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Gmail Web Display Density inbox view

Gmail users for every section, industry and used by everyone. The choice of some users different than others. Thus, there is an option to change Gmail inbox and change the look. The can get message rows in a different way than it’s default look. You can easily customize your inbox view to look shrink or expand your inbox. There are users getting just a few emails a single day but at the workplace, there are a hundred emails per day. Few emails a day is comfortable with expandable inbox to feel more comfortable but hundred of mails need to shrink.

Scroll down to learn more about shrink and expand the view of inbox. Use the display density settings to change how spacious or compact view of inbox you need. Gmail is enormously popular on the web interface and there are multiple screens. Not always the default settings and inbox view can suit but to configure for your display and work environment. For other settings under the gear menu explained here.

How to change Gmail Display Density on the web browser

To change Gmail appearance and inbox view expands to compact, follow the steps below.

Open Gear icon menu

Click on the Gear button using Gmail on the web browser. Then click on the Display density button from the menu. It will pop a Window showing different views such as default, Comfort and compact.

Display Density Menu Gmail
Display Density Menu Gmail

Choose a view

There are three views to choose the inbox view and set as your Gmail inbox look. The view set default and other option to choose a view comfortable and Compact. After you select a view, then click OK.

Choose a View Default Comfort compact
Choose a View Default Comfort compact

Difference between Default, Comfortable and Compact

There are three multiple views to choose from. The difference between is that default view is expandable rows include attachment previews. While going to comfortable and compact the rows of the inbox are shrinking. Furthermore, the default view rows are taking more space vertically as compare to compact view.

Preview of Gmail inbox

Following image showing each setting preview and look. You can see a preview of each view to choose prior to applying the settings. The different previews illustrating clear design view and size of each look.

Different between inbox view
Different between inbox view

Comparison of inbox views

Comparing default, comfortable and compact view of Gmail web inbox. For instance, below images showing similar email messages on the inbox. Each highlight demonstrating different view with similar contents. The default view showing attachment preview on the email inbox row. While Comfortable view is little expanded than the default but instead showing attachment icon. However, the compact view is totally shrinking and saving more space to accommodate more message contents and rows. It will actually require you less scrolling. The view depends on the screen size you are using. Multiple tasks and dealing with multiple emails is definitely needed compact view to choose.

Gmail Display density comparison Default comfortable compact views
Gmail Display density comparison Default comfortable compact views

The default view showing attachment preview on the inbox which is clickable. After you click the attachment, a direct preview window open instead of open email contents.

The compact view needless scrolling and handle maximum email rows and needless scrolling while comparing to other views.

Conversation List Density Gmail App

If you are looking for Gmail App to change the inbox view, then you can try it on the App too. But the web settings are different than the Gmail App. You need to set the App separately from the App menu. Follow the steps changing inbox view in Gmail App.

  1. Open the Gmail App on your Smartphone
  2. Tap on the menu then go to Settings
  3. Under the Settings menu, tap on General Settings
  4. Then tap on the Conversation list density
  5. Choose a view between Default, Comfortable and Compact
  6. Tap Ok
Gmail App inbox view default comfortable compact
Gmail App inbox view default comfortable compact

Gmail web & App Display Density Settings

The Gmail display density settings are available for both web and App. However, the settings on one device are not synced to another. Like Gmail is sync messages and contacts but not specifically inbox view. Sometimes, the user won’t default on the smartphone but different view on the web. So each time user than going to change settings again when switching devices. Therefore, you need to follow settings on Web and App separately.

Missing comfortable, cozy and compact Display Density

The old menu of Gmail gear icon displaying Comfortable, Cozy and compact. These items listing under Display Density in a single menu under the gear icon. But new menu UI hide the sub-menu items and showing just Display Density instead. Furthermore, The Comfortable, Cozy and Compact items changed to Default, Comfortable and Compact.

Gmail Gear icon menu old vs new
Gmail Gear icon menu old vs new

I can’t click the Gear icon to change Display density

If the gear icon on Gmail is grey out and not clickable, then make sure your internet connectivity. If your internet is stable, then try to refresh the Gmail page. If the issue still persists, then try opening in another tab, close browser and reopen. Also worth to try incognito mode. After all, you can also try clearing browser cache and test with a different browser.

The root cause of the problem is internet stability and script run in the background. Refreshing the tab, let you know if no internet issue running the script again.

Why display density would not change on Gmail web

Sometimes, you are using Gmail on multiple devices and different screen size. The display size of the smaller screen can’t simply adopt the display density settings. While on the big screen, if the display size configures to different size then it would not change the density of Gmail and inbox view. For instance, a full-screen 1920×1080 size with a browser half of its size can’t just set compact. Sometimes, you also need to adjust and reset browser zoom and display size of laptop or computer.

Why I can’t get similar settings Gmail web on the App

You need to set the Gmail App Display density separately than the Gmail web. The setting is not synced with the Gmail App. Most of the user needs different settings on the App and Gmail web.

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