Gear icon Gmail: What it is and where it is (Gmail Settings)

Gmail Gear icon Settings menu

The Gmail Gear icon is so popular due to its use. It’s actually a menu icon and including Gmail Settings. The basic HTML version in 2004 including simple text “Settings” link instead of icon. The Setting link remains till 2009 and people found gear icon in 2010 Gmail new look. However, the icon initially locates top right corner in white colour on the black menu bar.

After that, Gmail keeps getting a new look every year but the gear icon is still available near a decade. people are so used to it and the regular user knows what it is. Anything they need to set up and change any new settings they usually click the icon.

However, some people are reporting missing icon due to numerous issues. These issues are usually related to their browser. Sometimes non-supported browser, extension and plugin. In addition, a new user of Gmail also doesn’t know where is the gear icon. Suppose, if a new user is reading a text guide for specific settings.

What is the Gear icon in Gmail?

The gear icon in Gmail is a cog shape icon. And you can find it only when using your Gmail in the browser. To configure and go to Settings, you need to click the gear icon to open the Settings menu. However, in App, the icon is missing and instead, you need to click on the hamburger menu icon.

Gear icon Gmail

How to access Gmail Gear icon

To access Gmail gear icon, you need to open a browser and sign in to Gmail. Follow the steps below

  1. Open new browser tab
  2. Go to or
  3. Enter your username and password
  4. Locat the cog icon above Email list (right corner)
  5. This cog icon is known as Gmail Gear icon or

Open a new tab using a supported browser for Gmail. After that, Go to or

enter username

Enter your Google Account username and password to open Gmail inbox.

Gear icon location Gmail

Gear icon as indicated with red arrow. The location is above email list contents (right-side-end) on the button bar.

Gear icon menu

Following items in Gear icon menu (Display Density, Configure inbox, Settings, Themes, Get Add-ons, Send Feedback, and Help)

Why I can’t see the Gear icon in Gmail

If you can’t see the Gmail Gear icon, try to follow the checklist to below to fix it.

  1. Make sure you are using browser and not a smartphone
  2. Ensure the browser you are using is supported browser. i.e Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge
  3. Check for browser update and make sure you are using the updated version.
  4. Try clear cache and restart you’re the browser
  5. Disable all plugins and refresh your inbox
  6. Try check same account on another browser
  7. Check your account using another PC or Laptop

Technically, the icon is not missing. But sometimes a temporary glitch with other App could cause missing icon. However, the tweak listing above is covering all facts that could cause the issue. Not a single can report that his icon is missing even sign in from a different computer.

Therefore the issue is not from Gmail but inside a computer and browser. These days there are a lot of things integrating to the browser. Such user adding too many plugins of no use. However, later on, the user forgets to remove unwanted extensions and plugins.

How to access Settings if the Gear button is missing

If the Gear button is missing and you can’t access the Settings then try the direct link. The direct link to Gmail Settings

How to access the icon from Gmail App

There is no Gear icon in Gmail App but instead, you can use to tap on the hamburger menu.

What did you learn?

In conclusion, you find out what is the cog icon in Gmail. What is the use, such as accessing the Settings menu? The text Settings link change to the Gear icon when Gmail paint cover the HTML view.

Furthermore, the reason, why Gmail gear icon missing. How to recover and bring it back. Other ways to access Settings page with a direct link if no cog icon.

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