Why Facebook Marketplace isn’t available to you FIX

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is a Facebook initiative in 2016 where people can locally buy and sell products. Sometimes exchange their personal goods and services with someone from their local community. An easy way to upload a picture and add a description and tag the price to showcase your item to the local community. However, people are browsing and searching for the items they need. You can add a new or used item and people will reach you if they are interested to buy.

Who doesn’t want to browse these items even if they don’t really buy you will be curious to know why you can’t access market place. However, Facebook Marketplace is not available to everyone. Therefore, to find out the reason, you would like to know what is Facebook Marketplace, why Facebook Marketplace isn’t available to you and how to access it.

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What is Facebook Marketplace?

Facebook Marketplace is a free feature on Facebook that lets users to buy, trade, and sell products with people nearby-kind of such a garage sale, but online. Here, you will find all kinds of products for sale both small and big, expensive and cheap even free.

If you have a Facebook account then it means you have access to the Facebook Marketplace. You can buy and sell items from the people in your community. You can purchase and sell anything like electronics, vehicles, décor furniture, and other home items.

In addition, the Facebook Marketplace feature is currently providing its services within 70 countries and nearly 900+ Million people are using it each month to sell and buy products and services.

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How to Access Facebook Marketplace

To access the Facebook Marketplace directly within the Facebook network for free follow the steps and different methods showing the way to access it.

Access Facebook Marketplace using direct link

You are accessing the Facebook web from the browser, you can use a direct link to access the Marketplace link.

Access Facebook Marketplace Via Facebook web

  • Launch facebook.com and login to your account
  • Click on the Marketplace icon from the right side main menu
  • Altenativly, you can find the Facebook Marketplace icon from upper side of Homepage

If you are getting any error and no access such as “Marketplace Isn’t Available to you“, then try the reason and fix it with the instructions below.

Facebook Marketplace

Access Facebook Marketplace via Facebook App

To access Facebook Marketplace using Facebook mobile App. Here are these steps to follow:

  1. Launch Facebook and sign into your account
  2. Tap on Main Menu from the top right side
  3. Next, tap on Marketplace icon from the Secondary menu
  4. Tap the See More if you didn’t see the link in the above and to view all the hidden menu options

You can find the Facebook Marketplace while using the above three methods. However, sometimes the option is not visible and hidden completely due to some technical problem or an account restriction.

Let’s show some information about how to add the Marketplace option on Facebook again on the web or within the app.

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Why Facebook Marketplace isn’t Available to You

If the Facebook Marketplace is not available to you? There are multiple reasons when the Marketplace icon is missing from the Facebook homepage. For instance, when you opened the app or facebook.com and the icon of Facebook Marketplace is not available. Here are the possible reasons to know why the icon is missing from your account.

Your home region is not supported

This Feature is available in 70 countries of the world including Canada, Australia, Pakistan, and the United States of America. If your home address belongs to those countries which not supported and you set that address on your profile, the Facebook Marketplace option will be not available to you.

To ensure, your country is on the list, try to find out in your community if they have access. If you can’t find anyone in your country with a similar feature then it is likely not available in your country.

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You may be in an unsupported country or location

If you went to a country that is not supported by the Facebook Marketplace may also this feature disappear from the FB apps and web.

The Facebook Marketplace is for the local community and if you are not available to your community physically then you have no access. The interaction of selling and purchasing goods is set to physical availability in that specific community.

Access Marketplace Your Age must be 18 years old

There is an age limit for the availability of Facebook Marketplace. To get access, the user age must be 18 years old and no access to less than 18 years old users.

Confirm your age from settings to ensure your age is not less than 18 years. Correct your date and try it again. You need to sign out and sign in again after you change your date.

You are using a New Facebook Account

If your account is new then the Facebook Marketplace will disappear from FB by default. It is a security to prevent scammers and stop them to create new accounts for selling fake products. These scammers having previous accounts were restricted from the platform and started to create a new one.

In other words, make sure your account has a good reputation and is enough old to prove that you are a real user.

The iPod touch is not supported

Facebook Marketplace has limited access to iOS devices. Support devices are iPhone, iPad, Mac. If you are using an iPod, then you can’t access it.

