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Edit Page Safari Developer tools Console

On the Apple Safari Edit page with developer Console and modify any element. If you want to print a web page and have some content that you want to delete before printing. So the developer Console gives direct access to your web page to the console without any browser extension. The feature is the very best and great feature that available nowadays available in all modern browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome. However, in the Safari browser, you need to enable the developer menu to the menu bar first. The web pages are like a document that appears on your browser. So you can edit the page for the prank with people and also you can test how to look like appear on your browser.

You also can edit ANY web text or content of the web page directly from Safari. When you find the text you want to tweak, then right-click on it, and select the edit text. You will capable to have access to any element on the page. Type or enter away to your content, and then press return. The Web page you are to modifying will update. You can use the edit feature on your current website bookmarklet to edit the text on Safari iPhone and web page mac. It is also called inspect elements on the iPhone and take advantage of the document.designMode command to enable you to edit the web page directly.

If you want to view the source of a webpage from an iPhone or iPad, unlucky, so mobile Safari doesn’t available the feature on its own, but you can view source with the help of a custom bookmarklet of any web page right in iOS.

How to Activate the Developer menu on Safari menu bar

Here is how you can activate the Developer menu on the Safari menu bar to view source and JavaScript Console in the Safari browser. So follow the step to access the menu feature.

  1. Open your Apple Safari browser
  2. Click the Safari at the top of the left side of your screen
  3. Select the Preferences option from the Menu
  4. Click the Advanced and EnableTo show develop menu in menu bar” and then click the Develop option
  5. Finally, the JavaScrip Console will open
Apple Safari and Preferences
Safari browser menu Preferences
Advanced and Show Develop menu
Safari browser advance menu – Show develop menu in menu bar

User complaining missing develop menu on Safar, but actually, it is not missing and you have to configure to Show develop menu in the menu bar.

How to Edit JavaScript Console Web Page in Safari

When you open the JavaScript on your browser as per the above process then follow the steps to start editing on your page

  1. Click the Console tab
  2. Type the “document.designMode =  ‘on’ and then press Enter Key
  3. In the next line, you will see the On
  4. So it’s mean you can edit your page
  5. Close the Web Console
  6. If the page editable then start the editing by click to insert the cursor anywhere
  7. You can delete, remove or edit the text on your page while using the Backspace and delete keys on your keyboard
JavaScript Console Window
Safari Developer console

Turn off the JavaScript Console on your Browser

When you finish your job and you want to close the JavaScript Console then follow the below steps

  1. Open the JavaScript Console again
  2. Click the Console tab
  3. Type the document.designMode = ‘off’ and then press the Enter key
  4. in the next line, you will see the Off
  5. So you browser console will Turn off
  6. Close the window of JavaScript Console

When you close the process then you will unable to edit or delete anymore from the web page, but the editing on the page you made will remain until your web page refresh.

Alternative ways to open the Developer Console or Developer Tools

Here are some alternative methods to access the JavaScript Console or Developer Tools in Safari browser to open directly start editing on your web page on your browser.

How do I edit a page on Safari?

In Safari to enable the Developer menu option-click the Safari at the top of the menu bar of your screen. Check the photo or text wants to change, open the website you want to show to edit. Then open the Inspect Element to change the code and then finish up.

How do I edit a webpage on a Mac Safari browser?

Open your website page that you want to modify, then click the edit page icon. If you are unable to see the refresh you page. You can also use the shortcut command like “CMD + R on Mac or Ctrl + R on your PC to access this feature.

How do I open the page source in Safari?

You need to open Safari first, then click the Preferences option from the menu, click the Show develop a menu from the Advanced section in the menu bar. So the HTML source will open to visit the web page you want to edit.

How do you inspect code in Safari?

You need to open the Safari in the menu click on Edit > Preferences > Advanced tab > enable Show Developer Menu > the Inspect Element option will enable when you right-click on your page.

With Developer menu, you have all the option to get into any page element and source code. Safari developer mode gives extra control over the element to test live pages prior to edit it. You can use Safari developer tools for a different purpose.

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