8 Best Fixes Facebook Messenger Chat Heads Not Working 2022

Fix Messenger Chat Heads Not Working
Fix Messenger Chat Heads Not Working

Do you know the Fixes Messenger Chat Heads Not Working 2022? Facebook Messenger is the most popular instant messaging app for iOS and Android devices. Although, sometimes, you may face problems while using it. Particularly once you upgrade or downgrade your phone android version. As many users on Messenger and Android 11 have problems with the Chat Bubbles. Some do struggle with its UI glitches while some complain the Messenger chat heads are not working properly on Android 11.

Anyways, once you see similar problems while using such applications daily, like Messenger. It does not mean that you will quit using the application or downgrade or upgrade your OS version. Sometimes, the issue is not what it looks like. In simple words, there are several methods, to fix the issue with Messenger chat heads, e.g. it’s not working properly, not displaying messages, etc. I am sure that you can get it fixed in the next five minutes. So, now let’s get started with the know reasons for the issue.

Why Messenger Chats Heads Not Working?

There are many reasons behind having the Messenger not working issue on your Android device. However, the most common reasons are.

  • Your Messenger application version is not the updated one
  • It is because of the new Android 11 update version
  • You are allowing Messenger to display over other applications
  • It is because of the Messenger permissions
  • You did not clear the Messenger cache file for a long period
  • Chat bubbles are not enabled in the Settings (Android 11 users)
  • Chat heads are not turned on yet
  • Not exluded from Digitall Wellbeing

Some of the most common causes are the above why you are having the Messenger chat heads not working properly. Although, there is could a cause not mentioned above. So you may want to skip this part and proceed to fix the problem by following the below solutions one after another. At the end of this post, you will have it fixed, I am hundred percent sure.

How to Leave Messenger app beta version program?

There is another thing you need to know. Most of the people join the Messenger app beta version program in the Google Play Store. This is to enjoy new settings and features in the application. However, they are not in form of the issues and bugs in the beta version. It can be full of problems like the one you are having now.

So I will not recommend any not-techie join the Messenger app beta program. You can leave it by getting into the Play Store> Messenger App> Go down & tap Leave Beta Program Then install the Messenger stable version available to the public, and there will be no problems at all.

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Fix Facebook Messenger Chat Heads Not Working on Android

The main problem of a user with Messenger chat heads is that they do not work properly even once they turn it on them. The symbol shows on the display, but it sometimes covers half of the screen and sometimes in the form square. People have also expressed disappointment with the fact that they are not getting any updates. Here are the ways to fix the problems.

Enable Notification Permission from the Settings Menu

This is another obvious setting to see before moving to advance solutions. You need to give related notification permission to the Messenger app on an Android device. Here are the following steps:

  • Launch the App Drawer menu
  • Find the Messenger app and press and hold on the app icon
  • Tap on the small “i” icon from the floating menu and visit the Messenger application Info menu.
  • Select the Notification under the Privacy menu
  • Turn it on Notification for the Messenger app from the following menu.
Allow Notifications permissions
Allow Notifications permissions

Turned Off DND Mode

This is one of the obvious solutions that you might run to get the chat heads working in the Facebook Messenger application.

In case you are in an important meeting, you might have turned on DND mode on your phone. Sometimes, people forget to disable the DND mode and that might become a reason for chat heads not working on Android.

Allow messenger to display over other apps

On most Android devices (especially in MIUI), it is just about permission. I mean the reason for the Messenger app chat heads not working problem is the permission you need to enable. Then it will start working as usual. Here is how to do it:

  • Go to the Settings app on your device
  • Then tap in the Search box at the top
  • Now type display over other apps.
  • When you see the options tap to open it
  • Find and tap Messenger from listed apps
  • Now enable the toggle next “Allow display over other apps”
Open Settings app, Open Display over other apps, and Enable it
Open Settings app, Open Display over other apps, and Enable it
Open Messenger and Enable Display over other app option
Open Messenger and Enable Display over other app option

Update Messenger Application

Many of the users do fixes their Messenger chat bubbles not working problem by just updating the Messenger app. Although, the very first solution you need to try is to get into the Play Store and install the latest version of the Facebook Messenger application. Then restart your phone and check if the problem is still available.

