How to fix Google Search App loading fail on Android devices

Google App fail loading Android Now Launcher Fix
Google App fail loading Android Now Launcher Fix

Google search icon report by many users with fail connection and but is immediately close to the App. Android users click on the Google search icon App and fail to open and discovery page. Similarly, the widget of Google search icon is not working and replicate a similar issue. Most users fix the issue temporary when clear Google Search App storage. However, for users, the trick is not working. To fix the fail loading of Google now Launcher, Google finally comes off with a new update to fix the issue when you update it now.

Google App update details Whats new
Google App update details Whats new

Previous updates didn’t include the fix and but following the latest update from Google Play store finally fix the issue. You can perform updating the App to the latest version to solve and fix the issue. followings are two methods showing how to fix Google Search App on Android devices.

Google Search App Clear cache and clear storage

There are two methods to follow, clearing App cache and Storage. And bonus method to check if you join beta version to uninstall. Sometimes for the user, one method works temporary fix the issue while some users need to clear both. Follow the followings methods to try.

Clear Google Search App Cache

  1. Go to Android device Settings and tap on Apps
  2. Scroll to tap on Google app icon then tap on Storage
  3. Tap on Clear Cache button
Google App Clear Storage and Clear Cache
Google App Clear Storage and Clear Cache

Clear Google Search App Storage

  1. Go to Android device Settings then scroll to tap on Apps
  2. Scroll down to Google App icon then tap on the Storage from the list
  3. Tap on Clear Storage then tap on Clear All DATA
  4. Delete All data warning pop-up then tab OK
Google App Clear Storage and Clear Cache
Google App Clear Storage and Clear Cache

User will notify with a warning notification. The warning notification state that all Google search, feed and Google Now launcher data on your device will erase. And it is permanently while the action can’t undo by the user.

Google Search Storage clear options are as follows:

Clear Google Search Data

Clearing Google search DATA will erase all Google search you perform on the device. It actually provides and suggests the previous search in Google now Launcher feed.

Clear Launcher Data

Clearing Launcher data will erase all Google Now Launcher data, and it includes a device home screen layout. For some users, they don’t want to clear search feeds and previous search history but to clear launcher data only. It is how you choose this option instead of clearing search history.

Clear All DATA

The total storage clearing with this option that erases everything. Items that this App will remove it from your device are Google search data, Feeds, Search history, feed settings and previous search suggestion.

Delete All Data confirmation
Delete All Data confirmation

Fix with Update Google Search to the latest version

Some users report that clearing Google Now Launcher and Google App data is not fixing the issue. Google finally fix the issue in the new update. The new update to download and install from Google Play store using an Android device. Follow the steps guides to install the new version.

  1. Go to Google Play Store from Android device
  2. Tap on the menu then tap on My Apps & Games
  3. In the updates section, tap on Google then tap Update
  4. Wait for download and installation then tap on Open
Google App update details Whats new
Google App update details Whats new

After the new update, fail loading issue will get fix on your Android device. A small number of user report that even update is not fixing the fail load issue on their devices. It is likely, these users are using Google App beta version. The new testing might not compatible with their devices. It needs you to opt-out from the beta version. To opt-out, the user needs to uninstall Beta version from Google Play store and unroll as a beta tester.

Leave Google Search App beta version

To uninstall Google Search Beta version, the user needs to open the Play store and search for Google App. Tap on the Google App and then tap on Uninstall button to leave the beta version. After that, the issue is no longer replicating on the Google Search normal App.

  1. Go to Google Play Store then tap on the menu
  2. Tap on My Apps & Games then go to Beta Section
  3. Tap on Google then tap on Uninstall
  4. Wait to remove the Beta version from the device
Play Store My Apps & Games Beta Google App
Play Store My Apps & Games Beta Google App
Google App Beta Uninstall update
Google App Beta Uninstall update

After the uninstallation of the Beta version, Google Launcher App reset and start with fresh settings. It is now no more in Beta version and needs to set as default again. User can also try alternative Google Go App which is a light version of Android devices with low memory and processor.

Google Now Launcher App
Google Now Launcher App

Finally, it is suggesting to all users with a similar issue to leave your comments below. Post your comments to help other users, which trick did help you out. Or you can add new trick additional to above-mentioned for a user to try it.

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