How to Download and install Microsoft Edge browser

Download Microsoft Edge Browser
Download Microsoft Edge Browser

Microsoft Edge browser is effectively developing and getting into more features. Edge can now browse the internet effortlessly and capability of high performance and speed. Microsoft Edge browser recently surpass the second position against Firefox. Edge is not getting into more popular browsing product.

More customize feature along with more privacy and control options that are built-in to protect user privacy online. Auto tracking prevention of user choice to choose between basic, balanced and strict prevention privacy control. And apart from privacy and services, there are plenty more other options getting into more customization for users.

Edge browser is getting similar to Google Chrome marketing strategy pushing better browser experience on Windows 10 search and Outlook inbox page. Attention to more audience that is using Google Chrome and Firefox (Competitors). The Outlook page with showing Edge ads as “Microsoft Edge + Outlook = Better together – Let’s go”.

How to download and install Microsoft Edge on Windows 10

To download Microsoft Edge browser on Windows 10, open any browser to visit Microsoft Download Center to Download Edge and follow the steps below.

  1. Open a browser tab and go to
  2. Select the OS Windows 10 and click the Download button
  3. Then click Accept & Download to accept the terms and start downloading Exe file
  4. Once finish download, click on the MicrosoftEdgeSetup.exe file to start the installation
  5. Wait for server-side download and installation for few minutes
  6. Once finish the installation, the Microsoft Edge browser opens automatically to start browsing

Once the browser is ready to open, you have a startup option to customize the browser. Change view, import data from another browser and home page settings.

The best feature of Edge browser is to manage extension, import data from other browser and most attractively, you can install Chrome browser extensions. Since the Edge is developed as Chrome-based on Chromium.

Select OS and download Edge browser

Microsoft Edge Download Windows 10
Microsoft Edge Download Windows 10

Microsoft Edge browser welcome page detecting user operating system to offer a download option. However, the user can still able to select the OS from the drop-down menu. There is previous Windows version available too. For instance, you can download Microsoft Edge browser from Windows 7, 8 and 8.1. The list also includes macOS, iOS and Android version to download and redirect to the relevant store App.

Accept Terms to Download the new Microsoft Edge

Before the download begins, Microsoft need you to accept the terms and condition. Microsoft Software license terms for the Edge available on display screen and link to the privacy statement. Prior to download, you need to understand that after installation of the Edge browser on Windows 10 PC, it needs to download updates. And system administrator can disable update on your PC. It is to make sure that you can control your PC Administration. If it’s OK with no issue to your PC then Accept and download the browser.

Accept Edge terms and Download
Accept Edge terms and Download

Download begin shortly to start installation

After you accept the terms and condition, the Microsoft Edge browser file start downloading to your download files. User will see the Thank You! note along with “Your Download will begin shortly”. Depend on your internet speed, once MicrosoftEdgeSetup.exe file download finish, then click to start the installation.

Edge browser download begin shortly
Edge browser download begin shortly

Installing to get the new Microsoft Edge

Once the final installation begins, then the user doesn’t need any action. But to wait for the installation process. User is now into getting the new Microsoft Edge. After completion, the Edge browser will launch on your screen.

Getting the new Microsoft Edge
Getting the new Microsoft Edge

Customize and import data to Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge includes powerful customization tools to set up your browser as previous. The Edge browser is capable to import browser data from another browser with all contents in it. And set up the template and design of your taps and home page. To store and save your Edge browser data across all devices, you will need to sign in to Microsoft Edge. Microsoft ID is with multiple domains such as Hotmail, Live, and Outlook.

The first time you trying the Edge Browser will show up customization tools to perform in just a few steps. However, user can choose to set up now, or proceed to surf the internet without importing data from other browsers.

Customize Edge browser and import contents
Customize Edge browser and import contents

Import data to Microsoft Edge from other browsers

Microsoft Edge will detect other browsers you are using right now. It will suggest you select the browser and then each separate profile within that browser. In other words, you can import multiple profiles data into Microsoft Edge browser. However, the import option is set for your computer default browser. And Default profile within your default browser to target import data.

