How to Enable Two Factor Authentication Twitter

Twitter 2FA login Verification

Twitter has powerful security tools to enable Two Factor Authentication for your account to improve account security. Strong and great security tools for you, for your business or your brand. It is not easy for hackers or attackers to break into your account. So, like other apps make it simple to turn on Two Factor Authentication and Twitter is no exception.

You can protect your account by enabling 2FA option on Twitter account. To stop your account from being compromised by enterprising hackers or hoodlums, here a couple of options available to you to enable it.

Usually, you don’t know when and which file on your device can harm you. Thus 2FA is a chance to enhance the strong security. Usually people don’t let others know their password but unfortunately their password harvest in many ways. Sometimes phishing tools when enter password and hacker receive on their track. However, the 2 factors let you verify again that it’s you after you enter the password.

How to Enable Two Factor Authentications Twitter

To start you will be required to be signed in to your account, either on the Twitter App or on the Twitter website for your iPhone, iPad, or Android. Using App and Twitter on the web is a similar but slight difference due to user interface for each device.

How to turn on 2FA on Twitter App – Login Verification

You can enable Two Factor authentications for the Twitter account while using the App on iOS and Android. Follow the following steps to enable login verification

  1. Open your Twitter app from your Mobile home screen
  2. Tap the Profile bubble
  3. Select the Settings and Privacy option
  4. Tap the Account
  5. Then tap the Security option
  6. Select to Login verification
  7. Tap the CheckBox option near to Login verification
  8. Tap to Start option
  9. Next, enter your Twitter password and then tap to Verify
  10. Confirm your Phone Number and then tap Send Code
  11. You will receive Six-digit code and the type to press the enter Key
  12. Finally, tap to Submit and you will get enrolled message
  13. After that tap to Get Backup Code option
  14. Select the Copy or Backup code to clipboard option to keep your code in case if you lose your mobile phone and then tap yes.

Screenshots Steps

Twitter Profile
Twitter Profile

Open a Twitter app and tap on your profile icon to explore the profile menu.

Settings and Privacy
Settings and Privacy Twitter App

After that, click on Settings and Privacy.

Account Option
Twitter > Settings and Privacy > Account

Under the Settings and Privacy section, tap on Account.

Tap Security Option
Account Security Twitter App

From account settings, now tap on Security

Login Verification option
Login Verification Twitter Security

Finally, tap on Login Verification to add additional information and confirm the identity.

Tap Check Box of Login verification
Twitter Login Verification Checkbox

Tap the checkbox to enable login verification known as Two-factor authentication.

Start Loging Verification or Two Factor Authentication Twitter
Start Twitter login Verification

Here is how you start the login verification. Furthermore, you will receive SMS confirmation code to enter when prompt.

Verify Twitter Password
Verify Twitter account password

To enrol 2FA (Login Verification), you will need to confirm via Twitter account password.

Confirm Your Phone Number and Send Code
Confirm your phone number / Send Code / Twitter Account

Enter the cell phone number to receive an SMS code.

Enter Verification code and Submit
Enter verification code via SMS
Congrats Your enrolled for Two Factor Authentication Twitter
Confirmation of verification and get backup code
Backup Code to clipboard
Copy backup codes or generate new backup code Twitter account
Yes to Backup code
Backup code confirmation

Once you enable the 2FA feature then you will need to enter a six-digit code all the time you sign out and log in back into Twitter.

How to Enable Two Factor Authentication Twitter on your PC

To enable 2FA on your Twitter account and to get the six-digit code on your Mobile phone while you are login via a Web browser or App. So first you must input your phone number before gaining access to setting it up is easy;

  1. Open your Twitter on your PC and sign in if you are not before
  2. Next to Tweet click on the More Option on the upright side
  3. Click the Settings and Privacy option
  4. Select the Account option
  5. Then click the Setup login Verification
  6. Click to Start option
  7. Enter your Twitter account Password and then click Verify option
  8. Confirm your Mobile number and click Send code option
  9. When you receive the Six digit code then Enter and click Submit option
  10. Finally, that tap to Get Backup Code option and then click Copy Code