Therefore, try accessing your account from another device if you are using an iPod.

Your Facebook app is not Up to date

Most people are not regularly updating their Apps. If you are using an outdated version of the FB App, then try updating it from iTunes or Playstore. For instance, the app stops you to access the Marketplace to get the latest version.

In addition, sometimes app cache clearing is also refreshing your app’s internal storage. And trying is worth testing and possibly getting access.

However, before going to restart your device clear all the cache maybe solve your problem. After that, keep in mind that some older smartphones are unable to access the Marketplace. For instance, the Android phones have older OS such as Android Lollipop and Apple iOS older version.

You are not using Facebook one these supported Languages

If you are not using one of the below languages in your Facebook account then you can’t access the Marketplace. Currently, the feature is not supporting all languages. If you are not using supported language, then try to change your languages settings. However, choose one language from below and restart your device.

Available Supported Languages list:

 Following are the supported languages for the Facebook Marketplace.

English, Chinese, Danish, Arabic, Dutch, Czech, Finish, French and French Canadian German, Hebrew, Italian, Hungarian, Malay, Hindi, Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese, Indonesian, Spanish, Swedish, Slovak, Turkish, Thai

Dynamic Menu

Maybe you know that the main menu icon is dynamic within Facebook and will show shortcuts to the Facebook option that you use the most. However, in case you go a while without using Marketplace, the icon will disappear or may be replaced. Facebook dominates the icon you are not using anymore for a longer period.

Tip: For instance, you have issues with the Dynamic menu then you can still use the FB Marketplace from the three horizontal lined icons within the main menu. Once you tap the menu icon, it will navigate up a larger menu with links to different FB services including the options Marketplace.

Your Access to Facebook marketplace has been Removed

If you are using any Facebook features there should be standard policies and you must comply with that. Similarly, the Marketplace also has community policies, and ever you go against these policies. Then Facebook will remove your access and you will be no longer access it.

There is one suggestion if you are sure that you didn’t violate Marketplace community policy. Then you need to walk through the below step to re-access the Marketplace.

  • Login to your Facebook Account
  • Click the Marketplace icon
  • Now Click the Request Review option
  • Fill the Request form 
  • After a few days, the Facebook Team will respond to your appeal.
  • Check your Support inbox every day

When your appeal is accepted and you can access the Marketplace after that update and refresh your FB app to get in the Marketplace.

It is a self-assessment option to find the reason why you don’t have access. However, you can read more about eligibility to get access as mentioned below.

Facebook Marketplace Eligibility Requirements

Here are the following Facebook Marketplace eligibility requirements to get access to the Facebook Marketplace.

  • A user must be above 18 age.
  • Your Facebook account must be old enough.
  • The language you are using must be one of the above (provided list).
  • The Facebook mobile application must be up to date.
  • Note that you will not see the marketplace icon on your Facebook in case it is not yet available in your region or country.

Why don’t I have Facebook Marketplace?

First of all, make sure that you are eligible to access and use Facebook Marketplace. You may not have Facebook Marketplace access for several reasons, for instance, it is not available in your location, region, or country, you are using a new Facebook account, you are recently joined Facebook or you do not meet the age requirements. You are not using the updated version of the Facebook mobile app.

Facebook Marketplace

What’s more, to try quick troubleshooting, use third-party extensions or apps such as browser chrome extension then change your region or location. Might you will be able to get access to it. If still, you are not eligible, then try changing your language on Facebook, due to it is not yet available in all languages. See the above list of the supported languages above provided.

Keep in mind that new users on Facebook are unable to have access to it, you must wait and gain some trust on Facebook. Then they may let you to getting access to the marketplace. However, the exact time duration has not specified how long you are required to wait.

There are some third-party applications that may let you get access to use it, according to me, I will never use such tools. Because you must keep eye on your privacy online, using a third-party app is not good. I hope you understand will ignore such a third-party app to access it.

As per my research that there is no separate official Facebook Marketplace app available on any platform. It is only can be accessed on the main Facebook app both on iOS (iPhone & iPad) and Android devices, even it is not yet available on Facebook Messenger. There are third-party or unofficial versions available for it, you should not trust to access and use those third-party apps.