Why do you need to update your Messenger Instantly?

This is due to your phone apps and OS on it working as a chain. The developers of the Messenger application are working on its issues to make it compatible with each OS and give the users a better user experience. So once they see problems like “the chat heads, etc in the application are not working” they do fix it and release an update for it. After you get the updated version and install it, you get several issues fixed automatically. That is why it is important to keep your Messenger up to date.

Clear all data for Messenger (Cache & Data)

Each app on your Android or iOS devices stores someone’s of its data (including Messenger). This is to give the users an enhanced and faster user experience. But sometimes, you will have issues with stored data (cached files). So once in a week or after upgrading your app or OS version, you should wipe it out. This is a 100% guaranteed fix for the Messenger chat heads not working problem on Android devices in 2022. Here is how to do it.

  • Go to your Settings app
  • Then find the Apps section
  • Tap on it and find the Messenger app in the listed item
  • Now tap Storage and clear the data and cache
  • You may also see the Clear All Data button, so tap on it and you are good to go.
Open Settings app, tap on Apps & Notifications, and Messenger
Open Settings app, tap on Apps & Notifications, and Messenger
Head to Storage, and Clear Cache and Storage or Clear All Data
Head to Storage, and Clear Cache and Storage or Clear All Data

This should fix all the problems including the chat heads are not working. However, keep in mind that this action will log you out of the Messenger, ensure you do remember your login credentials e.g. username and password. Even if you do not go ahead and recover your account.

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Free up RAM From the Multitasking Menu

This one works on an Android smartphone with 4GB/3GB of RAM. Once there are several applications running in the background, you may locate that chat heads not working properly with the Messenger application.

The thing is, Facebook Messenger needs a particular amount of RAM to function properly in the background. In case your device is running on low space RAM, you will not be able to get chat heads notifications on the home screen.

You should launch the multitasking menu on the phone and remove irrelevant applications from the list.

Enable Chats head Manually

After you install the Messenger application on your Android device. The chat heads are enabled by default. But sometimes you need to manually give it a check. First of all, Android 11 users, must check that chat bubbles for apps are enabled in the settings. You can do it this way.

  • Go to the Settings app on your device
  • Tap on the Apps or Notifications option
  • There you must allow apps to display bubbles
Open Messenger app, head to Profile and Enable Chat Heads toggle
Open Messenger app, head to Profile and Enable Chat Heads toggle

Now you need to check the Messenger Chat Heads if features are enabled. Open the Facebook messenger app, then tap your profile icon at the top left. Tap the toggle next chat Heads, You will be asked to “Allow display over other apps” to enable the toggle and done. You should get normal chat heads notification on your home screen and you can use the full feature on your device.

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Exclude Facebook Messenger from Digital Wellbeing

FB Messenger definitely is an addictive application. You might have placed an application limit using the Digital Wellbeing function on your smartphone.
In case you have excluded the application restriction for the Messenger app, all you will view is a transparent app icon with no notification.
You can either increase the time restriction for the Messenger application or remove the application from the Digital Wellbeing apps. Here are the following steps on how to do it.

  • Go to the Settings app on your device
  • Launch to the Digital Wellbeing and then App Timers.
  • Find the Messenger app from the following menu and select the little timer icon next to it.
  • You can increase the Messenger time limit for the day

Alternatively, you can tap on the more or three-dot icon from the top and select the Delete all app timers. Now the Messenger application can show you chat heads notifications as normal.

That’s all you may also see in this dialogue while enabling the Chat Heads manually. I mean open the Messenger app> Your profile photo at the top left> enable to option next to Chat Heads. You will be asked to enable the permission for the Messenger app to display over other apps, enable that option too, and you are done.

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