Contacts: How to find the missing Address book button in Gmail

Google contacts Gmail

People using Gmail randomly via browser can’t find contacts in their inbox. The first answer they try to learn where is my address book and contact list. Every application is getting updates and changes in UI by the time. After that, you sign in found missing features.

There is no missing feature but in fact, they got upgraded and moved somewhere else. For instance, regular Gmail user’s are not complaining about a similar issue. However, if you are not a regular user then you feel the difference after signing in perhaps after a few weeks.

Going through the below steps to learn, that contacts are not missing but move to Google Apps button. Google Apps button is a 9 dots button next to your profile icon. All Google products are now located at once place. The similar button you will find across all the product at similar location.

How to access your contacts address book from Gmail

Refer to the following steps for accessing your address book and contacts list from Gmail. For more, scroll down to view the screenshots with steps.

  1. Sign in to your Gmail account.
  2. Click on Google Apps Button
  3. LocateContact icon OR click more button below
  4. Drag the icon to upward for easy access
  5. Click the Contacts icon to open the address book page
Gmail Google Apps button more
Contacts in Google Apps Gmail
Google Contacts move to top in Google Apps menu

Tip: Use shortcut key using Gmail to press g then c (go to contacts). Enable shortcut keys in Gmail (Hold shift key then press ? question mark).

Why I was not notified of New Gmail changes?

When new UI rolling out to the users either at once or regionally. These users are getting changes notification. These changes notifications are set for a short period. After the specified timelines, users can’t see the notification of the change anymore.

However, if you are using Gmail regularly during work and at home then you can’t feel the difference. Therefore, you will not complain of any missing feature after watching feature updates.

What is a new Gmail?

people usually calling new Gmail on every occasion when new design roll out the users. They usually adding hashtag considering new changes and pointing new UI as new Gmail.

Gmail is still old but the user interfaces and changes implementation getting similar name on every update. In fact, there is no name releasing officially from the developer team. So people easily understand the common gesture between the Gmail community.

For instance, the contacts moved to Google Apps button. So People start complaining where are my contacts. Or contacts are missing from new Gmail. They already realising the fact that something changed in Gmail UI and it is new look.

Previous classic Gmail was easily allowing access to the contact page. The Gmail dropdown menu including contacts and Task buttons. The task is moved to the right side and stead showing just a compose button.

Quick access of Contacts Page

There are followings methods to utilize whichever best suite to you. Some people use shortcuts while most of them keep their favourite web link in the bookmarks. Almost all the browsers are including bookmark option.

  1. Bookmark the page to easily access with just one click.
  2. Turn on Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts keys and you can be able to access your Contacts page by press g then c.
  3. Try accessing the Google App button frequently to identify the icon place and use to quickly open the page.
Bookmark Google Contacts Page

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