Facebook Log in Code didn’t receive to email account FIX

Facebook Sign in Verification code email
Facebook Sign in Verification code email

Facebook users are getting into trouble due to the fact that they are keep waiting for the log in code. However, after long waiting period, they are unable to receive on the expecting email account. User keep checking their email account while of no use. This happening to almost with maximum users who really don’t care or don’t know the recovery account information on their profile.

Lets understand the recovery email address and the log in code that you need to enter after you sign in Facebook email account. Usually, user can get their due to the number of following reasons:

  1. User enable two-factor authentication
  2. Sign in from different devices
  3. Logging in from different location
  4. Suspicious activity on the account
  5. Signing to account after a long period
  6. Recovery email address is different

Two-factor Authentication

Two-factor authenticator help to protect user account with 2 layers of security to pass. The first layer is traditional username and password, however, the second layer is set to receive two-factor code to enter. The verification helps you enter your account and someone else can’t even if your password is harvested. While you will get code as an alert to consider that someone else trying to enter your account.

There are two methods of Two-Factor Authentication to turn on and off. User can set to use the Authenticator App or decide to receive verification code via SMS. The problem here, people don’t set any recovery and alternative method. For the purpose, if they lost access to their phone. Neither to use Authenticator App, backup code or SMS method.

The loop whole, the user doesn’t know, because they don’t read the SMS method of verification. Facebook protects your phone from resetting the password using the SMS method. In other words, you can’t reset your password on the similar phone number you are using for two-factor authentication.

Sign in from different devices

User try signing in from a different device which implement automatic security protection to receive code via user define method. The code is either Two-Step verification or Email generate Code from Facebook security. The senario that user get confuse of thinking what happening with their account. It’s actually, just a security precaustion and measure taking by Facebook to avoid hijacking your account.

The code request is for user security and supposes if your security didn’t apply and someone is trying your username and password. There are many ways to harvest your password using one method or another. And someone else tries singing in Facebook welcome page can detect suspicious activity and protect your account.

Logging in from different location

People are travelling usually and some are staying at home. For those taking trips continuously are pointing their location sign in and detecting as the original user. However, for the user with no travel history or moving to another city, region and country can get detect with a different location. The different location issue is to help a user that not someone else trying your account from another location but it’s you. Thus you need to verify your identity and alternative verification method. It can include code number sending on your email.

These basic understanding of Facebook protecting user account must know to everyone. For instance, you need to keep checking your recovery and alternative option. Specifically, to change your email when you are not using it. Username ID on user Facebook profile is a similar email address that user enter initially. After years, the email might lose access due to invalid password, out storage, or totally lost of the email account for any reason. It needs user correction to move on to change and update their primary and alternative email address on their account settings.

Suspicious activity on the account

Suspicious account activity is to count a number of activities against your account. For instance, you try signing in from another network than usually signing in. Or trying different device than usual, you are using it. Furthermore, it can also consider entering the wrong credential details. Sometimes try signing from a different location than your home town, city or country.

For some users, the security system trigger to get code while user already signs in to Facebook account. It happening while user doing mass changes to their account. For instance, you try deciding all photos at once when looking like suspicious. Possibly, the user didn’t sign out from their account while someone else on the PC tries deleting or adding new items. Similar activity to getting on the security track when it detects unusual activity. Sometimes mass action from the user on the post, photos, videos, like, chat, settings and changes.

Signing to account after a long period

Not everyone is a daily Facebook user but sometimes people sign in to their account after a long period. The timeline is considered days, weeks and months. Possibly for some users even to consider year or years. The user just disappears from the platform and then try signing in with correct or wrong credential. Both cases are protecting user account to avoid going it on bad hands. Facebook security layers and automatic protection system is just trying to make sure it’s the real account owner trying to sign in.

Recovery email address is different

The username and password for the Facebook sign-in page is user email address and Facebook ID password. This username is different than your name on Facebook. You can change both the email address and name on Facebook.

However, the user security sign-in page provides options to add an alternative email address. Alternative email address for the purpose of recovery. Mostly user lost access to their primary email and try adding their alternative recovery account. It will help user to get verification code when try recovering their account. The user still keep checking their primary email account inbox instead to check alternative email inbox. A possible reason, the user didn’t remember that earlier which email address is in option to receive confirmation code from Facebook.

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Users need to keep checking their General account settings on Facebook Profile Settings. And all the option to go through Security and login details.

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