In brief here are the following eligibility Requirements:

  1. Check and update your Facebook App
  2. Log out of the Facebook App or Website and then sign in again
  3. Change your Home address or region to a country of the 70 supported by Facebook Marketplace.
  4. Use your new Facebook account Daily posting, Add friends, Comment on posts. When the Facebook realized that your Facebook account is real to make and not a fake to see products, the functionality of the Marketplace may be appearing to you.
  5. Directly visit the Facebook Marketplace in a web browser and this is the best option to show up on your account.
  6. Make sure you are using a supported language to use the feature
  7. Your age must be 18 years or above

How do you fix the Marketplace that isn’t available to you?

First, update your Facebook app, 2nd change your location on Facebook, 3rd, change your language settings, and in case these do not work for you to access it. Then follows these steps:

  • Navigate your Facebook and sign in to your account
  • Click on the Marketplace icon from the right main menu or available at the top of your screen
  • Now select the Request Review option
  • Then fill in the Request form
  • Now, wait until the Facebook team responds and solve the Marketplace issue that is not available to your issue.
  • Then you will see the Marketplace icon and can access and use it anytime

How to unblock marketplace on Facebook

The new Facebook lets users send General, Feedback with the app. You can simply update your app then try to unlock the marketplace on Facebook with ease. When you update your app. Then further go ahead and follow these instructions:

  • Launch your Facebook app
  • Tap on the Main Menu at the bottom right
  • Now tap on the Help & Support then select Report a problem
  • Select the Marketplace, type in your feedback as “Marketplace is not available to me.”
  • Send it

Maybe it will take a day or two days can take a few days. The marketplace will appear to you on the top of your screen or on the menu list. So this is how you can unblock the marketplace on Facebook.

Why is Facebook Marketplace not available to me?

If the Facebook Marketplace is not available to you due to the following reasons.

  • It is your country or region marketplace is not available
  • It is your language Facebook Marketplace is not supported in
  • you have newly created your Facebook account
  • You have violated Facebook terms and guidelines before
  • You are using a VPN in your browser

I Can’t Find the Facebook Marketplace App

While there are separate applications for Facebook Messenger and Facebook Local, Facebook Marketplace operates completely within the main Facebook website and app. If you are installing applications on a new tablet or phone device, all you are required to access Facebook Marketplace is the main Facebook app.

There is no official Facebook Marketplace Android application to download nor is there one for iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad.

Note: If you have used a stand-alone Facebook Marketplace app in the past, it was likely an unofficial application. Some users like to use other third-party Facebook Marketplace apps, but they are not required and often have featureless functionality than the main Facebook application or app.

Unable to find the Facebook Marketplace App

 Is there a separate app for the Facebook Marketplace? Most of the users are thinking that there are separate apps for Facebook Local and FB Messenger, but the FB Marketplace completely operates on FB web and app. If you are going to install apps on a new tablet or phone, still you required to access the Marketplace from the main app.

IF you have used a Facebook Marketplace app, it is an unofficial app. Some users install to use the third-party Facebook Marketplace app but this app often has less functionality than the main FB app anyway.

In conclusion, there is no such separate official Android, and iOS app for FB Marketplace to download. However, you can use the feature within the same app.

Facebook Marketplace FAQs:

Here are the following frequently asked questions by different people against Facebook Marketplace and we replied then shortly. Read the below if you are interested.

How do I activate Facebook Marketplace?

By default, the Facebook marketplace is available and activated on Facebook, but you be in a supported country. All you need to access the Facebook marketplace from the shortcut bar at the top or from Main Menu. Although it is not activated in your account, you can activate it by getting into Main Menu then tapping Setting & Privacy>Settings>Go to Shortcuts>then Shortcuts Bar, and activating the toggle next to the Marketplace icon.

Is the Marketplace Free on Facebook?

Yes, it is Free to use the Marketplace on Facebook. However, to purchase any item, you have to pay for it. Can I use Marketplace on Facebook without a Facebook account? No, you are unable to use Facebook Marketplace without having an account on Facebook

How do I enable Marketplace on Facebook?

If marketplace is not available on Facebook. Then you must need to fulfill all the required eligibilities to get access to the Marketplace on Facebook web and app. such as country, language, age, and region, etc.

