How to Tell If Someone Blocked You in Gmail

Do you know how to know if someone has blocked you on Gmail? How to tell if someone blocked you in Gmail? and how to confirm if someone blocked you on Gmail? Did some of your valuable or significant clients or personalities block you in Gmail? They are not answering or replying to your email, and you cannot view then in chats. You have sent some of the emails to their email ID, and you cannot get any reply from them.

On Gmail, if you want to get rid of or ignore someone’s email, then you can block the email id of that user or person. So, in this situation, if you have restricted or blocked the email address of another user/person then the sender will not receive or get any email report Is there any way to confirm or know if someone blocked you on Gmail or not?

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How do you know if they blocked you in Gmail or they are just busy?

Let’s show some of the doubtful things that could mean you are blocked. If a person disappears or hides on your contact list, it might due to they have blocked you. But few conditions can ahead to these results, so it is compulsory to look out for more indications or signals. Keep in mind Gmail does not have function or features to give successful delivery reports, but they mail-back if you email delivery fails.

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How to know if someone has blocked you on Gmail

Yes, you can easily know whether someone blocks your email address/ID or not. Here are the below ways to check out for Mobile and PC/Laptop.

On Mobile: Using Hangout App to know if someone has blocked you on Gmail

If you want to ensure that someone blocked on Gmail through your mobile device, Go to the Google Play Store in Android or Playstore in iOS phones and search to find the Google Hangouts app. You will be unable to see your Chats in the Gmail app. Users of the Hangout have a Google account that they use to make calls and chats. Your Gmail contacts are automatically listed in Hangouts once you tap on contacts on your Hangouts applications.

  1. Download and Install the Hangout app if you do not have it on your mobile. Tap to open the app and select the Get Started option
  2. When you do that, you will log in through your Gmail account once asked
  3. You will redirect to a new screen that would appear showing your recent Gmail chats. Click on the icon encircled to view your full contact list.
  4. Here, you will view a list of all people, whether that is offline or online. If anyone you had on your Gmail list does not appear on this list, then they have blocked you
  5. Even though it is not easy to tell if someone has blocked you on Gmail, the hangout mobile application can make it simple and easier to know if a user of Gmail blocks you

Note: If you have more than one accounts, select the one you used to communicate and chat with the user you think has blocked you and select the right icon on the upper right corner.

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What happens to blocked emails in Gmail?

When anyone blocks you on Google, it affects the GTalk and GChat. The receiver will no more receive your emails after you are blocked.

Yet, you may detect the person in Google+ and hangouts.

What happens after blocking is that your emails are sent to the spam folder of the recipient.

On PC: Using your Email in Gmail with any browser on Computer

  1. Open your Email in Gmail with any browser in Laptop or PC
  2. Log in to your Gmail Account if not
  3. Google Chat list of people available on the left corner you have recently contacted
  4. By default, the list shows a recent message. Select the icon circled on the bottom of the left side corner to open your contact list.
  5. Scroll through to the list and see if you can locate the name of the user/person who you think has blocked you.
  6. If their name showing appears, then the person has not blocked you. However, if the name that previously appeared to the list does not show anymore, then you are blocked.

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Why is my email blacklisted?

Here are some of the following could be the reasons of your email blacklisted:

Your messages are seen as “Spammy”

In case of one or more people are blocking you, then there is something you are doing wrong. Once of the common reason is that your message is being disregarded as spammy. This is especially if you are broadcasting emails without any personalization.

Your Email Provider Has a Bad Reputation

When your email host is aware of sending spammy messages, then you could end being a victim.
Although it is hard to ask or tell if this is the reason, it is crucial that you select an email service provider with a good reputation.

What to do after being blocked?

You can try to reach the recipients with two emails, convincing them you are not malware or spammer. And request them to “whitelist” you. If you are running an email list, you can request your subscribers to put you on the whitelist right from the beginning.

Also, try to change your email service provider, if you think they are the reason you are getting spammed.

Final Thoughts

Anyone can block or restrict you in Gmail. Although it is difficult to know when this happens or done, the above couple of ways can help you see if you are blocked or not.

As a rule of thumb, make sure you send related content to your recipients, personalize the emails, and use an email service provider with a good reputation


Here are various Frequently asked questions with short reply for you information.

Can I know if someone has me blocked?

No, there is no such way to know. Basically, because there is no method to actually block incoming emails. You can set up a filter to label them as spam or Filters and Blocked Addresses or some other label, or even delete them automatically. However, in all situations, you would receive no notification of that. You can follow the above couple ways to either on your mobile or pc to know if someone has blocked you.

How do you Know When Someone has Blocked you on Google Hangouts

Your Gmail all contacts are automatically listed in Hangouts when you tap or select on contacts on your hangout applications. Here, you view a list of all people or users, whether they are online or offline. If someone you had on your Gmail list does not appear shown on this list, they have blocked you.

Can you tell if you have been blocked on Gmail

Open your email with Gmail on your browser or Google Hangout apps. Select the icon circled on the bottom of the left side corner to open your contact list. Scroll down through the list and see if you can locate the name of the user or person who you think has blocked you. If their name appears, shows then they’ve not blocked you. If someone you had on your Gmail list does not appear shown on this list, they have blocked you.

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