How to Edit Web Page Firefox using Web Console

For developer to test any webpage here is how to open the edit web page Firefox by using the web console. You know that a web page is like a document that appears on your browser. In addition, you can make changes using the edit feature directly without any source code download. Neither, you need to any external software or server admin access to do so. This is a modern feature built-in each modern browser. You can use it for personal and somone else webpage without any restriction.

You can use the Web console or Developer tools to edit the web page. In this article, you will learn about Mozilla Firefox. However, for your information, all browsers, the web console or developer tools available like on Google Chrome, Safari, Opera and Microsoft Edge. And you can edit the web in these browsers.

Benefits of the Edit Feature on Browser

The main benefit of the use of Web console is that they don’t need to have access to any style sheets, special scripts, and template or back-end server code of the customer site support to see how to front-end is built. These tools give you easy and quick access.

You can easily get developer tools quickly edit the front end and access to back-end source code. The developer tools accessing you to toggle tools, element inspector, web console, debugger, network, style editor, performance, storage inspector, and accessibility. Furthermore, advance tools access to remote debugging, website, browse console, responsive design mode, eyedropper, scratchpad, page source, and work offline.

Another benefit of this feature which helps you to use to edit feature on a web page without using any external app and software. You can take advantage of the command of the “Document Design Mode” this feature will able you to open the JavaScript console while using your web browser.

Easily you could use this feature to edit, remove up or delete a web page before going to printing it, change any web page for test how will look or you can edit a web. After that, you are able to remove unwanted elements from any page. The editing of the web page looks like editing a Word document because nothing will mess with the HTML coding required.

Chrome vs Firefox browser page editor

As a developer, if you compare both tools from developer mode, you find more easy to use Firefox. Google Chrome having similar feature in developer mode and web console. However, you need to track things manually. While Firefox breaks down all the tools with a single click to reach.

Suppose you are editing just a style sheet of a web page, the Firefox let you quickly open it web console direct menu button. Similarly, in Google Chrome; you need to navigate to style sheet on your own.

In addition, Firefox web console user interface is easy to understand by non-tech. Let you demonstrate each section in a separate window and block. As compared to Google Chrome, you and quickly find elements in page back-end.

To summarize, the comparison, you can quickly access the tools on Firefox. In other words, Firefox did the best job to add each tool under the menu for quick access.

How to Activate Edit Web Page on Mozilla Firefox

You can activate edit web page or Developer Tools on Mozilla Firefox browser following methods from the menu and shortcut keys.

Edit a webpage on Firefox menu

  1. Open your Mozilla Firefox browser
  2. Visit a Web Page on your browser
  3. Click the Menu at the top right side
  4. Select the Web Developer from the menu
  5. Click the Web Console option from the submenu
Click the Menu and Web Developer  for Edit Web page Firefox

Mozilla Firefox Menu> Web Developer > Web Console (Ctrl+Shift+K) shortcut keys.

Web Console

Click on the Web Console > under Web Developer sub-menu.

Alternatively, you can right-click on your web page anywhere and then Click the Inspect Element from the menu.

Right click and Inspect Elements

Right-click on any page in Firefox then click Inspect element or press Q from the keyboard.

Eidt any webpage on Firefox using Shortcuts keys

Here are some available shortcuts in the Mozilla Firefox to open the developer console in a web page

  1. Open Firefox browser then open any link to view page
  2. Press the Ctrl+Shift+K
  3. Your Web Console will open on Mozilla Firefox

How to Enable Edit Web Page via Web Console

When you open the web console then you have to type some command in the document design mode to enable editing on the web page on your browser. The edit option is similar like editing any word document page. Finally, start with the following steps to begin editing:

  1. Web Console will open at the bottom and then click the Console tab
  2. Type the document.designMode = ‘on’ and then press the Enter Key
  3. In the next line, you will see the On
  4. Close the Web console
  5. Finally, your editing mode is on to edit the page.
  6. If the Page is Editable you can edit
  7. Click to insert the Mouse cursor anywhere on your web page
  8. You can add, delete or remove the text or image and other elements while using the Backspace or delete button.
Document.designmode on to edit web page firefox

The original web page is prior to editing using Web console on Firefox.

