How to Delete and Turn Off AutoFill Feature on Opera Browser

Remove disable autofill form Opera browser

AutoComplete or AutoFill is a feature in the most modern browser like Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, and Firefox, etc. So the AutoFill feature makes filling out forms easier and fast by keeping information that you have to use previously. However, it will make your work or things to do fast for the next time in the future. So if you don’t know how to use this function and storing your information or data automatically. Then you are here to scroll down to below contents. You will learn how to disable it and revoke browser to avoid storing information.

But what you will do when that information is expired or just plain wrong or misspelt. So you have to clear or delete all your autofill information like other internet browsers. Let’s show how to disable first the AutoFill feature and then delete or clear suggestions.

Furthermore, you can also edit data to correct for future use instead of deleting it permanently.

How to Disable AutoFill Feature in Opera Browser

Yes, you can disable the AutoFill feature to stop storing your information automatically. So here are the steps to turn it off this functions

  1. Open your Opera browser
  2. Click the Opera Name at the top left side
  3. Select the Settings option from the menu
  4. Click the Advanced option and then Privacy & Security option
  5. Scroll down to the AutoFill category
  6. Next, click the Addresses and More option
  7. Select the Toggle to switch off or turn off
Opera Browser and Settings
Opera menu Settings
Advanced and Privacy & Settings
Opera browser Advance Settings menu
AutoFill Feature and Addresses & More
Opera Autofill Addresses and more
Turn off the Toggle Autofill feature
Save and fill addresses Opera browser

How to Delete or Clear AutoFill Suggestions in Opera Browser

If you want to remove or delete your autofill suggestions or search browsing history in the Opera browser. So follow the steps for your guidance

  1. Click to Open your Opera browser first
  2. Next, click on the Opera name to open the menu
  3. Select the Settings option
  4. Then click the Advanced option and then click the Privacy & Settings
  5. Remove the Addresses click on the Three-dots and select the Remove option
  6. Under the Privacy and Settings click the Clear and Browsing data option
  7. Check the Checkboxes in the basic you want to clear
  8. In the Advance also check the Checkbox and especially the Autofill form data
  9. Finally, press the Clear data button
  10. So you will all autofill data will remove
Opera Browser and Settings
Opera browser Settings menu Alt+P
Advanced and Privacy & Settings
Advanced Settings Opera browser
Remove Autofill Feature and Addresses
Remove Addresses Autofill Opera browser
Clear the Clear Browsing data
Clear browsing data
Check boxes and Clear Data option
Clear browsing data advanced tab Autofill form data

So the above is the process to disable AutoFill feature and delete or remove your browsing history on the Opera browser.

Alternatives Ways to Clear and Delete AutoFill Feature On Opera Browser

Let’s show some of the alternatives ways to turning off and clear autofill form data info on your browser. If you also among those people who want to disable and remove autofill data info on opera so read the below for your guidance.

How do I turn off autofill in opera?

You can turn off autofill in opera in the following steps

  1. Click to Open Opera browser
  2. Then click the Opera button and select the Settings option
  3. Click the Advanced option
  4. Next, Privacy and Security option
  5. So click the addresses and more under autofill
  6. Then click the Toggle to Turn off

How do I get rid of suggestions on opera?

Yes, you can get rid of delete the suggestions on the Opera browser in the following steps.

  1. Click to Open browser
  2. Then click the Main Menu on Opera
  3. Then select the Settings option
  4. Click the Advanced option
  5. Turn off the Toggle under the Start Page beside the Show Speed Dial Suggestions

Note: So the search data suggestions will not showing right away after the installation of Opera. But the will be generated eventually depending on the browsing history.

In conclusion, you use autofill form data for a single user or multiple addresses. But at work, you may enter different addresses filling each individual forms. Therefore, you may not need to store the data by Opera. However, you simply disable and remove the data permanently and stop storing any further input.

Modern browsers with Autofill option to disable

Similarly, you can use a similar option to stop autofill and disable on the feature on different modern browsers as follows:

  1. Google Chrome
  2. Microsoft Edge
  3. Internet Explorer
  4. Mozilla Firefox

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