Tips: Get Back Old WhatsApp Messenger and Status Feature

whatsApp tip get old status feature
whatsApp tip get old status feature

Do you know how to get back the old WhatsApp Messenger? How to downgrade/rollback WhatsApp to get back the old status feature?  According to the rumors that Facebook will get back the old status feature. WhatsApp has recently brought a new update in which you will get an update for the “Status update” function. Along with this change, there are some small changes have been added. You must know about the new update feature of WhatsApp.

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What is the WhatsApp New Update Status feature?

WhatsApp brings a new update of the revamped Status feature last month and did not get the type of feedback is expected. In the WhatsApp New status update in which you can share videos, Gif’s images and photos like Instagram and Snap chat stories. The status will automatically disappear in 24 hours.

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Why Downgrade/Rollback WhatsApp to Get back old Status Feature?

There are many reasons which the user didn’t agree with a new update. Like you have to update your WhatsApp status daily, which looks to be very annoying for a WhatsApp user. The main reason was very simple, WhatsApp famous for its simplicity which was now taken apart and emphasized something which was already available on Facebook-owned Instagram. Notify that Instagram stories’ getting overwhelming replies because it was never a chat messenger. In fact, Instagram was basically sued for sharing photos. On the other hand, most of the users of WhatsApp go to Chatting messenger and the latest update destroyed the charm. According to rumors that Facebook is expected to bring back the old status feature.

Important Note: The below guidelines explain to you how to downgrade/Rollback WhatsApp on your Android device. But we will not responsible if something goes wrong.

How to Rollback/Downgrade WhatsApp bring Back Old Status Feature on Android

If you want to roll back WhatsApp to bring the old status feature then follow the given steps to downgrade your current WhatsApp version to go back the good old days.

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Backup WhatsApp First:

You will need to uninstall the latest version of WhatsApp. Before going to uninstall first create back up of the current WhatsApp in the following steps:

  1. Open WhatsApp App
  2. Tap on Menu icon
  3. Select Settings option
  4. Go to Chat option
  5. Tap on Chat Backup
  6. Select Back Up option
Create Chat Back Up of WhatsApp Current Account
Create Chat Back-Up of WhatsApp Current Account

After that, your backup process will start to backup all your data of WhatsApp for example Photos, Chat History, Videos, and Audio, etc.

Un-Install your WhatsApp

Once the Backup process finishes then starts to uninstall your current WhatsApp in the following steps:

  1. Go to your Settings on your Android device
  2. Select the Application Manager
  3. Tap on the WhatsApp application to select
  4. Then tap on the Uninstall option
Tap to Uninstall WhatsApp
Tap to Uninstall WhatsApp

Download and Install the Old Version of WhatsApp on Android Device

When uninstalling the new update version of WhatsApp then you will need to download an old version of WhatsApp application in the following steps:

  1. You will need Visit to download an old version of WhatsApp
  2. Here you will need to select any old version 2.17.60 (recommended)
  3. Start to Install this app using a third-party website and stop you from installing it
  4. Go to the Mobile Settings
  5. Tap on Unknown Sources to turn it on from your Mobile Settings
  6. Then click OK Option to allow the app to install on your mobile phone
Enable Unknown sources option to Install App
Enable Unknown sources option to Install App
Find the Old Version of WhatsApp to Download
Find the Old Version of WhatsApp to Download

Configure your WhatsApp on your phone

After the complete installation process you will need to configure your WhatsApp account on your phone in the following steps:

  1. Tap to open the WhatsApp application on your phone
  2. Enter your Mobile No to set up your account
  3. Here you will need to Restore Created Backup (to get the backup file like audio, all chat messages, images & videos)
  4. Finally, check out to enjoy using the Old WhatsApp Status feature

Note: You will need to make sure that you do not update the application from the Google Play Store. Otherwise, they will get back your WhatsApp status feature as soon as you do so.

Further, this tip might work up to now maybe in future we expect from WhatsApp to soon pop-up a message to the users using the old WhatsApp Messenger version, to update in order to use the chat messenger.

How to Downgrade WhatsApp on iPhone Device

If you want to downgrade/rollback WhatsApp on iPhone device due to unsatisfied latest version of WhatsApp and you don’t know how? Here are the following guidelines about how to rollback/downgrade WhatsApp iPhone.

Downgrade/Rollback WhatsApp with the Help of iTunes

If you are normally backed up your iPhone device with iTunes, it is very simple to rollback/downgrade WhatsApp with iTunes. The users of the iTunes version before 12.7 could manage apps directly in iTunes. But the method will require your iTunes to be iTunes 12.6 or older and have a backup contains the WhatsApp old version.  Here are the steps to follow and guide you to see how to rollback the WhatsApp iPhone with iTunes.

Steps to Downgrade WhatsApp iPhone

  1. Uninstall or Delete your latest version WhatsApp on your iPhone
  2. Then connect your iPhone device to your PC
  3. Now Open iTunes
  4. Click on your iPhone device at the left-hand side of iTunes and find Apps (Don’t sync your iPhone device with iTunes)
  5. You will see a list of all app you have downloaded before under the Apps
  6. Find WhatsApp app the old version (Un-updated one)
  7. Click on the Apply option
  8. After that, the Old WhatsApp Messenger version will be installed on your iPhone device

Frequently Ask Question by People

Let’s share with you some of the frequently asked questions by people with simple replies.

Can I roll back to the Previous Version of WhatsApp?

Yes, you can use the older version of WhatsApp otherwise they have backward. As I explain the above method that how to downgrade WhatsApp on an Android device. Once you bring back the new version status feature go to Google play store to update.

Can I use the old version of WhatsApp?

You can run an older version of WhatsApp without an update in the following steps:

  1. You will need to Backup, Uninstall your new version of WhatsApp share with you above
  2. Go to the Google Play Store and download APK editor app
  3. Tap to open APK editor app
  4. Now tap on the Select APK from APP
  5. Find the WhatsApp and tap on the Common edit option

How can I downgrade WhatsApp to the previous version?

Here you can downgrade WhatsApp to the previous version in the given above methods by using one of them. You can use the WhatsApp APK V2.17.60 app. Enable Unknown Sources app on your phone to install the APK editor app on your phone. After that, Configure your WhatsApp to set up with your mobile number and don’t update from the Play Store.

How do I install an older version of WhatsApp?

If you want to install an older version of WhatsApp on your Smartphone then follow the above-given method and step by step with screenshots.

How do I downgrade WhatsApp on iPhone?

You will see the version number of every app is display in the middle and when you want to downgrade WhatsApp. First, go to your Application Library in Find Watch Video History on Facebook Web and App

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