Does Facebook Marketplace work?

Yes, sure it works completely fine. That’s what it is for. Currently, there are more than 900+ Million active users monthly. In fact, it is the best platform for doing so. There are charges and best for the security of buyers and sellers in the marketplace. Although, you must follow precautionary for doing things safely.

How do I get Marketplace on my computer?

Go to your facebook.com and login to your account while using any browser, click on the Facebook Marketplace option from the right side main menu. If you did not find it there, then may be it is not yet available in your country. Then just wait for it until to appear on your Marketplace icon appear on your Facebook homepage.

Can I use the Marketplace on Facebook without a Facebook Account?

No, there is no way to use this marketplade without having an account on Facebook. The first then you will need create a Facebook account then to access Marketplace.

Whar are the rules for Facebook Marketplace?

There are community policies of Facebook Marketplace. Therefore, you must work according to their community standard to follow them in order. You can view the community policies from the Marketplace page. However, do not violate to do something that looks spammy. You will need to upload good photos of your products and proved better guidelines instructions for them. Just be clear with your customer and everything will be right.

How do I get Marketplace on Android?

All right, it is in the Facebook mobile app only. If you have the updated Facebook app version installed, just go to the main menu, and find the marketplace icon there. If you are unable to find it over there, then it clearly means that the marketplace is not available in your region. However, you can use other services to find and open it, if it is not available yet to you by default then you may need to wait for it until you see the marketplace icon.

Can businesses sell on Facebook Marketplace?

Of course, a business can sell their products or goods, etc on the Facebook marketplace. But ensure that you are following guidelines, rules for selling products on the marketplace. However, they can through you out anytime without notification by doing things against their rules or guidelines.

Is the Marketplace safe on Facebook?

Yes, 100% marketplace is safe, but there are precautions to follow to prevent yourself from being scammed. First, make sure to check and review products before buying or selling on the Facebook marketplace. Do not deal with the payment on your own way but follow the rules. Take your time and look at the review of the items, read the comments of other people for that item. Ask them personally about the thing. Be careful and think before you sell or buy products on the Facebook marketplace.

Why can’t I see my marketplace on Facebook?

There are several reasons behind the missing of Marketplace on FB. For instance, your age is under 18, your home address is not supported, and your Facebook app is not up to date.

How do I find Facebook marketplace?

Open your Facebook website and sign into your account. You can access by clicking on the Marketplace icon from the right side menu or from icon shortcut bar at the top and using the app go the main menu to see the Marketplace icon.

How do I get marketplace on iPhone?

You can get the Marketplace from your main Facebook app on your iPhone. Open the Facebook app, then go to the main menu and find the Marketplace there. If you are unable to find it there, it may be not yet available in your region. You are using a new Facebook account.

How to Find Marketplace on Facebook to Buy and Sell

The local selling on Facebook marketplace makes it an easy way for Facebook users to buy, sell, and trade new or used products from various vendors easily on Facebook Marketplace. A customer can search through a list of items locally or from businesses and find great deals on new products/items from stores to your door on the marketplace application. After the downloading and installation of this new Facebook application on your gadgets, you can access the things you required without any hurdles. Read your complete guidelines on how to find the Facebook Marketplace app on Mobile & Desktop.

How to sell on Facebook Marketplace

Facebook is a feature on the social media website used to trade, sell, or buy items like electronics, vehicles, and furniture with locals in your region. If you do not have Facebook Marketplace, there are several ways you can try to gain access to it.

Selling on Facebook Marketplace a Definitive Guide 2022

Selling products/items can be a hard and painful task. Selling products on Facebook is a topic that has been red-hot for years. It may take months, weeks, or days to sell something. If you are able to access Facebook Marketplace. The FB Marketplace is the best place for online selling and shopping. You can connect your WhatsApp with a Facebook business page. Can sell products on Instagram Shopping. Easily link an Instagram account with a Facebook shop.