Edit Web page Firefox

Above all changes you made are temporary only appear to you that how the web page looks like on your browser. Once you close the web console and refresh the web page, then all changes will disappear and the original mode will appear once again. If you open the new tab during the process, in the new tab the design will not appear until you open the web console and type the command to add new contents.

Turn Off the Edit Mode on Web Page on Browser

When you finish the editing process and want to turn off then you have to follow the below process

  1. Open the Web console again
  2. Click the Consol tab on the Web Console
  3. Type the document.designMode = ‘off’ and press Enter key
  4. Next, it will show you ‘Off’
  5. Then close the Web console
Document designmode Off

After that, you will not edit anymore on the web page, but the changes you made will be saved until your web page refresh.

Alternative Methods Edit Web Page on Firefox Browser

Here are some other ways to access directly web page to enable the edit feature without any extension

How do I open HTML editor in Firefox?

Let’s show to edit HTML editor in Firefox

  1. Right-click to open any HTML file in Notepad to edit
  2. When you finish the editing and then save the file in Notepad
  3. Launch your Firefox
  4. Go to the Menu and then click Open File
  5. Choose your HTML file
  6. The file will launch in Firefox

How do I edit the inspect element in Firefox?

Here are some step to edit inspect element in Firefox

  1. Open your Firefox and Right-click on the web page element.
  2. Right-click on text, background, and images or any other element you want to modify
  3. Select from the drop-down menu Inspect Element
  4. Find the Toolbars and panes to identify first
  5. Click another element
  6. Open the via code
  7. Search for an element

How do I view page source in Firefox?

Simply right-click on a webpage and chose “Show Page Source” Firefox or you can click the button and select Page Source or click to navigate menu then select Tools and Choose Web Developer, and click on Page Source. You also can use a keyboard shortcut like command + U.

How do I inspect in Firefox?

Below are the methods to open the Inspector

  1. Click the menu bar
  2. Choose Tools
  3. Select Web Developer
  4. Inspector will open
  5. An alternative way to Right-Click on your web page and click Inspect Element from the menu

Where is my CSS selector in Firefox?

Method to find you CSS selector in Firefox

  1. Open the Firefox
  2. Click the Menu and select the Add-on option
  3. Search for Firebug web development add-on
  4. Test a CSS Selector
  5. Go to the console tab and type to enter a command

What are the web developer options on the Firefox browser?

Firefox Web Developer menu

There are multiple options include in Firefox web developer menu. However, followings are the options along with shortcut keys.

  • Toggle Tools Ctrl+Shift+I
  • Inspector Ctrl+Shift+C
  • Web Console Ctrl+Shift+K
  • Debugger
  • Network Ctrl+Shift+E
  • Style Editor Shift+F7
  • Performance Shift+F5
  • Storage Inspector Shift+F9
  • Accessibility Shift+F12
  • Remote Debugging
  • WebIDE Shift+F8
  • Browser Console Ctrl+Shift+J
  • Responsive Design Mode Ctrl+Shift+M
  • Eyedropper
  • Scratchpad Shift+F4
  • Page Source Ctrl+U
  • Get More tools (Firefox Plugin options for developers)
  • Work Offline

User Questions

Which browser is easy in developer mode?

Comparing with Chrome, Firefox is full of developer menu with easy access to each tab.

How to quickly access style sheet any website?

Using Firefox browser, access Style Editor from web developer menu. However, you can also use shortcut keys Shift+F7.

Where is developer mode in Firefox?

From menu, click on the Web Developer to open sub-menu of all the tools.

How to quickly inspect element on the browser?

Right-click on the element/contents and click Inspect.

How to get Firefox on my PC?

You can Mozilla Firefox official site to download from


In conclusion, and to summarize, the developer mode within a browser is a powerful tool. You can check your personal and someone else website. Furthermore, you can view competitor pages source code and learn new things. You can enjoy pranking on a website to edit contents just for fun. However, you can perform any action for the open session and temporarily. Changes are not saving permanently in the back-end server.

If you are a beginner to start accessing developer tools, then Firefox web developer tools are the best option for you. After you compare both options, finally, you will learn easy access on Firefox compared to Chrome.

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