Facebook Takes on Venmo With New Split Payments Feature

Facebook Takes on Venmo With New Split Payments Feature
Facebook Takes on Venmo With New Split Payments Feature

Do you know that Facebook takes on Venmo with New split payments features? Facebook Messenger is testing a new ‘Split Payments’ feature in the US. Facebook lets you send money whit using Messenger. Many of the users think of Venmo as the go-to cash-sending application, but Facebook wishes you to use Messenger. To help convince you to try its sending money Messenger features, the company is announcing to add a new Split Payments feature.

It is introducing to test out a new “Split Payments” feature that offers a method for the users to share the cost of bills and expenses via the application.

According to the company, the new feature is a free and fast method to fix finances through Messenger. The new feature is introducing in next week, for U.S. users.

Facebook Messenger has offered the feature to pay users for some time, as Facebook Pay launched in 2019, but the latest option allows you to make a group conversation and request money from many people towards a total. It can request a specific amount or divide the payments evenly from each person.

The Messenger Team says in a blog post “If you’ve struggled with dividing up (and getting paid back for) group dinners, shared household expenses, or even the monthly rent, it’s about to get easier. Next week for Messenger fans in the US, we’re starting to test Split Payments, a free and fast way to share the cost of bills and expenses,”.

The rolled out of Split Payment feature comes as Messenger added Venmo-like QR codes for user-to-user payments a few months ago. The codes rolled out for the U.S. and let everyone request and send money through Facebook Pay — even in a case, they are not Facebook friends. The feature can be available in Messenger’s settings under the Facebook Pay section.

Split Payments feature will start testing by Facebook on December 6, 2021. Once the feature is available to you, you will need to tap or click on the Get Started option in a group chat or below the Facebook Pay section of the application. From there, you can select a Dollar amount and whether you wish to split it evenly (without or with yourself) or choose a certain amount for each person.

The Split Payments was introduced alongside several other Messenger updates, containing 4 new group AR effects designed with the creator, Zach King, Emma Chamberlain, King Bach, and Bella Poarch. The company notes that it also currently rolled out two new “Stranger Things” Soundmojis,🤐 which are emoji that play a sound once you send them within the Messenger app, and a new chat theme. Messenger also recently launched a new Taylor Swift Soundmoji to celebrate the release of Red🚨.

The sounds quite useful, but getting a group of people to sort their payment details using messenger so you can use that feature seem more like a headache more than it benefits. Most people are already using Apple Cash, Venmo, Cash App, or some other payment apps, and getting them to use a new one just because it is not likely to be a unique feature.

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