Clear Turn off Autofill form Data Safari Browser

Remove disable autofill form Safari browser

Most of the Internet browsers save the Autofill form data and turn on by default. This can be good for timekeeping in a lot of situations. However, sometimes store wrong login data on your account, attempting to sign in then a challenge. Deleting wrong login info from your browser settings will keep your tons of frustration.

If your browser is storing and autofill with wrong passcodes then you need to change form data and cleared cache but sometimes still cannot sign in. Sometimes, your work is to keep filling form and entry with multiple new sets of data. However, continue new data is not suitable to store in autofill form. Turning off automatically storing is the best solution specifically with Safari browser

You can also disable and delete autofill features like other browsers Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, and Mozilla Firefox on the Safari browser. You can enable the autofill back when you need it back.

How to Turn Off Autofill in Safari Browser

To disable the autofill feature in the Safari browser to stop storing your history automatically. So here are the steps to turn autofill in Safari browser

  1. Open the Safari browser
  2. Click to the Safari Menu from the top
  3. Then click on the Preferences option
  4. Next, choose Autofill
  5. Then uncheck the Using info from my contacts Cards or Address Book Card & Other Forms
  6. Finally, click Done
Safari browser and Preferences
Preferences Safari browser menu
Autofill Form Data and other Forms
Autofill menu settings Other forms

How to Remove or Clearing Autofill Form Data on Safari Browser

When you disable the Autofill browser and you want clear autofill data form on the Safari browser. So here are the guidelines to clearing or removing all automatically saved data in Safari browser

  1. Navigate your Safari Browser Menu
  2. Click the Safari Name on top of the browser
  3. Then click the Preferences option
  4. Next to choose the AutoFill option
  5. Besides the User name and Passwords click the Edit option
  6. Next click Remove all or find any information stored for and remove it specifically
  7. Finally, click the Done option
Safari browser and Preferences
Safari menu
AutoFill Form Data and Remove All & Done
Autofill website data remove

Alternatives Way to Clearing and Tuning off AutoFill Form data in Safari Browser

You learn some of the alternatives ways in the below post to disable and clear the history of the Safari browser. So here are the ways

How do I delete one autofill on a Mac?

Let’s show how to delete one autofill on a Mac. So follow the steps to delete one autofill on a mac a window box will appear, then you need to click to deselect the checkbox. Remove other Autofill Form Text option. Next click Reset option it will remove any Autofill data that you have entered previously. Then click to open Safari menu and to go Preferences option. After that, go to Autofill tab, and select form of specific data you need to delete permanently.

How do I turn off AutoFill in Safari on the iPad?

You can turn off the autofill feature in Safari App via the iPad device. Tap to Open Setting icon of your iPhone home screen to open it. Tap the Autofill option from Safari menu. Again to tap to Clear all option to confirm your action. When the message appears to you. Then tap the Clear AutoFill data option to remove all the AutoFill data entries on your iPhone.

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