How to Disable and Clear Autofill Form Google Chrome

Remove disable auto fill form Google Chrome

Internet browser store data to use it for the Autofill Form. When you are filling any form online then the information speed up things to automatically fill the form. If you don’t use this feature it still storing your information. However, you can disable the feature from your browser. Like other internet browsers, the autofill form in Google Chrome for storing your information. Let’s show how to disable or Delete Auto fills Google Chrome feature

Autofill usually saving your Addresses, i.e Street name, address lines, City, and phone number. Furthermore, it is also saving your password and payment details. However, the payment details include all type of cards.

Usually, Chrome users sign in with their Google account to create a Chrome profile. You Chrome account profile keep storing online data fill form information. You can learn more here how to create a Chrome profile here.

How to Disable Autofill Form Google Chrome

If you want to turn off this function in Google Chrome to disable autofill form storing your information, then here are the steps to stops this feature in Google Chrome

  1. Open your Google Chrome
  2. Click the Menu icon or three dots from the upper right side corner
  3. Select the Settings option from the menu
  4. An alternative way to open just type the chrome://settings/ and press Enter Key
  5. The page will redirect to Omnibox and scroll down to the Autofill or click Autofill in the left side
  6. Click the Addresses and More Option from the Autofill section
  7. Beside the Save and Fill addresses Untoggle the switch
Google Chrome Menu and Settings
Settings menu Google Chrome
Autofill Form info
Google Chrome Autofill Settings
Autofill and Addresses and more
Addresses and more Autofill

How to Clear Autofill Form Info Google Chrome

When you disable the Autofill feature manually and you want to remove addresses. So here are the tips to clear or delete all the stored data in it from Google Chrome’s Settings.

  1. Open your  Google Chrome click Three lines or Menu icon from the upper right
  2. Select the Settings from the menu or you can type the chrome://settings/address redirects to the Omnibox and press Enter
  3. Click the Three-dots beside the Address and  then click the Remove option
  4. Go to the Advanced option from the left side
  5. Then Click the Privacy and Security option
  6. Click the Clear the Browsing data from the privacy and security category
  7. Select check the boxes in the Basic and Advance category you want to clear from the window appear on your screen
  8. Choose the option at the top The beginning of time to clear or delete All-Time saved data
  9. Check the Clear saved Autofill form data option before going to clear the data
  10. Next, click the Clear data option
  11. So your browsing data will clear according to your selection
Google Chrome Menu and Settings
Google Chrome menu Settings
Untoggle to switch turn off autofill
Addresses and more Save and fill addresses
Remove Address and More
Remove addresses
Privacy and Security
Advanced Settings Privacy and Security Chrome
Clear browsing data
Google Chrome clear browsing data
Click Advanced, All time, Autofill data and Clear data
Clear browsing data Autofill form data Google Chrome

Note: If you want to keep everything else like browsing the history, password, and cookies, etc first confirm that you uncheck those boxes before going to click the clear data button option.

Alternatives ways to Disable or Remove Autofill Form info from Google Chrome

Let’s show you some of the alternative ways of disabling and deleting of autofill info from your chrome browser. So here are the below ways

How do I turn off fill-in the form in Chrome?

Yes you can turn off autofill in chrome browser in the following steps

  1. Click the Three-lines or Menu icon from the Chrome
  2. Select the Settings
  3. Click on the Show Advanced Settings at the bottom of the page
  4. Uncheck the Enable Autofill under Password and Form section

How do I remove autofill in Chrome?

In the following steps, you will learn about how to delete specific autofill entries in Google Chrome browser

  1. Open you Chrome
  2. Click the menu or three dots on the browser toolbar and click the Settings
  3. Select the Show advanced settings option and scroll to the Passwords and forms section
  4. Then click the Autofill Settings
  5. You will a Dialog that appears, choose the entry you want to remove from the list

So the above is the prompts way to clear all your data form saved in Google Chromes from your browser history. So when you are going to fill in a form next time you will have to memorize all your name and address to enter.

In conclusion, and to summarize, you decide depending on online work. If you keep repeating filling the form, then it is the best to suit to keep your data for next time. However, most people don’t like to store their data and feel easy to reenter. In other words, you have choice to keep the feature or disable it completely from Google Chrome.

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