How to Enable & Disable Dark mode on WhatsApp App

WhatsApp Dark mode enable disable
WhatsApp Dark mode enable disable

After the beta version, WhatsApp new updates enable to turn on dark mode. Also known as night mode which is available to all users now within new updates. The dark mode or theme change WhatsApp App white colour into black. It helps to concentrate on the screen contents and increase battery time. The smartphone always consuming more battery power due to screen usage and specifically its costume more will display white colours.

We write previously, how to turn on WhatsApp dark mode. However, it works only for the user using WhatsApp Beta and for test only. But now WhatsApp official dark mode is available for all Android users. People are used to the dark mode and night mode themes. Apart from people interest, it also benefits the OS and Phone battery consumption rate. Therefore, all the popular App are now integrating the Night Mode (Dark-Theme) into their Apps.

There are two options to choose between light and dark mode. The light mode is usually as default for WhatsApp. While WhatsApp dark mode theme to change by the user manually. However, it changes from Android new version to implement and force dark-mode on all the Apps on smartphone (User option / choice).

How to get dark mode on WhatsApp App

  1. Tap on WhatsApp Menu and tap Settings
  2. Tap on Chat then Tap on Theme under Display
  3. Chose Dark Theme then Tap OK
WhatsApp Menu Settings
WhatsApp Menu Settings

Apart from your device default settings, the WhatsApp Theme change to Dark mode. Most people don’t like to use Android device default Settings. And instead, use only WhatsApp night mode theme. However, you can default display settings for the device to change all the App theme to dark mode.

WhatsApp - Settings - Chats
WhatsApp – Settings – Chats
Chats Dispaly Theme
Chats Dispaly Theme
WhatsApp Menu Settings
WhatsApp Menu Settings

How to turn off dark mode on WhatsApp App

  1. Tap on WhatsApp menu then tap on Settings
  2. Tap Chat, then tap on Theme option
  3. Choose Light Theme then Tap on OK

The WhatsApp dark mode is now disabled. To turn on or enable the night mode again, follow the steps here.

How to turn on device default dark mode for WhatsApp

WhatsApp is complying the Android OS requirement to add theme feature for default device display settings. Therefore, user can change dispaly default settings to implement system default theme on all App within device. They are those App only that adopting device dispaly settings. Refer to the steps:

  1. Go to device Settings
  2. Tap on Display and scroll to cutomization
  3. Tap on Theme then choose Dark Theme

The default device display settings change to dark theme. Similarly, these settings implement to all the Apps on the smartphone to show system default customization.

Other Apps you can Try with Dark Mode options

  1. Twitter App Dark Mode
  2. YouTube Night Mode
  3. Dark Mode on WhatsApp Web
  4. Dark Mode iOS device
  5. Instagram App Dark-mode Android and iOS
  6. Gmail Night Mode
  7. Google Chrome
  8. Facebook Desktop & Smartphone App
  9. Facebook Messenger
  10. Google Play Store

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