How to Find & Delete your Message History on Facebook

find and delete messenger history

In this article, you will read to learn about how to find and delete your message history on Facebook. However, Facebook chat has gone changes integrating into Facebook Messenger. Facebook developed a new app for mobile devices known as Facebook Messenger and that is sync with your online messages. The app of Messenger includes audio, video chatting, text messages, and the auto-login to your all chat conversations.

How to Find your message history on Facebook

Easy way to find your message history on your PC. Just go to your Facebook page click the message icon on the top bar. You will see the most recent of your messages conversations.

However, If you didn’t find the conversation that you are searching for, you can just click on the “See All in Messenger” by scroll-don at the bottom of the box.

For a complete list of your Messenger conversations, you can go to the News Feed and Messenger, of the left panel to see the entire chat conversation click on any one of them.

How to Delete your Messeng History on Facebook

You can delete your entire Facebook messages with other users from your history. Similarly, you can also delete individual messages in Facebook Messenger. The one who was part of this conversation it would not affect or delete from their conversation histories. The other user’s history will remain safe in their archive. It is impossible to delete a message from the recipient’s messenger after you send a message.

How to Remove complete Facebook Messenger Chatting

If you want to stop chatting with your Facebook Messenger list or with one person completely. It is so easy and quick to remove all the chatting or conversation history at once instead of one by one.

  1. Go to the top right-side screen click on the “Messenger icon
  2. Scroll down to the inbox click on the “See all in Messenger” option at the bottom.
  3. At the left side, panel click on the conversation. Once you click a conversation, a cogwheel icon will display. In the chronological order, the conversations will be listed with the latest chatting at the top. If you do not find the conversation you are looking for, then click on the search field in the Messenger at the top to locate it.
  4. Click on the “cogwheel” link up next to chatting with a person you want to delete.
  5. You will see a Delete option then click.
  6. It will ask you for confirmation of the deletion option and the complete Chat or Conversation will be hidden.
Complete Chat or Message

Above all are steps to Remove Complete Facebook Messenger Chatting

To Delete or Remove an Individual Message in Facebook Messenger

You can remove a single message conversation, even sending to yourself or received from someone else.

  1. In the first step click on the Messenger icon at the right side of the top screen
  2. Click on the “See all in Messenger” box that opens at the bottom.
  3. Click a conversation in the left side panel and you will see Chronological order conversations are listed and the latest conversation will be at the top. If you are unable to find out the exact conversation, go to the top of the Search field at the Messenger Panel to locate it.
  4. Select the individual entry of the chatting you are going to delete to open a “Three-dot” icon next to the entry.
  5. Once you click on Three-dot icon it will bring you to Delete option and to delete the entry.
  6. Confirm the deletion immediately to do so.
Delete or Remove Individual Conversation or Chat or Message

Above all are the steps to remove your complete message history

Download Facebook Data and Message History

Facebook gives you a line up to download your Facebook data, along with all of your Facebook messages including posts and pictures, as an archive. You can request a similar archive and download it to your local storage.

How to download your data:

  1. Go to the Drop-down menu click on the “Setting
  2. In “General Account Settings”, click the option Download Copy of your Facebook Data at screen bottom.
  3. Enter your password code quickly to continue the download process and gathering.
Download Facebook Data and Messages

In conclusion, you have different ways to delete your chats history from Facebook. Above all is the method you have to follow for a Facebook chat or Facebook Messenger. After that, you will lose the history, and it is recommended to download your data from Facebook.

Similarly, you will have data saved in your local storage if deleted from Facebook history. No matter what, but keeping the data along with you is important.

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