How to Change the Screen Saver on Android TV

Change screensaver Android TV
Change screensaver Android TV

Do you know how to change the Screen Saver on your Android TV? The users can change the screensaver on Android TV. It might not be as customizable as an Android smartphone, but there are still many you can do to personalize it. One of those easiest ways to choosing which screensaver to use. In this article, you will learn how to change the screensaver on your TV.

Just like on a PC, the Android TV screen saver is what you view when the device is idle. By default, it shows high-quality images, along with the weather and current time. There are many more you can do with this feature, though.

In the Google Play Store, there are a lot of screen-saver apps, so you can give your Android TV a new brand-new look. Just type “daydream” or “screen saver” (the previous old name for the feature) in the search bar, and then install the one you want.

The YoWindow screen saver on an Android TV..
The YoWindow screen saver on an Android TV..

The “YoWindow” weather screensaver.

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How to Set Up Screen Saver on Android TV

When you download and install the screen saver app the one you like, it is time to set or change it as the screensaver. Here are these steps to follow to change and set up a screensaver on your Android TV.

  1. Select the Settings Gear icon at the upper right side of the Home screen
  2. Then you will redirect to Android TV Settings
  3. Select the Device Preferences under the settings
  4. Go down and select the Screen Saver option
  5. Select the Screen Saver once again at top of the Screen Saver menu
  6. Choose the screen saver you wish to set up (see below screenshot)
Select the Settings Gear icon.
Select the Settings Gear icon.
Select the Device Preferences
Select the Device Preferences
The Screen Saver settings menu
The Screen Saver settings menu
Select the Screen Saver
Select the Screen Saver
Select the app you installed on the Screen Saver menu.
Select the app you installed on the Screen Saver menu.

In case you are using a screen saver from the Play Store, then it opens the options automatically for the app. Some will need more setup than others, though. Click your preferences, and then select the Back button on your remote control.

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The screen-saver preferences in YoWindow.

How to Change Screen Saver Settings

Finally, you can tweak the following settings to change or customize how the screensaver will work. There are several options to choose from and set up your screensaver accordingly.

  • When to Start:

Choose the option to select the number of minutes of inactivity before the screensaver starts.

  • Put Device to Sleep:

Select the number of time or minutes of inactivity before your Android TV goes to sleep

  • Start Now:

See the screen saver right now. Select this option is perfect for quickly previewing a screensaver

  • Sleep Now:

Select the option to put the TV to sleep right now

  • Stay Awake on Music:

In case a music application is playing, the TV will not go to sleep

Select Screen Saver option
Select Screen Saver option

Unluckily, you cannot change the wallpaper on the Home screen for Android TV. However, the screen saver is what you will view most often so select one you really like and enjoy looking at it.

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Here are some of the frequently asked question by different people against how to change screensaver on your Android TV.

How do I change the screensaver on my smart TV?

To stop after-image burn-in your smart TV turns on a screensaver after it is idle for several minutes. To change the screen saver, in the TV Home screen menu open the Settins>Screensaver, and then click a screen saver. The Power Saver screen saver reduces the number of power your TV uses by disabling or turning off the backlight.

How do I use Google Photos as a screensaver on Android TV?

All you have gotta do is download and install an application called Photo Screensaver on to your Android TV box. (Navigate the Play Store app on Android TV, then search for that name or title and install. The app you wish is by a developer named Furnaghan.) Lunch that sucker up, and take a minute to poke around through the options.

How to use Photo Gallery and Screensaver on Android TV

Photo Gallery and Screen Saver app is supporting photos from your device, as well as online sources contains Google Photos, Flickr, and Facebook

You can browse your photos and videos simply offering the best way to see and share albums on your big screen. Please remember that this application is optimized for the TV and will not open nicely on a touch device!

Showcase your photos as an Android TV Daydream/Slideshow/Screensaver.

How to set up your Screensaver

To set up this application to become your default screensaver, follow these steps for your guidance.

  • Go to your Android TV’s Home screen, scroll down to reach Settings
  • Click on the Settings option
  • Select the Screensaver/Daydream
  • Select the Photo Screensaver and Gallary from the options

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