DowPie initial 100 posts milestone

DowPie 100 Milestone

DowPie explaining technology successfully delivers 100 one hundred post contents for readers. The purpose of sharing the success and story to update the reader and new contents writers. You can consider DowPie experience to enhance your upcoming contents project and work. The 100 posts compared to other websites are too less. These contents post duration is 3 months and 19 days. But two-member team starting this work handle everything. Not just writing fresh new contents but establishing domain, host and all search engine work. Currently, there is no employee to assign a content writing job. Which is very hard for new start-up website to compete with all requirements.

Domain and hosting timelines

Choosing the best domain is very easy to choose but the availability of your chosen domain is not possible. New web developer mostly spending their time to choose an attractive domain name. However, the domain name search is subject to the availability with the domain registrar. You need to check out if the domain name is available to register. Most of the favourite domain you are losing because someone else already registers the domain.

The moment, you find domain name availability, you need immediate action. Somewhere in this world, anyone can register the domain name. Along with the domain name, you need further research to choose your host provider. Now almost, every hosting provider facilitating domain registration. Apart from the domain, the hosting provider and also configure different hosting packages.

Contents Management Software on the web

Depend on the contents you are posting, the next search out to finalize the CMS (Contents Management Software). Your contents need to manage online to easily navigate under menu and sub-menus. The look and user interface of the website and avoid cluttering contents on the page. Every industry report demonstrating a high ratio of mobile experience and including other screen sizes. Thus you are to deliver the contents for all sizes and the website pages must responsive to automatically detect the size of the screen and deliver accordingly. Furthermore, and most importantly, the AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) to support low internet connection. The reason behind, that Google delivers the optimize pages first on their search result. You may like to read Google Chrome faster and slow badges for the website.

The bottom line, DowPie experience similar nature, and opt to quite the themes and integrate new package. The package that includes search engine optimization contents and reduces the burden on webmasters. Changing clothes every day is very easy but changing themes every day is much complicated.

Who can manage it?

For an investor, easy to hire the management and pay to freelancer for mini project. But long terms plan need you to understand the use of CMS and related troubleshooting. The best way is to read out all the guidance documents and tutorials. Furthermore, join support forum and keep reading current issues with a related answer to tackling such problem. It will help you to learn and understand the contents management system.

Social Media platforms for Website

After you set up everything, your domain name needs a place on the social media platform. People need to interact with your contents from one way to another. A website owner needs to adopt all the platform in order to reach more audience. Suppose there are 100 people that are not using just one social media platform. Sometimes, 70% audience from just one platform and the rest of 30% are distributed on others. Such as Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube.

Webmaster Tools and Search Engine Optimization

Any single post on the website needs to optimize for the reader and search engine optimization. In the past, search engine ranking the page with particular keywords appearing the most on the page. The world is full of spam, and spammer starts ranking their pages so quick and easy. Search Engine knows the spam contents, and you are supposed to follow the guidelines.

Google bot and crawling system follow the algorithm that keeps changing. And you don’t need to crack it but to follow the rules. You deliver quality and unique contents and this is a successful way to continue. You are getting attention, people keep visiting your site and stay longer than compared to another site. This is how your site generates and calculate bounce rate. People land on your page and quick exit that increase bounce rate. People don’t like your site and quickly exiting your page is something like alarming the search engine that you have bad quality contents here.

Analytical tools and tracking logs

You set up security and observation camera to track any moment towards your property. Similarly, the website is your property to install analytical tools and tracking log system. It will track people coming to your site. Exactly defining the source, landing page, location, visit duration and further activity on your website.

It is very important for you to know and track it every day. The logs let you know people interest, the contents people taking longer duration compare to others. Giving the opportunity to learn your visitor behaviour and deliver the contents accordingly.

Similarly, you can crack bad visitor, harming your website. Sometimes, spammer abusing your site for an unknown reason to stop it. If any contents related to third-party to protect it too from any harm. Things not under your control, to report it on time and ensure a safe environment for everyone.


The purpose of this article, to let the website owner, and a new startup. The requirement and guidance to choose the right way and keep the thing on track. How to start and grow contents with track and monitor the progress.

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