How to Fix: Fire TV “Home is Currently Unavailable”

How to Fix Fire TV Home is Currently Unavailable
How to Fix Fire TV Home is Currently Unavailable

Do you know the Fire TV home is currently unavailable? Suppose settling down to more much watch your favorite TV show or Movie on your Amazone FireStick. You are in the mid of an episode, totally busy in the action when it stops suddenly playing, leaving you staring at your Fire TV screen confused and frustrated.

Maybe a common issue happens with the Amazon Fire TV Stick (Firestick) where it throws an error once you are trying to stream a video that says. Such as “Home is Currently Unavailable – we cannot connect to Amazon services. Please check Your Internet connection or try again later.” It then shows an option to “Go to Network Settings”

The home screen displays an error message: “Home is currently unavailable. A network error has occurred. To check the connection on your Fire TV, go to Settings > Network and follow the instructions. If the problem persists, please contact Amazon customer service.”

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What Causes the “Home is Currently Unavailable” Error on Fire TV?

There are many various reasons your Fire TV Stick may appear on the “Home is currently unavailable” error message. The issue may stem from connection problems, issues with your Wireless or Wi-Fi router, registration problems, Too Many Apps, HDMI Port Issues, or outdated FireStick software that needed updates. Here is a complete rundown of the most likely reasons.

Fire TV: Fix “Home is Currently Unavailable” Solutions

You can try these solutions to fix the “Home is Currently Unavailable” error on FireStick TV. To Check For Outage, Soft Reset Fire TV, Reset Wired Connections, Reset Network Equipment, Check Wireless Signal Health, Configure Google DNS and Deregister Amazon Account.

Check For Outage

This problem may occur sometime in case there is an error with the services at Amazon. Check here to make sure that the issue is not a widespread problem on Amazon’s side. In case several other users are facing the same issue, you will just require to wait until Amazon solves the problem on their end.

Soft Reset Fire TV

If the problem is still available then you will need to do a soft reset on the Fire TV. You will need to follow these steps:

Try to press and hold the Center button on your remote while pressing and holding the Play button for more than five seconds until the Fire TV restarts.

Amazon Fire TV Remote
Amazon Fire TV Remote

Reset Wired Connections

You can try to reset anything that is holding a connection using these steps.

  • Unplug the power from the Fire TV Stick for Twenty seconds, then connect power it back.
  • Unplug the FireStick TV from the HDMI port on the TV for Ten seconds, then connect it back.
  • Disconnect power from your wireless router for thirty seconds, then connect it back.

Change the HDMI Port

In case the issue happens commonly, you may be required to use a new HDMI cable with your devices or try a different HDMI port on your TV if possible.

Reset Network Equipment

You can try to disconnect the power of your wireless modem, router, and any other wireless access points you might be using. Wait for about ten seconds before plugging them back in. This will reset all the equipment and let a proper connection to your Fire TV.

Check Wireless Signal Health

Make sure that you are Fire TV is in a place where it has a good Wi-Fi signal. In case it is stuck behind a TV or other equipment, it may not be receiving the healthy signal. To check the signal health of your wireless on your Fire TV by the following steps:

  • Open the Settings ⚙️
  • Go to the Network. you will see highlight the network you are connected to.
  • Then Press the ⏯️ button
  • The Firestick may have an issue receiving a signal in case it is connected to the back of the TV. Use the included HDMI extender and you may receive a good signal.

Configure Google DNS

This looks to be very simple to fix according to my visitors! Try using Google’s DNS service in place of the one provided by your ISP. You can set up it on your wireless router or use our instruction “Fire TV: Manually Set IP Address & DNS” to learn how to set up it.

The DNS for Google Public DNS addresses are:


Deregister Amazon Account

In case the above two solutions not working for you, then follow the given instructions to redo the Fire TV registration. To re-Register your FireStick follows these steps:

  • Go to Fire TV Menu
  • Select the Settings
  • Then My Account
  • Press the Amazon Account option
  • Select the Deregister option
  • Again select the Deregister option to confirm your selection
  • Once the registration page reloads, select the sign into your Amazon account back to re-register the device again.

Update Your FireStick OS

Amazon commonly brings software updates for FireStick TV. Confirm that your device stays up to date so you can enjoy improvements, bug fixes, and new features. You will need a reliable Wi-Fi network before starting to fix this.

  • From your remote press and hold the home button for a few seconds to appear up Settings
  • Select System or Device, or My Fire TV, option as per available your current FireStick OS version shows.
  • Select the Check for Updates or Check for System Update to let the device search for any available updates.
  • In case the update is available for you then it should start downloading automatically.
  • When downloading process of update is finished then select Install Update or Install System Update to install the update on your FireStick.
Fire Stick Remote Button
Fire Stick Remote Buttons

Factory Reset

In case you have gone through the previous guidelines and you still see the “Home is currently unavailable” error message, try the next steps. It concludes by doing a factory reset of your Amazone FireStick. Here are the following steps:

  • On your TV remote Press and hold the Home button for a few seconds to bring up Settings
  • Open the My Fire TV from the list of options under Settings and select it.
  • Go down until to find the Reset to Factory Defaults option and press it.
  • You will see the warning message that your Fire TV Stick will be reset to its original factory settings. Select the Reset to initiate the factory reset process.

When your Amazon FireStick resetting is finished then you will need to configure it again from scratch. Enter your Amazon account login details, your Wi-Fi information, and the sign-in details for the applications that you install on the device. Once you are finished then check to view in case the “Home is currently unavailable” issue is fixed.

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Contact the Amazon Customer Service

On this occasion, the ways we explained in this guide should have resolved the problem on your FireStick TV. Unluckily, there is still a little chance that the problem still persists. If you have tried entire of these solutions unsuccessfully, containing changing your Wi-Fi network, then you require to contact the Amazon customer support service to carry out a more thorough investigation.

These guidelines should reset the entire f the connections to your Fire TV Stick so it can start fresh again. I am sure that you will no longer face the “Home is currently unavailable” message and can stream TV Show or Movies again.

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