Fix Tinder Oops Something went wrong

Tinder Oops something went wrong FIX
Tinder Oops something went wrong FIX

This is a guide to learn how to Fix Tinder errors, oops something went wrong. As you know that Tinder is one of the most popular social media online dating platforms. Most of the users are facing the problem of those who try to sign up with the Tinder app on their Facebook profiles. When they are trying to sign-up then Tinder pops up the error message “Tinder Oops something went wrong”. But most of the users have the same error even when they try to sign in with mobile numbers.

Many Tinder users are confused with the problem of something that went wrong please try again later error. They might think that their Tinder accounts are being banned because of the following:

  • Someone reported and Tinder flagged your account
  • Inappropriate contents on Tinder
  • Sapmming over the platform
  • Having awkward behavior, the profile photos is not available, and much more

Although the above might or not be the main reasons for the error in most cases. Something else could happen that kicked your out from Tinder for some time, and you have had the error Tinder Oops something went wrong, There was an issue while logging in, please try again. As we per our another post on error code 40303, Tinder has never been that transparent with their platform’s problems and is good at providing solutions.

Tinder Sign-in Error Messages

Let’s show some of the similar Tinder sign in error messages which appear to the users

  • Tinder something went wrong 50000
  • Tinder something went wrong when searching
  • Tinder something went wrong please try again later
  • Tinder something went wrong you are not able to log in
  • Can’t log in tinder something went wrong
  • Tinder something went wrong 1011
  • Tinder something went wrong please ensure you have a connection to the internet

Maybe your Tinder app is not working you will need to fix that issue first.

Your Tinder Account is Permanently Banned or Reported

If repeatedly, you have tried all the things and there is nothing to work that can help you. Then it is time to link to another account. Because your Tinder account is permanently banned and/or reported by other users more than usual.

However, paid (premium) users can still able to have chances to get their account back, after all these are real people to Tinder and they are getting money from them. In the future, you can get a shadow ban from the Tinder platform again ban you if you repeat any of the below or similar mistakes.

  • Inappropriate photos
  • Some sort of weird behaviours
  • Inappropriate messages or content to their matches
  • Transgender, cross-dressing or another form of LGBTQ
  • No profile photo
  • Spamming
  • Some of Tinder flagged or reported your account

Might the above reasons not be valid in some circumstances? If someone older or new account user fails to log in after being signed out by the user, then none of the above options listed is the cause behind Tinder Oops something went wrong-There was a problem signing into Tinder. Please try again.

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Reasons for Tinder Oops Something went wrong Error

You do not need to be afraid about your Tinder account if you have not done anything against their policy. Other than the following might also be the main reasons for this:

  1. Maybe it is server failure to sign on Tinder is from their server
  2. If the users sign up on Tinder while using Facebook then there is a 95% chance of failure. This means that there is a server down the error to log in on this platform
  3. Your network connectivity issue
  4. May you are not using the latest app and much more
  5. Your phone cache and cookies
  6. Installed a VPN on your phone
  7. Some other issues with yours phone
  8. It is a temporary issue. It might take average time frame minimum 5 hrs or max 12 hrs before you will be able to sign back to Tinder
  9. If you’re unable to login to Tinder after 24 hr then a few tricks can help you to fix the Tinder sign issues. But these tricks are not guaranteed to fix your issues. Because they are not from the Tinder team.
Tips How to Fix Tinder Oop Something went wrong
Tips How to Fix Tinder Oop Something went wrong

If none of the given tricks works then you should proceed with the Tinder contact page and write your complaint about your sign-in challenges to them.

How to fix Tinder Oops Something Went Wrong error

Here are some of the methods to fix the Tinder error Oop something went wrong.

Network connection

If you have an issue in the login process then check first your internet connection is strong enough to access your location and Facebook sign authorization.

If your internet connectivity is perfectly working, then follow with the next options to continue it.

Do not Use VPN While using Tinder

If you installed VPN to access different locations on your premium version of Tinder to get enjoy the use of a version of Tinder.  It could also create a sign-in error to the Tinder app and so disable the VPN and try again to log in. However, make sure you are not using a VPN application then continue reading the post.

