hulu on your iPhone or iPad device. If your Hulu subscription is billing on your Apple account through the App Store. Then it is very simple if you signed up for Hulu using your iPad or iPhone device.

  1. Tap to Open iPhone Settings from the home screen
  2. Now tap on your name to the top of the screen
  3. Select View App ID from the pop-up menu then you will redirect to Account settings
  4. You can use Touch ID or enter a password to confirm your identity
  5. Tap the Subscriptions by scroll down at the middle of the menu
  6. Now select your Hulu subscription then options for changing your plan will appear
  7. Choose a package or plan to recurring cost or price is listed next to each option
  8. Finally, confirm your changes
  9. Your plan will now change to the new one you choose. Your Hulu plan is now up to date.

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How to Use Third-party billing

If you are not able to add certain add-ons or plans to your subscription. You may be billed using a third party with restrictions in place. You can confirm if this is the case your Hulu account page—The Third-party options is a list in the payment information section.

As an Amazon, Disney+ iTunes, Roku, Spotify Sprint & Xfinity-billed subscriber. You have access to all Hulu plans and add-ons, including Hulu + Live TV and Premium Add-ons in the following below steps:

How To make changes to your Subscription

  1. Sign in to your Hulu account on mobile or web browser
  2. Find the Your Subscription section
  3. Click Manage Plan beside to Your current Plan or Hulu Base Plan
  4. Your current active plan will be highlighted in green colour under Plans
  5. Then Toggle the plan you want from Off to On to switch to a different plan
  6. If it is applicable then tap + icon next to any add-ons you desired to include.
  7. To Remove any add-ons you currently subscribe to, toggle the Tick mark to an (X) cross mark
How to Use Third Party Billing iTunes, Amazon etc
How to Use Third Party Billing iTunes, Amazon etc

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How to change Hulu Plan to Disney+

How to switch the third party billing using Disney bundle as a Hulu billed subscriber.

  1. Sign in to your Account page on a Mobile or web browser
  2. Select Manage plan under your Subscription
  3. Click the Disney bundle under Packages with your desired Hulu plan
  4. Then click to Activate Diseny+ and ESPN+
  5. That you are all set!

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Hulu + Live TV – More than just Live TV streaming

Stream live TV shows, Channels, Sports, and news. With cloud DVR, never miss new games, episodes, or breaking stories again. Watch all your Favorite from 65+ to channels, the TV that gets you to enjoy an all-new TV experience, and Hassle-free TV no hidden fees.

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Hulu your services” page

You can use the Spotify page, to check out the Hulu support site. For any issues or problems related to your Hulu account or service. You can check out the Hulu support site Spotify page

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