Forward Images along with Captions on WhatsApp

WhatsApp forward image with caption Message
WhatsApp forward image with caption Message

Did you ever try to forward a photo along with caption? And what? but captions left and not in the forward message. In this article, you learn the tips on how to forward images on WhatsApp with captions. Sometimes we receive images on WhatsApp with captions. It is usually an informative, motivational, fun or news message where both, words and the image will together are very important. When you forwarding those images without words to other friends, then the caption is lost and the image is meaningless. 

Let’s show the easy way how to forward images with captions on WhatsApp. You might be shocked to see that this way of forwarding images with captions is not much hard and slightly different from how you are to forwarding the images without captions.

How to Forward Photo on WhatsApp with Caption on Android device

Here are the tips to learn how to send Images with Captions on WhatsApp on your Android device:

Method # 1

  1. Tap to Open WhatsApp on your Phone
  2. Go to the Photo you want to forward to your friends or contacts
  3. Tap and Hold the image and then you will see many icons at the top right like (Star, Reply, Delete, Forward and Share)
  4. Then tap on the Share icon (Note: Keep in mind one thing that doesn’t use the Forward icon and that is the wrong thing you are doing here.)
  5. After that tap on the WhatsApp icon, when appearing to you among the all social media and other apps
  6. Tap to open a Chat or Group you want to share the image and  then tap the Tick option at the bottom right
  7. Next, before tap to send option the Edit image and caption will appear to you. Then you can make changes or tap on Send option directly at the bottom
Open Your WhatsApp
Open Your WhatsApp
Tap on the Image with Captions
Tap on the Image with Captions
Press Image for Long
Press Image for Long

Instead of tapping the forward icon, you need to tap on the share icon. Forward actually considering just an image but not the caption. To cover the caption, you will tap on share instead of forwarding after you select the image.

Select the WhatsApp
Select the WhatsApp
Select a Chatting and tap on Send option and send Images with Captions
Select a Chatting and tap on Send option
Edit Caption and tap Send option to Images with Captions
Edit Caption and tap Send option

So finally you forward image with captions on WhatsApp. But you can forward only one image at a time with the caption using these ways. As soon as you can choose the second image, the share option will disappear on your screen.

Method #2

Here is another method to forward the photo with a caption. Tap to open the image and select the Three-dot menu at the top right. Select the Share option from the menu and then follows with given above 4th, 5th, and 6th steps.

How to Forward Image with a Caption on WhatsApp on iPhone

The user of the iPhone or iOS device has no such simple trick as an Android device. But it easy to forward image on WhatsApp with a caption on iPhone or iOS device with describing steps:

  1. Open your WhatsApp on your iOS or iPhone device
  2. Go to the Image and Press the caption on the image
  3. Then tap on Copy option
  4. Next, Press the image and select the Forward option
  5. You will see the option to choose more messages(skip it) and tap on the Forward icon at the bottom
  6. Then tap on the Share option and then select WhatsApp
  7. Choose the chat/chats to open and you want to forward the image
  8. When you select the Group or Chat then tap on Next option at the bottom
  9. When the Edit mode appears then press long in the space for the caption and tap on the Paste option (The image caption will be copied there)
  10. After that, tap on Send icon option

Alternative Ways to forwarding Images on WhatsApp with Caption

Here are some of the alternative ways will guide you on how to forward a picture with a caption on WhatsApp and how to add a caption to a picture.

How do you add a caption to a picture on WhatsApp?

Yes, you can add a caption to a photo on your WhatsApp Status using the Status option in below steps:

  1. Tap to open your WhatsApp and tap on the Status option
  2. Then tap on My Status option
  3. Next, Press long a photo or hold the button for a video
  4. After that, add captions option and then press the Send option

How do I send pictures through WhatsApp?

If you want to send an image from your gallery and add caption on WhatsApp on Mobile:

  1. Open WhatsApp and a Conversation
  2. Then tap the Attachment option
  3. Next, select the Gallery option
  4. Go to the Photo category
  5. Choose a photo that you want to send
  6. Add a Caption you want
  7. Finally, tap on Send option

How do you copy and paste a WhatsApp message?

Yes, you can copy and paste a message on WhatsApp and the send to someone:

  1. Tap to Open your WhatsApp
  2. Then open a conversation or Chat
  3. Next, press on the Text line you want to copy
  4. When the Menu pop-up the tap the Right arrow
  5. Select the Copy option and you want to send with a picture or without image
  6. Then press and hold on to the Text field
  7. Select the Paste option from the pop-up
  8. Next, press the Send option

How do you copy a caption on WhatsApp?

If you want to copy a caption on WhatsApp then follow these steps:

  1. Open your WhatsApp
  2. Tap to open a Person or Group conversation
  3. Tap on the image you want to forward
  4. Then the image will open to you in Edit mode and Copy the caption
  5. Next, tap and hold inside the Caption field and once the floating Menu bar pop-up
  6. Then Select the Past option and past the Caption that you copied early on
  7. Then tap the Send option and you are Done the process

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  1. Followed the steps stated here on forwarding caption with media on iPhone, but when selecting share option there is no whatsapp to choose!!

  2. Rightly quoted by Mohammed, no option of WhatsApp in sharing. Even when I load the extended list, it give the option to ‘Forward on WhatsApp’ which simply send the image and not the caption.

    1. After you select the content and don’t see any sharing option, then try it checking from 3dot menu option. Some devices screen resolution is not enough to show all the icons on top, thus it pushes some button to the menu.

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