How to import data to Microsoft Edge Browser

Using customization and import tools to set up the browser with your data from the previous default browser and default profile. For instance, your default Google Chrome browser set to import data and along with profile name. Follow the steps below to proceed import data along with multiple attributes.

  1. On Import Tools, select Import from Google Chrome (or any browser)
  2. Click on More Import Options to choose profile and items
  3. Select the items you want to import and click Apply
  4. Click Confirm to start importing your data to Edge Browser
Import browser data to Edge
Import browser data to Edge

In case no data from the previous browser need, then the user can choose the option to “Continue without importing” to skip the option. While the import option includes plenty of items to select the browser, default profile and items within the selected profile.

Import options let you choose the profile name and items to import. All previous items to select for import option are Bookmarks, addresses and more, browsing history, cookies, extensions, saved passwords, payment info, shortcuts, settings, and open tabs.

List of items to import from another browser

User can select multiple items all at once to import it into the Microsoft Edge. If not all items, then select the only items need to import. Following is the list of items available for import.

  2. Saved passwords
  3. addresses and more
  4. payment info
  5. browsing history
  6. Shortcuts
  7. Cookies
  8. Settings
  9. Extensions
  10. Open Tabs

All the Bookmarks will import to Edge are placing into similar order as the previous browser. Filling up any forms will auto pick it from saved passwords, addresses, cookies and payment details. Browser history will not let you hesitate to go back to another browser. Furthermore, the open tabs and nowhere with you to continue working on.

All the extensions on Google Chrome will import and it working on Microsoft Edge browser with no issue. There is a separate extension available to try. However, you can try Google Chrome web store to download directly any extension need on the Edge.

Similarly, all the settings on your default profile are set and configure for the Edge browser. There is no need to re-configure the tune the needful settings again. The import option let you manage all the settings for you in the new browser.

Set up and configure Edge new tab page

The new page set up and configuration shows a multi-user interface to choose. These multiple UI designs are Inspirational, Information, and Focused. User can set to choose from the available design template. However, it is changeable from settings after the user configures on the first start-up of the Edge browser.

Edge New Tab Page Inspirational Informational Focused
Edge New Tab Page Inspirational Informational Focused

Inspirational view:

This view of the new tab page or home page shows the background image on the tab. And more thumbnails linking to pages that combining and view look like the isometric view to inspire from the natural image and contents link. The contents include within the thumbnail with a link to other pages.

Informational view:

This type of Edge page view is not showing background image while instead filled with a solid colour. Similarly, other large cover images grab from different stories including all type of categories. However, after the first view and your history, it will change. The contents with cover images and links will show from the sites and topics of your interest. Different categories from top brands and sites around the world. And will shows the most relevant to you to get hands-on the smart magazine and contents of your interest. the cover images are carousel type but not movable as carousel contents move and scroll horizontally.

Focused View:

Stay focus when open new tab on the Microsoft Edge browser. Avoid clutters, background images, and other contents along with cover images. Your focus on the search bar and history thumbnail for a quick visit just a click away. The thumbnail quickly estimates and understand the last visit page. So the focused view for those users that don’t want to see the items other than just previous history and the search bar.

Furthermore, the thumbnails are available for quick links beneath the search bar. User can set as search Engine home page. However, the default search engine bar is using Microsoft Bing search engine.

Sync Microsoft Edge data across any device

Microsoft Edge browser enables a user to use their account profile to synchronize on all the device. The sync option work to keep similar data on all the devices. A user just needs to sign in to Edge profile with Microsoft, Live, and Outlook ID. Search history, favourites, password and other data will fetch from one device to another or sync between devices.

For instance, if you are using Edge browser on your laptop and portable device. The similar profile will sync all your data between both devices. Even more, devices are with similar ID to add and fetch data to the cloud. All sync option must use the similar signed-in account on all the device to enable to sync feature.

Sync option is allowing further customization. To opt-in and how to enable and use the sync option, follow the steps below.