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  1. Hello I’ve been locked out of marketplace since the beginning of summer ?? June? It’s now almost October. I used to make a living off here. And now after numerous emails and tried phone calls the support team .still nothing. Please help. My cell phone number is [deleted by moderator]. Home phone is [deleted by moderator]

    1. Hello Michael

      If you are locked out of the Marketplace, it is likely, you violate the community guidelines. I will suggest you review the community guidelines and remind your activity if you didn’t anything against the community guidelines. If you strongly believe there is nothing, then try reporting your issue Facebook. The team will review your account and re-enable your access to the Marketplace.

  2. My marketplace items I’m trying to sell won’t load when I go into my items?? Often they won’t delete once I’ve sold them either out of my list. I’d like to renew my items but they won’t load..

  3. I have a new account nevtbeen on Facebook before I would really like to get market place how can I do so

    1. what is your location? Did you have access previously? What’s happening when you directly visit the marketplace? Did you try accessing while on web browser?

    1. @Kaustav
      What happening exactly when you try to visit Marketplace? What exact error you are getting? Did you have access previously to the Marketplace?. Do you have friends near you can access the FB Marketplace?

    1. Which device you are using? Facebook on the web or Mobile App? Is it possible to provide the screenshot? Is there any accessibility option on your device?

    1. Can you explain, how you accessing your Marketplace? From phone or Laptop?
      What you see exactly when you click on the Marketplace icon. What exact error you are getting? Answering these questions will actually help me to understand your issue.

    1. Did you previously post anything before? or having access in the past?
      The marketplace is actually tracking your locating and based on the locality to show your items for selling in the local area near to you. If you change your location recently then possibly some restriction due to location change. Do your friends around you have access to the App?

  4. Please help me get marketplace back. Had to change email address n setup new account. Been with Facebook a long time.used marketplace everyday. Please help

    1. Hello Bonita Price

      Could you please explain what happening exactly when you try to access the Marketplace? Do you have access previously?
      Also inform, if you recently change your location.

  5. I need some kind of code texted to my phone for authentication but it will not send it so I have no code to enter it is the correct phone number and the same one they have had for many years. Marketplace will not post my ads.

  6. I need some kind of code texted to my phone for authentication but it will not send it so I have no code to enter it is the correct phone number and the same one they have had for many years. Marketplace will not post my ads.

  7. Market place ia not free, we need to pay for it if we need to sell any items else whatever we post will go ti vein since no one can view it, if we pay then item will b active for 2 or 3 days on market place

  8. Ive had a listing on Market place for about 3 weeks and today when I renewed it for the next 7 days , I now have a messsage that states”This listing may go against our rules for selling”..Items being sold are used and slightly damaged parts for Harley Davidson just like most other parts listings…Why now this not approved message..
    Have no idea how to communicate with the Facebook Marketplace people

  9. Market place not working for about 2mths now when you go into market place you get all the pictures when you tap on photo you only get half a photo and half the writing

  10. I’ve been blocked from using market place almost 6 months now I understand I posted something against the law of community, how then do I rectify my mistake and get the accessback to use Market place back

    1. When you are blocked from the Facebook Marketplace, you should have appeal link in the similar notification. If you can’t access, I will suggest you submit help request stating all the scenario. Depend on what exactly you violate OR the nature of the violation, at least you get chance to review your case by FB support team and reply you promptly.

    1. What exact notification did you receive when Facebook blocks you from the Marketplace? Do you know the reason?
      Make sure that you didn’t violate the terms and condition including community guidelines.

    1. Hello Panagiotis

      What happening when you try accessing FB marketplace. Try reading other comments and post complete question. Actually, without explaining your issue, I would not be able to help you out if I don’t know your exact problem.

      1. Fb has remove my access to marketplace because I was selling sheep manure I see a Lott of people they selling the same product and me I can’t why is this happening? what do I have to do to access marketplace again?

      2. fb banned me couz i was selling manure [organic compost] for gardenswhy other people still selling manure and the not banned ;

  11. fb banned me couz i was selling manure [organic compost] for gardenswhy other people still selling manure and the not banned ;

  12. My active listings no longer show up when I go to my listings. I can access them through my commerce section by clicking on my picture but it’s tough to manage them from there.

    Also when I attempt to post anything the app just closes on me and nothing’s posted. Have already deleted the app and reinstalled.

    I have an iPhone. Have been able to post for years without issues.

    Any thoughts?

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