Roku Keeps Buffering – How to Fix it?

Fix Roku Keeps Buffering
Fix Roku Keeps Buffering

How to Fix It When Roku Keeps Buffering? Fix- Roku TV keeps buffering. There are many ways to get your Roku TV to stop lagging. In this article, you will follow through with all of the best-proven solutions for once you experience buffering and slow media loading on a Roku streaming device. These Roku slow loading and buffering fixes range from changes to the Roku device itself to some modem tips and even a few things to try with the Roku operating system and apps.

Note– These fixes and tips in this post work for all Roku models, containing the Roku Ultra, Roku Streaming Stick 4k, and Roku Express product lines.

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Why Does the Roku Keep Buffering?

There are several reasons for Roku buffering may be overheating, a slow internet connection, or an out-of-date operating system. Mostly media applications that automatically link to high-resolution videos while on low connectivity that cannot handle big files can also cause buffering.

How to Fix – Roku Keeps ‘Buffering’

This common issue for Roku users is the device will keep continuing Loading or Buffering video. It can drive a user crazy trying to troubleshoot this issue. The Netflix, Hulu, and Vudu channels are notorious for this issue. So, this guide will help people figure out how to solve this problem. Let’s show you the entire best method to prevent buffering when you are using a Roku to stream media.

Check For Outages

You will need to check there are no outages on the service you are streaming video from. Go to the Downdetector and search to find the name of the service you are using, or check Twitter to see other users are experiencing the same issue.

Restart Your Roku

You can restart your Roku device and it will take a few seconds and can solve your device buffering issues and other problems.

Go to the Settings and select the System>System Restart>Restart to restart the Roku. Alternatively, just remove the power cord from the Roku, then plug it back in

Reboot Your Roku

Switch off your Roku or Turn it off and switch on again can fix most glitches and bugs.

Update Your Roku

Update Your Roku to the latest version or if the Roku downloads updated files automatically, they could take up storage until the update is actually downloaded and installed.

  • Go to Settings options
  • Select the System option
  • Click on the System Update
  • Now check to update your Roku’s OS (Operating System) to the new version

Remove an App or a Channel

You can also delete an app or a channel and then re-add it. Remove the channel or app that can fix that’s slow or buffering a lot and then add it app back again. read to add the channel.

Uninstall & Reinstall Channel

  • Go to the Home screen, select the channel you want to update
  • Press*.
  • Select the Remove Channel
  • Select the Remove
  • Wait until the channel to be removed
  • Go back to the Home screen by pressing the Home and then selecting the Streaming Channels
  • Open the channel that needs to be reinstalled, the follow the instruction to reinstall it.

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Check for Overheating

Sometimes the overheating can also cause buffering. In case your Roku starts buffering an hour or so after it is turned on, it could be overheating issue. Clean it frequently, so dust does not accumulate on it, and ensure that it is on a hard surface in place of a covering or cloth. You may also wish to position it on its side, so more of its surfaces are exposed to air.

Connect to a wired internet connection.

In case make sure to connect your Roku device to a wired internet connection. Because wired connections can be faster than wireless ones and can reduce the chances of media buffering.

Disconnect other devices from your internet.

You will need to disconnect other devices such as tablets, smartphones, computers, and video games consoles that are using the internet simultaneously can cause slow or buffering when trying to stream media as the network becomes overwhelmed and unable to process all the uploads and downloads at a time. Try to put these other devices in Airplane mode or cancel any updates or downloads they may have running.

Restart Your Modem

You can restart your modem device and a quick modem reset will make a new connection to your internet service provider, which can often be faster than what you had before.

Tip: In case you have a 5G modem device, switch off for at least 5 minutes to let the connection to reset completely. Some model modems need ten minutes to disconnect from the initial connection completely.

Use your Roku at a different time.

On some of the days like Friday and Saturday nights, the internet service often gets huge traffic which can buffer and slow down the speeds for everyone. Experiment with live streaming content on your Roku at different other times on various days to view if you can find a time that has less traffic and faster speeds.

Connect to a Faster Internet Connection

A slow-speed internet is one of the common causes of Roku buffering issues. If it is possible to see in case you can connect to another one that has less traffic and faster speeds.

Talk to your internet provider.

You can talk to your service provider might be able to check your internet usage to find out the causes of slow download speeds. They may be able to recommend manual changes to your modem or router settings or even offer you an upgrade to a faster internet service.

Manually change the video quality.

Mostly Roku applications, like YouTube, let you change the resolution of the videos within their app settings or media player. Try to choose 1080p in place of 4k to view if this prevents the buffering. In case buffering persists, select the 720p or an even lower resolution or quality setting.

Clear the Roku’s cache

Clearing the Roku’s cache can solve the problem of buffering.

🏠🏠🏠🏠🏠 + ▲ + ⏪️⏪️ + ⏩️⏩️

Press the Home button Five-time on your Roku remote, Up button once, Rewind button 2 times, and Fast Forward button two times to clear the Roku’s cache. It can take a few minutes to half an hour to complete.

Reset your Roku

If nothing is working from the above then you may need to try resetting your Roku to its factory settings. To reset your Roku will remove entire of your preferences and return them to how you locate them once you first set the Roku up.

Upgrade to a newer Roku.

In case none of the above solutions stopped the buffering, the issue could likely be that your Roku is too old.

Use another device.

In case your Roku will not prevent buffering and buying a new model is not an option, try streaming content from applications on other devices. Videos game consoles, Smart TVs, and even some Blu-ray players support many famous streaming applications. You may even be able to cast content or videos to your TV from your tablet, smartphone, or computer.

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Here are some of the frequently asked questions by various people and might you be interested in reading them.

How do I get my Roku to stop buffering

To fix Roku keeps buffering by checking for outages, Restart, Install Update, Improve Wi-Fi Performance, Clear the Cache, Uninstall and Reinstall Channel, Check for Overheating, Switch to Lower Quality or resolution video, Reset your Roku, Upgrade to a newer Roku, and Use another device.

Why Roku keeps buffering with excellent connection

In case you are using a Wi-Fi connection, make sure the connection to the Wi-Fi network is strong. Switch off any electronics that use a Bluetooth channel like headphones, speakers, or even mobile phones. If your Roku is connected to a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network, you may wish to consider connecting it to a 5 GHz network instead.

How Do I Fix Frequent Buffering?

Frequent buffering is almost due to a hardware-related or slow internet connection problem. The easiest method to stop media buffering is to download the film or episode completely onto your computer, smartphone, or tablet and then cast it to your Roku or another device. This way, there is no need for the device or application to stream the content live.

How to improve streaming quality on Roku

To improve streaming quality on your Roku they move to Roku Router or device.

  • Reduce distance: Moving your Roku router or device closer to each other will strengthen the wireless signal.
  • Eliminate Obstructions: Install both devices where there are fewer walls and objects between them.

I hope the above guidelines will help you to fix Roku keeps buffering issue.

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