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Gmail confidential Self-destruction message

Gmail is one of the most famous free email services and launched by Google for its users’ support. So there are some messages meant to be private. Gmail provides a new feature of confidential mode or self-destructing to lets you decide that the message will exist for how much time to exist before going to deletes from a recipient’s inbox itself. This feature will stop users from copy or pasting and forwarding messages, but they can still take screenshots from that message. In this article, you will learn how to turn on confidential mode or self-destructing on your Gmail.

It is applying to any message prior to hitting a send button. The confidential message feature can’t apply to an email already sent. However, any new message you are sending right now can set feature of a confidential message to goes for self-destruction after define duration.

How to Send Self-Destructing or Confidential Messages in Gmail

The user can find this function or feature on both the Gmail web and Gmail app mobile interface, and it is well integrated and super simple to the user.

Tips to Send a Self Destructing Email Using Gmail web

As said in the above the users can send a self-destructing email while using the Gmail web on the browser. Therefore follow these steps

  1. Sign in to Gmail from a Browser
  2. Then click on the Compose and Type a message
  3. On Composing window scroll down to choose the Lock and Clock icon to turn on confidential mode
  4. You redirect to a new Window and let you check the Settings for your message. Then choose the how long you want your message to last before it expires
  5. Go to the bottom and then Gmail allows you to choose the settings that how it will handle the message on other platforms.
  6. You can select the Email or Text a password to the recipient
  7. Once you finish then, click the Save option
  8. Finally, type your Gmail message and click to send normally you are doing
Open your Gmail and Click on Compose
Open your Gmail and Click on Compose

Compose a new Message on Gmail using a web browser.

Click on Lock with Clock icon
Click on Lock with Clock icon

Click on the lock-clock icon to enable confidential mode on the new compose message prior to sending.

Set Up Confidential Mode and Save
Set Up Confidential Mode and Save

On the Confidential mode box, Set expiration from the drop-menu option. And furthermore to enhance security such as require a passcode. The passcode options are whether to choose “No SMS passcode” or “SMS Passcode”.

Self-Destructing Appear on Your Screen
Self-Destructing Appear on Your Screen

After you select the options, the compose box showing confidential message feature. Such as content expiration date and preventing a recipient from forward, copy, print and download option.

How to Send a Self-Destructing Message Using the Gmail App

Here are how to send a self-destructing message email while using the Gmail app on your Mobile phone. Let’s scroll down and set a confidential message on Gmail App:

  1. Tap on the Gmail App to Open it
  2. Next, tap on the Plus(+) Compose at the lower side of your Inbox
  3. The Gmail compose screen will open and then tap on three vertical dots
  4. Choose the Confidential Mode
  5. Gmail will navigate the Confidential Mode Settings
  6. Here you can start with settings that for how much time you want your message to last
  7. Select whether you want or not Google send the recipient a Passcode in a text message
  8. Then tap on the Save option
  9. Finally, type your messages and then send normally would and Gmail take care of everything else
Tap on the Gmail App
Tap on the Gmail App
Select the Compose Plus option
Select the Compose Plus option
Tap on the Vertical Three dots
Tap on the Vertical Three dots
Choose the Confidential Mode
Choose the Confidential Mode
Set Up Confidential Mode and tap Save
Set Up Confidential Mode and tap Save
You will See Self-destructive
You will See Self-destructive

Alternative Ways to send Self-Destructing emails in Gmail

Here are some of the important alternative ways to send self-destructing emails in Gmail via there Gmail web and app on mobile. Read the below tips to do it:

How to send self-destructing emails in Gmail?

If you want to send self-destructing in Gmail then here are the steps to follow one by one:

  1. Open your browser on your Computer and Open your Gmail
  2. In your Inbox click on the Compose button
  3. It the bottom your screen select this icon looks like a Tiny lock with a clock icon
  4. In the next page, you have to select the time limit for your Email to sit before it Self Destructs and choose the time between 1 day and 5 years

Can you send emails that disappear?

Yes, you can send the emails a lot and beyond for the disappearing messages you have to go through the ability to set the date for emails expiration. It is meant that the messages will disappear from the inboxes after the specified time and the confidential mode will come out in the coming few weeks as per the Google source.

How do you send self-destructing messages?

To learn how to send a self-destructing message then you need to open the browser first. Then log in to your email and start an email normally by click on the compose option. When the compose page opens then type your message and then click on the confidential mode option. The button will look like a padlock icon at the bottom of your screen in the compose window.

How do I set up auto-delete in Gmail?

To enable the automatic delete option or future deletion in Gmail then you have to follow these tips:

  1. Click on your Gmail and then select on the Gear icon
  2. Then select the Settings option
  3. Choose the Filters Tab option
  4. Here click on the Edit option near the filter for the deletion of old messages
  5. Next to click on the Continue option
  6. Tick the checkbox beside the Also apply a filter to option
  7. Finally, click on the Update filter option
  8. After that, it will delete all your messages before the time frame you set up

What to Do When you receiving a Self-Destructing Email on Other Providers

When you are the user of the other email provider, what will happens and you received a self-destructing email from someone using Gmail? The reply is very beautiful and simple. You will not receive a message actual instead of the message you will receive a link to the message in your inbox.  Therefore follow the steps to check how it works:

Steps To See How the confidential Mode Works For Other Email

  1. Open your Inbox first and then search for Self-destructing message (Confidential) from Gmail
  2. The message will look like normally and click to Open
  3. You will not see the message and you will notice this from Google is a confidential message and telling you who sent it. There will be a link to let you access the message and click the View the email option
  4. You will redirect to a New browser or tab and showing the information on which email address was sent to you. Click on the Send Passcode to get the Code if you won’t own the address and need to open it.
  5. You will receive a new message from Google and click to open it to see the passcode for your message
  6. Simply Copy or Memorize the passcode and past in the message tab in the designated place in your browser
  7. Once Entered the code then you will log in to the browser tab to display the message to you.
  8. Finally, when you have done then click the Sign Out option

Note: The above all instruction for Yahoo messenger but the method will be similar for all other email services like Apple and Outlook Mail.

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