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Let’s scroll it to learn about how to enable Dark Mode feature on YouTube while using multiple devices. You can activate the dark mode on Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows. In this feature, YouTube will change the white background to the black one. So the YouTube website will make it easy for you to view and browse videos. The cinematic look screen to focus on video thumbnails and save battery drain.

You can turn on the YouTube dark mode in all browsers (Opera, Safari, Firefox, and Chrome, etc.) and all devices (IOS, Windows, macOS, and Android, etc).  Here is how to activate the dark mode of YouTube in the following steps

How to Activate YouTube Background from White to Black

You are getting in wearing new dark themes to YouTube interface. You can change the background of YouTube on different devices. So here are the below one by one that how to change the theme of YouTube from White to Black or dark mode

How to Activate Dark Mode on YouTube using Mac and Windows

If you want to change the background mode of YouTube from White to black or dark mode in widows or Mac while using your computer, so here are the steps to activate the dark mode. However, similar steps to follow for both iMac and PC machines. Since the UI of YouTube target the browser view and not the OS.
  1. Open your Web Browser
  2. Type to Open YouTube website
  3. Login to your YouTube first
  4. Next, to click on the Profile photo or click the Three dots menu near to sign in option
  5. Click the Dark Them: Off toggle
  6. Then activate the Dark Theme setting turn to ON
Tap Profile Picture and Dark Theme Off
YouTube profile menu Dark Theme off / on
Three dots and Dark Theme
3dot YouTube menu Dark Theme
Turn On Dark Mode YouTube
Turn on dark theme
YouTube Dark Mode Activated
YouTube Dark Theme

YouTube dark theme is turn on now. The dark theme is also is known as Night mode or invert colors.

How to Turn On the YouTube Black Mode via Android

Most YouTube users are watching videos on an Android device. If you also among them and want to change the white theme to black one or Dark them mode. So follow the steps that how to do it

  1. Tap to Open YouTube App on your Android phone
  2. Then tap on your profile picture and select the Settings from the menu
  3. Next tap on General option
  4. Tap to Drag the Dark Them and switch to ON
Tap YouTube Profile Picture
YouTube App profile menu
Tap Settings Options
Settings YouTube
Tap General From Settings
YouTube Settings General
Tap Dark Theme On
Dark Theme reduces glare & Improve night viewing
Dark Mode YouTube Activated
Switch to Dark theme YouTube App

How to Activate YouTube Black Theme via iPhone & iPad

You can activate YouTube dark mode while using the iPhone and iPad. So follow the steps below that how to turn it on the dark mode

  1. Tap to Open your YouTube App on iOS
  2. Then tap on your Profile Picture
  3. Select the Settings option
  4. Finally, Turn On the Toggle beside the Dark Theme

Alternatives Ways to Turn On Black Theme On YouTube

Let’s show you some of the alternatives ways to turn on black mode on YouTube with multiple devices. So here are the ways to Activate Dark Mode on YouTube via an app on Android or iOS and Mac or Window on your Computer.

How do I turn YouTube into dark mode?

Let’s turn on dark mode in YouTube with a few steps

  1. Open YouTube App
  2. Tap on the Account icon
  3. Then Tap the Settings option
  4. Finally, tap the Toggle of Dark Theme off to Turn On

How do I make YouTube dark mode 2019/2020?

In YouTube click on the three dots next to the Sign-in option in the upper right side, then click the Settings button> click the Dark them Off option > Click to Switch Dark Them On option from the display panel appear to yours.

How do I turn on dark mode on Mac?

Open the System Preferences by a tap on the Apple menu at the upper left corner of your screen. Then click the General Panel and select the Dark mode option under the Appearance section to Turn On Dark Mode.

How do I enable dark mode on YouTube iOS?

Let’s show how to turn on the black theme in YouTube via iOS in the steps below

  1. Tap to open the YouTube app on your iOS device
  2. Next, tap on your profile picture
  3. Then select the Settings option
  4. Tap to drag the switch next to the Dark Them Mode ON position
  5. Finally, tap on X symbol to in top left corner to exit settings

How do I enable Black mode on YouTube Mobile?

Yes, you can also enable the Dark theme in the Android device from the settings. Here are how to turn on black mode on YouTube via Mobile phone.

  1. Open the YouTube App  on your Mobile phone
  2. Then Tap your Profile or Account icon of the upper right corner
  3. Next, Settings
  4. Finally, tap the Dark Them Off option
  5. Then select the Toggle to Switch on the Dark theme

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