Clear Tinder Cache and App Data for Android Users

After the above steps if the problem is still valid then you need to clear the Tinder app data and cache. You need to follow these steps for the Android user alone:

  • Open your Mobile Settings
  • Tap on the Apps and Notification
  • Go to Tinder app and then tap it to see the App data and cache or tap and hold on Tinder app on your home screen and tap on App info
  • Tap on the Storage option
  • Next, tap on Clear Storage and Clear Cache option screen
  • After that, Restart your device
Phone Settings and Apps & Notifications
Phone Settings and Apps & Notifications
Tap on Fix Tinder
Tap on Fix Tinder
Tap on Storage Option
Tap on Storage Option
Clear Storage and Clear Cache
Clear Storage and Clear Cache

Once you finish with the above steps then try signing in to the Tinder app again. The users of the iPhone will need to delete the Tinder app and install the latest version from the App Store.

An additional recommendation for you to check to one Play Store updates version for Android or iOS check in the App store. Once you find a new updated version then download and install it.

If the log-in issue is still available then you will be required to try the other methods below.

Login to Tinder using a mobile web browser

There is a web version of Tinder too and you can open it with your mobile on a browser using Firefox, Chrome, or Safari web browser only and they are fast and trusted to browse.

Open with A browser on Phone
Open with A browser on Phone

Therefore, you have to log in with your Facebook account details to turn you connect. If you successfully sign in with the mobile web browser clarify that the error is from Facebook mobile app integration or the Tinder app.

If the log in issue is still not solved then you will be needed to try the other methods below

Uninstall and Re-Install Tinder App

Maybe, there is another issue of a bug in the App, for this, you will uninstall the Tinder app from your device. Then reinstall the app from the iOS App Store or for Android from the Google Play Store. So remember one thing when you uninstall the application, restart your phone and install the app.

Tap Tinder app and Uninstall
Tap Tinder app and Uninstall

Important Note: Always keep on the automatic app updates on your device in this way you will face this kind of issue. The Automatic App update feature of the iOS App Store or Google Play Store fixes minor errors and bugs in your devices.

Privacy Update of Facebook

Facebook has been issued new data privacy updates and stopped such features since the Cambridge Analytica data privacy scandal. These updates will help users to keep safe their privacy online. The Tinder will collect your General information from your Facebook profile when you allow them to access your data.

This is the best option for you to find your matches on Tinder, but Facebook does not care and keeps rolling out privacy updates for the protection of users’ privacy on the application version.

Technical Issue of Facebook

Recently, there is a technical problem is stopping users from logging in to the Tinder app. Most of the users have been signed out without getting in for the meantime. According to Facebook that the issue will be fixed within a couple of times

Best Way to Connect Web browser

Connecting with using a web browser to Tinder is a better chance as pointed out to you above. You can use your mobile phone, PC, or Mac to log in with Tinder and access your matches.

Unfamiliar with Facebook

In the end, the Tinder app and Facebook integration, if something looks unfamiliar to Facebook, then it will not let you log in to the Tinder app. This is one of the big problems to the users are receiving the something went wrong error popup messages. If you are unable to wait before the problem gets resolved. Then you may need to delete the Tinder app from Facebook. 

Remove Tinder from Facebook App & web

After the removal of the Tinder app from your Facebook account then it will delete all your old matches and messages. But don’t worry you will still access your account. You will still access your new incoming messages and matches once you like back.

If you want to remove Tinder from the Facebook app or web then follow the process. So follow these steps on your PC or Facebook app to be done.

Remove Tinder app from Facebook web

  • Open and log in to your
  • Select the Settings from the Down Arrow on PC or Mac
  • Click on the Apps and Website
  • Find the Tinder app  be scroll down and then click on Remove App  or visit the link to redirect to Facebook
Apps and Websites and Fix Tinder App on Web
Apps and Websites and Fix Tinder App on Web

Delete Tinder app from Facebook App

If you want to remove the Tinder app while using a Facebook app on your mobile device. Therefore, follow these steps below:

  • Tap to Open your Facebook App on your Phone
  • Tap on the Main menu
  • Select the Settings and Privacy and then Settings
  • Under the Account settings go to the Security section and tap on Apps and Websites
  • Next, tap on Logged in with Facebook followed by Edit option
  • Find the Tinder App to open the app detail
  • Scroll down the tap on Removed option at the bottom
  • Finally, again tap on Remove option
  • The application will move to the Removed
Facebook Main Menu and Settings
Facebook Main Menu and Settings
Tap on Apps and Websites
Tap on Apps and Websites
Logged in with Facebook
Logged in with Facebook
Remove App
Remove App
Tap Remove
Tap Remove
Tinder App Removed
Tinder App Removed

In conclusion and depending upon the user scenario, the user can encounter a different issue. User to pick the list of issues and go ahead with a possible solution to fix. It is recommended to post the issue in the comments below. And share your experience when any of the issues get fixed following the above mention methods. It is how user to user will get help from your feedback.

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Fix Tinder Oops Something Went Wrong on iPhone

  • Go the Settings and tap on the Tinder app there from the list
  • Now select the Reset cached contents option and also tap on Reset to defaults.
  • Now launch Tinder on your iPhone device again and try to log in with your credential username and password.
  • This will solve the issue on your iPhone or iPad device. In case the issue still exists then try to check if Tinder’s server is down or not.

Alternatively, follow these steps to fix the Tinder issue on iPhone

  • Uninstall the Tinder app as normal on your iPhone or iPad
  • Then go to the App Store tap to download & install the new version of the Tinder app.
  • Then try with your login credentials username and password. And check again if the issue is fixed.
  • However, try to restart your device, and check if your internet connection is stable or not.
  • Also, check back and log in after an hour and see if everything is OK

Moreover, you can also use your Safari web browser on your iPhone or iPad (iOS) device. Visit and try to log in to your account. In case something went wrong issue is still available then consider you have been silently banned from the Tinder platform.

FAQs on Tinder Opps Something Went Wrong Error

There are some of the frequently asked questions by various people regarding Tinder Oops something went wrong error and answer to them one by one. You might be interested to read them all for your information.

How to Make a New Tinder If you have been banned?

There is a simple way to make a new Tinder account if you have been banned. But the first thing you need to do is get rid of the Tinder application from the home screen on your device. Now download and install a new Tinder application from Google Play Store. Then here is to create a new account.

  • Launch the Tinder app
  • Tap to login with your phone number
  • type to enter a new phone number
  • Now you will receive a confirmation and text message from Tinder. The Code will automatically verify when received.
  • After that, there are General settings you may need to enter. Just follow the on-screen instructions and you are good to go.

Can I have 2 tinder accounts?

Yes, you can have it and open both accounts at the same time. Try to use Parallel Space is an official application that clones your Tinder app

Will Tinder unban you?

According to me, they will not unban unless you are their paid or premium member. They can send you a warning and be careful next time and may remove the ban. But in many cases, it really totally depends on the matter. In case there is something serious at your end then they will not remove the ban from you. Even free users are not accepting the appeal these days. So there is no chance at all that can help you unban. The only thing that can help is to make a new account.

Can I verify Tinder without a Phone number?

In short awnser no, you can’t and never ever verify Tinder without a phone number. So it is good to use only the phone number you have access to and be ready to get SMS for Tinder verification purposes. Alternatively, you can use a fake phone number generator website but we will never recommend that to anyone go for it.

Can you get unbanned from tinder?

No, you cannot be unbanned from tinder. Try to register a new Tinder account with a new Facebook and/or phone number.

Can I Use a fake number while making a new account?

Yes, you can use a fake number and use some fake number provider website. But I will never recommend to you do not even think about that. At some points, your account may be very important to you. Thus if try to verify your phone number, in case forgot your password, or have trouble while signing in. Then, in that circumstances, you will be helpless and will not be able to do anything to get your account back.

Why am I not being shown on tinder?

Here can be two reasons

  • Tinder algorithm is working against your
  • You have shadow-banned

How to you complain to Tinder?

Here you can go with more than two or three ways you can complain or contact Tinder. Here is how to complain to Tinder:

  • Go to their help and support forum
  • Their CEO email address is
  • Their support email address is
  • Submit a direct request
  • User hashtags on Twitter before Tinder and tweet, similar to Instagram and Facebook, etc.

If any of the above ways help you, then please do not forget to share this article with your favorite social media platform to support us and help others.

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