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WhatsApp format text message

People are on WhatsApp texting daily and using WhatsApp for all communications. Text message answering all queries such as Business, personal friends, family interaction, and community. Using format text message on WhatsApp will fulfil the contents requirements when you feel something to be bold and highlighted between text message. You must learn all the WhatsApp text formating to write and send messages like a pro user.

It is not amazing, that you can format option to bolt or italic your text. Previously, WhatsApp allowing the option with adding inline symbols but actually the format option is now available to in menu when you select a text.

The feature of formatting messaging is available for both Android and iOS devices, and there are little difference b/w the two. In WhatsApp older version, Android devices had more features than the iPhone. However, now it is good much the same across the board. You have to make sure for both iOS and Android the latest version of WhatsApp to use the most out of formatting text in your chats and even now in WhatsApp web. If you like to add value to some of the words in your messages. As WhatsApp user, you can format four types of value, either from a menu or inline.

Types of a Format text message on WhatsApp

There are so many types of formatting you can apply to a message in your WhatsApp that are italics, bold monospacing and strikethrough. You can apply this formatting manually, which required you to put some special punctuation mark on either series of words or side of a word inline. Refer to below formatting types and with particular punctuation. These are manually added inline text messages as follows:

  1. Italicize: Put an underscore on either side (_italic_)
  2. Bold: Place an asterisk on both sides (*bold*)
  3. Strikethrough: Put a tilde on both sides (~strikethrough~)
  4. Monospace: Put three backticks on either side (“`monospace“`).

Once you finish and send your message, the chosen formatting will be displayed in your text.

Format text message Option

Apply WhatsApp message Formatting from Menu

If you are not good in typing text as inline with symbols, then selecting the text will pop up the menu to take the action. To perform this action and get a menu, you need to select a word and hold to pop up a menu.

You can notice the menu in below screenshot. The menu with options to Cut, Copy, Paste, Bold and Italic. Furthermore, the menu with more option illustrating. These options are Select All, Share, Monospace and strikethrough. If you are an iPhone then you will notice BIU option to get more menu options.

format menu cut copy past bold italic WhatsApp

The other formatting option will display for you to choose from.

Text Message format more menu

After choosing your choice format, you will notice inline symbols at both sides of the text. These are the initial symbols when WhatsApp not including the pop-menu. It might disappear in the near future but currently, the text area is not acceptable to the text area of formatting text.

Format Word inline

Once your text is ready to send, then tap on the Send button to deliver the message as a selected format.

Additionally, you can use multiple formats to conversation or messages by adding any combination of italic, bold, and strikethrough.

stylish text message sent

The one condition is monospace. This limitation put because the formatting option permits you to include tildes, underscores or asterisks in a message without these formats converting the look of the text.

The one condition is monospace. This condition applies because the formatting option allows you to include asterisks, underscores, or tildes in a message without them changing the look of the text.

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