Screenshots steps

Twitter Profile and More Option
Twitter account more option
Settings and Privacy option
Settings and Privacy Twitter
Account and Security option
Account > Login and Security > Security
Security and Login Verification option
Twitter Login Verification
Click Check box Two Factor Verifiication Twitter
Check to enable login verification on Twitter account
Start to Login Verification code
Start login verification (2FA) on Twitter web
Verify Your Twitter Password
Verify Twitter password
Confirm your phone Number
Enter your phone number to confirm via SMS code
Enter Six Digit code and Submit
Enter SMS verification code
Congrats Your enrolled and Get Backup
Login Verification active and get backup code
Copy code or Generate a new code
Current backup code and generate new
Enable Login Verification or Two Factor Authentication Twitter
Login verification

How to Generate a Temporary password for Twitter App iOS and Android

When you turn on 2FA, you can enable to set up a temporary password to use. When you login into third-party services and apps, so let’s start in the below steps

  1. Open your Twitter app
  2. Tap on the Profile Picture on your screen at the top left
  3. Tap Settings and Privacy option
  4. Then tap Account
  5. Select the Security
  6. Under Additional methods tap Temporary password

So finally, a temporary new password will auto-generate.

How to reset your Twitter password on your computer to add personal information requirement

If you are unable to turn on two-factor authentication and you still want to protect from the evildoers to hack your Twitter account. During the rest password, you can ask Twitter to request any additional information like phone number and password. This option you can enable from the or Web.

  1. Open the on your PC
  2. Click to your Profile bubble from the screen on the top right
  3. Select Settings and Privacy option
  4. Click the Account option
  5. Next to the Password reset verification click the Checkbox
  6. Click the Save Changes option

Using an Authenticator App for Two Factor Authentication Twitter

Before going to start to switch the app you need confirmation that you have already installed and login to the authenticator app on your mobile phone device. Let’s show you the best place to download your authenticator from Auth. You can also download from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Steps to Switch Authenticator App

First, you have to log in to your Twitter account to switch the authenticator app. Then follow the instruction to get your verification settings

  1. Open your Twitter Account
  2. Click More option
  3. Open your Account
  4. Click the Security option
  5. Then Login Verification
  6. The process of setting up SMS is identical whether you are login to Twitter with a mobile App or Website.
  7. Click the Mobile Security App option in the Verification Methods section.
  8. In this process, a new panel will open to go through changing your 2FA with an authenticator app. Click the Start option.
  9. Type your Twitter password and click the Verify option
Verification Methods to generate a log in code
Twitter Verification methods

Twitter users with multiple option and use one or more verification methods. Text message, Mobile Security app, and security key. Sometimes you are travelling and can’t have access to the roaming network to receive SMS. However, you can use an alternative option.

Start Security App for Two Steps Authentication Twitter
Start Security App for 2 factors authenticator
Verify Twitter Password
Confirm password

If you are using Twitter Website

To set up your new account in the authenticator app while you are using the Twitter website then follow the below:

  1. On Your screen, the QR code will appear
  2. With your Smartphone scan the QR code
  3. Click the Next option
Scan QR Code With Your Mobile
QR code for another device

If you are using the Twitter App

To set up your new account in the authenticator app via Twitter app then follow the below:

  1. Click the Set Up Now option
  2. The Authenticator app will switch to you Twitter app
  3. Create your Account
  4. If you installed more than one authenticator app, you need to choose the one you want to use.
  5. After all, the process will the same for both the mobile app and the website.
  6. From your authenticator app Enter the Code and click the verify option and it will Confirm that the set up the authenticator was correct.
  7. When all the set up is done to exit the process and click the Got it an option
Set Up Now option
Setup this device for Twitter account
Enter Verificatio Code and Click Verify option
Enter verification code
Click Got It option
Verification and confirmation

IF you want to back with the SMS process, you have to back into your Account > then Security option > then login verification settings and then uncheck the Mobile Security App option.

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