How to check WhatsApp Storage usage

Check WhatsApp Storage Usage
Check WhatsApp Storage Usage

WhatsApp let you find data storage on your smartphone. The storage usage actually let you show the ac-cumulatively data consuming on your phone. It include everything like photos, videos, voice messages, documents and chat. However, user can see the conversation and group list from max to min. The list indicating which group or conversation consume more data storage on your smartphone. It is how user can easily identiy the group or single conversation with more data usage.

It helps when the data storage is getting huge and need more space to free up. Similarly, the user may have problem sync data with Google Drive backup. And removing some huge files from a chat or conversation will reduce data storage prior to backup. Following the below method showing to check your total data storage consuming by WhatsApp data. And further steps to know the breakdown list of each group and conversation consuming data.

How to check WhatsApp data storage usage

To check data storage consuming by WhatsApp, follow the steps below.

  1. Open WhatsApp on your smartphone
  2. Tap on the Menu button then tap on Settings
  3. From Settings, tap on Data and Storage usage
  4. Wait for calculating storage usage and then check result
  5. Total data storage usage showing under Storage usage
WhatsApp Menu Settings
WhatsApp Settings Data and Storage Usage
WhatsApp Settings Data and Storage Usage

Storage usage will start calculating the data, thus it could take few second or more. Depend on the smartphone speed and total data calculation need for WhatsApp to identify. User need to wait until finish the calculation to show up. After that, the total usage showing as illustrating in below screenshot.

Storage Usage WhatsApp
Storage Usage WhatsApp

If the data storage on your phone is less than 1GB, then it will indicate values in MB’s. More than 1 GB data will show the values in GB’s.

User may not aware which conversation is consuming more storage. But WhatsApp is providing further option to see the data breakdown by conversation including group name or single contact conversation.

How to check list of conversation with Data Usage

To see which conversation and group consuming more data is simply to tap on the total storage usage. It will provide the breakdown list of all group and conversation from maximum storage filter to minimum storage. The filter following mix data list of group and single user conversation. Refer to the steps showing to view list of conversation with data usage of each one.

  1. Open WhatsApp and tap on Menu
  2. Tap Settings from the Menu then Tap on Data and storage usage
  3. Now tap on Storage Usage to see the list of conversation
  4. All list showing total storage usage to each group and conversation
Tap Storage usage to view data breakdown
Tap Storage usage to view data breakdown

When tap on the Storage usage, the list will start generating using filter from max to min. Max showing first on the list with more data value. The min will show at the end of the list demonstrating lowest consume of storage data.

Storage Usage WhatsApp
Storage Usage WhatsApp

The above screenshot showing all the conversation and group in the filter list. For instance, the first group showing total of 13.8 GB. In other words, all the photos, videos, chat, documents and everything else on this group consuming 13.8 GB. If user going to free up space, this total consumption idea is enough to work out on this group or conversation. User will concentrate on just one group instead of looking all manually.

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