Facebook new features and updates May 2020

Facebook new features and updates
Facebook new features and updates

Facebook is frequently pushing new updates on every event without long last timeline. These updates is a great way of people to keep engage them while exploring it. However, users are now addicted to get more update and feature soon. Therefore, Facebook is not just improving the current feature but also integrating fresh new features in every update. Before you explore these updates, make sure to update the Facebook and Messenger Apps from Play Store and App Store.

User can see new feature while updating it from the store under new update description. Just to have an idea, whats new to get after the update. To have hands on the every new feature and update, it is suggesting to keep checking for new updates of your Apps. Quick overview on the new features and changes within Facebook are highlighting below.

New features and updates list

There are multi new features and updates on Facebook. Highlight to get your attention and enjoy new feature that are ready to use. Scroll through these cool new items around your Facebook user interface on the smartphone Apps.

Create a Story

Facebook Story is getting more popularity among users. And first instance detailing people story at carousel bar on the top. However, Facebook now integrates a new + Button to add your own story like others. You can simply click on the story new button to start adding new contents and publish as a story.

Create a Story +button
Create a Story +button

Stories are actually gaining more attention, and now it can fetch from Instagram on the Facebook story. Similarly, there is also the possibility of WhatsApp stories known as status. WhatsApp allows sharing a status on Facebook without rewriting and creating it again on the Facebook story page. Sharing status and stories between social platform is now an essential part. People do have followers on each platform to push their updates. However, it helps and saves time instead of writing and creating on each separately.

Profile Settings and About

Quick navigation menu adds to access Profile Settings and about page. Profile settings are now easily accessible instead of navigating to main menu > Settings > Profile. Instead, the user can now use the quick button under profile to access the Profile settings page. Similarly, About page to edit and view quickly from quick access button.

New Profile Settings and About pages
New Profile Settings and About pages

The new profile settings page is not just for easy access view but also to edit any profile settings. It includes overall Edit profile option, saved items, view as, activity log access, manage posts, timeline review, view privacy shortcuts and search profile. Furthermore, quick “Your Profile Link” is available to copy the link with just a single tap. User can now use a profile photo guard feature to lock the profile picture from the download.

About is now editable to add and remove any contents. Post update in any section quickly and allow permission to view as public, private or to limited people you choose. The limitation depends on your privacy settings of Facebook account.

Facebook Menu with new items

Facebook main Menu getting a new look with additional items. Currently, Facebook is keeping COVID-19 information center on the top for quick access. The new button to explore and get new information. Similarly, live videos, Messenger Kids and Gaming button add for quick navigation.

Facebook Menu new items
Facebook Menu new items

COVID-19 Information Center

The Facebook COVID-19 information Center provides plenty of information base on the country and region. The new button for COVID-19 is now quickly accessing from the menu to find and get any update. Further, you can Request and provide help in your local region. For those who need help or requesting help to engage them within a similar community.

Facebook Gaming

Facebook Gaming as a new item within the menu to quickly access. It is now added to the Menu as it launches prior to the scheduled date due to pandemic issue. Here is how can you install and know the feature of gaming. The platform engages gamers to play as multiplayer with friends and family. Option to start live streaming while playing your favourite games.

Sign in to Facebook Gaming
Sign in to Facebook Gaming

Live Videos

The live videos button on the menu is due to popularity among the users. Every 4rth to 5th users going on live video and people keep watching them live. The live video option is to explore LIVE events among your friends and followers. It gets so popular that Twitter also starts live broadcasting feature for its user.

Messenger Kids

Quick access button to access Messenger Kids button from the menu. Specifically designed for the kids’ age 6 to 12 and more parental control. Keeping paren concern, include all the features for easy remote access and control. If you are not aware, you can learn more about Messenger Kids, fun feature, control, and how to download and install for kids.

How to Get Started with the Messenger Kids App
How to Get Started with the Messenger Kids App
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