How to enable Sync to use Microsoft Edge on all devices

To enable and use the sync option, the user needs to use a similar profile account on all the devices. Furthermore, enabling sync option across the devices need to opt-in as:

  1. Open Microsoft Edge browser on your device
  2. Enable Sync browser data across all your sign-in devices
  3. Click on Customize Sync Settings for more option
  4. Select items to sync then click Apply and Confirm
Sync Settings Edge Browser across all devices
Sync Settings Edge Browser across all devices

List of Sync Settings and items to Sync

  1. Favourites
  2. Settings
  3. Saved passwords
  4. Addresses and more
  5. Collections
Microsoft Edge Sync Settings items
Microsoft Edge Sync Settings items

Better experience with Microsoft Edge

For the better result of display contents, the user needs to share browsing history with Microsoft. It helps user experience with more useful contents to display. Furthermore, it improves the personalization of advertising to the user. Also, the user can see more custom search, news and other services.

How to enable better experience with Microsoft Edge

  1. Open Microsoft Edge browser
  2. On the welcome page, click Yes to join user experience
  3. Browsing history is fetched by Microsoft will show better contents result
Improve Personalization browsing history
Improve Personalization browsing history

To join this experience, it is totally optional for the user to join or decline sharing data. However, user can only benefit to see better experience and relevant contents on the home page. Along, more contents improvement result appearing such as news section and search result.

How to install Microsoft Edge on Windows 7, 8 and 8.1

Apart from Windows 10, Microsoft Edge is also available for previous Windows versions such as Windows 7, 8 & 8.1. User download for their OS version that yet didn’t update to Windows 10. The easy few steps to select the OS version from the Microsoft download centre. The rest of the downloading and installation process is very similar to Windows 10. Going through the download page, the Edge download page will automatically detect user OS version. However, there is still a drop-down option for users to choose their OS version.

  1. Open a browser and go to
  2. Click on the drop-down list to choose between Windows 7, 8 and 8.1
  3. Then click Accept & Download to accept the terms and start downloading
  4. Once finish download, click on the MicrosoftEdgeSetup.exe file to start the installation
  5. Download and installation will begin for a few minutes
  6. Once finish the installation, the Microsoft Edge browser opens automatically to start with new browsing
Microsoft Edge for Windows 7 8 8.1
Microsoft Edge for Windows 7 8 8.1

How to install Microsoft Edge on macOS

To install the Microsoft Edge browser on your macOS, the Edge page will auto-detect the download file. However, manually user has the option to choose the OS version from the download list. Click the drop-down menu to choose macOS download. Refer to the following steps showing how to download.

  1. Open Microsoft Edge download page
  2. Select macOS from download drop-down list
  3. Click Accept the terms and condition to start downloading
  4. The download will begin to download MicrosoftEdge.pkg file
  5. After finish download, double click the pkg file to start the installation

The latest download file available for download is MicrosoftEdge-81.0.416.68.pkg. User needs to wait for downloading it completely from the server. The Installation of the pkg will begin when the user doubles click the file.

Install Microsoft Edge on iOS device iPhone & iPad

  1. Open App store from iOS device
  2. Search for Microsoft Edge App
  3. Tap to start Download and installation
  4. Microsoft Edge is ready to use

The direct link to the App Store Application is here to see App preview. However, to install on the App, the user needs to open the App Store from iPhone or iPad device. The direct link on iPhone will prompt to open the device App Store.

App Store Microsoft Edge
App Store Microsoft Edge

Alternatively, user can go to Microsoft Edge download centre to choose iOS from the download list. Tap the link on the device will direct to open the App Store and ready to download and install on the iOS device. The new Microsoft Edge develop by Microsoft Corporation for free to use on iOS devices. However, the App includes age restriction of age 17 years.

Install Microsoft Edge on Android Device

  1. Go to Google Play Store on Android Device
  2. Search for Microsoft Edge
  3. Tap on install to start download and installation
  4. Then Tap on Open to start using new Microsoft Edge browser
Google Play Store Microsoft Edge
Google Play Store Microsoft Edge

Play Store review result shows 4+ user review. And users are happily enjoying the new browser on the Android devices.

On which device you are using the new browser and what’ your review. You can leave your comments in the comment section below for other users to review. It will help to review prior installation on any device.

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