Download Facebook Videos Easy Methods

Download Facebook videos

Going offline soon, then learn how to download Facebook videos in easy few steps. So you can watch them later when you are offline and no access to the internet. People subscribe to movies, popular profiles and other TV shows. Sometimes you have access to the internet but you don’t have time to watch. Therefore you have a chance to start downloading and watch when you are free.

With a billion users, Facebook becomes the biggest platform for the sharing of videos and photos. In addition, many other related contents. There are huge categories of Education and tutorial video. These informative and How to Do video sometime need to have it offline. Hence you will be doing your project while watching Howto video side by side. Depend on the device you are using, but you can download any video from Facebook using Windows, iPhone, Android, and Mac.

How to Download your Facebook Videos on Windows, iPhone, Android, and Mac

Just scroll down to learn how to download Facebook videos while using or window, iPhone, Android, and Mac. The below for your guidance to do this:

Download your FB Videos using Windows and Mac

Let’s guide you to download a Facebook video while using the browser from Windows or Mac in the following steps.

  1. Open you Facebook
  2. Right-click on the Facebook Video which you want to download and select Copy the Video URL at the current time.
  3. Open the and paste the Facebook Video link
  4. Select the normal SD or HD quality on the next page
  5. Click the video option and select to save the video on your computer option.
Right Click and Copy URL at Current time
Facebook Video right click menu

Right-click on the video and then click Copy video URL at the current time

Enter your Facebook videos Link
FBdown video

Past the link in and click Download

Click the video quality and Download Facebook videos
Normal and HD quality video FBdown

Choose the video quality, to select Normal or HD quality.

Download Videos from Facebook using the Third-party App

Learn how to download your Facebook videos on windows and Mac while using an App in the below steps how to do it.

  1. Download and install 4K Video Downloader software from
  2. Copy video URL from Facebook
  3. Past the link on 4K Video downloader App
  4. Select the quality of video and click the Download option
  5. The app will start downloading video from Facebook
Get 4K Video Downloader
4k Video Downloader

Download Video from Facebook on iPhone and Android

Similarly, like the first method, you can download your Facebook videos on Android or iPhone while using an App or Web browser in the following steps.

  1. Open Facebook App and click Share Video to get a Video link
  2. Copy the link to clipboard then open on browser
  3. Past the link and tap the download button
  4. Choose from two options Normal and HD quality of the video
  5. The Video will save in the Downloads Folder

Download your FB videos on iPad or iPhone

In this method, we can use the same site to download your Facebook videos on your iPhone or iPad. However, you have to follow the below steps

  1. Open the video on Facebook App and click the Share button
  2. Copy the URL and open to past the link
  3. Select video quality options Normal or HD
  4. Click on Download button to start downloading
  5. After finish download, check the video file in the Gallery or Photo App

Other APK or third-party apps

We are not recommending to use any third party Apps if not available officially on Playstore or iTunes. Since these Apps are not


In conclusion, you can use any device to download video from Facebook. However, different devices need to try with different methods. By default Facebook not allowing videos download. Therefore, an alternative way to use the browser to paste video URL. In addition, you know any other method, please share with our readers in comments below.

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