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Gmail Gear icon Settings menu

Using Gmail gear icon on the web lets you configure the settings, themes, and other options. The user always dragging the pointer to on the gear button to explore more options. Sometimes changing preferences, look, background picture and sending feedback. Even you can explore help articles and guide to find unknown settings on Gmail web. Following contents below to let you know all the options and purposes under the gear icon below.

If you don’t know the icon location, you can read more about here to find out where is the Gmail gear icon. Make sure you sign in to your account using browser. Smartphone App showing difference interface and you need and instead, there is a simple menu button to tap.

Gmail Gear icon menu

The Gmail gear icon and include the following Settings and other options to change template and background. The menu option includes the following settings options.

  1. Display Density
  2. Configure Inbox
  3. Settings
  4. Themes
  5. Get add-ons
  6. Send Feedback
  7. Help
Gear icon menu Gmail
Gear icon menu Gmail

Display density

Gmail display density on the web lets you choose the inbox contents appearance. Choose a view from available option such as Default, comfortable and compact. By default, your account set to display the density of inbox contents more flexible and include attachments. The attachments appearance are actually showing beneath the contents to each of the inbox messages. However, the comfortable view showing messages in same size rows and indicate attachments with icon only. The third option compact, showing the most number of message on a single page. Because the row height of each inbox message is smaller than compared with the other two. Learn in detail about Gmail Display density on the web.

Display Density Gmail Default Comfortable Compact
Display Density Gmail Default Comfortable Compact

Configure inbox

It is actually, getting into more tabs on the inbox. Adding a category label as a tab to quickly navigate. The tabs to enable and select include Primary, Social, Promotions, Updates, Forums and Starred messages. The starred messages are actually including in the Primary tab. Gmail actually labelling and categorizing messages to let you easily which one to deal first and important to you. Any mail attention directly to you and need your attention to stay in the primary tab. Other forums, updates, and social type messages stay in separate different tabs. Find out in details about how to configure inbox categories and tabs in Gmail.

Configure Gmail inbox tabs
Configure Gmail inbox tabs


Gmail settings option is taking to a settings page. The settings page include the followings different tabs.

  1. General
  2. Labels
  3. Inbox
  4. Accounts and Import
  5. Filters and Blocked Addresses
  6. Forwarding and POP/IMAP
  7. Add-ons
  8. Chat
  9. Advanced
  10. Offline
  11. Themes
  12. Keyboard Shortcuts
Gmail Setting tabs
Gmail Setting tabs

Each setting tab including relevant options to configure. The General tab includes most of the options and preference to control the way of Gmail you are using. Similarly, labels tab, let you configure overall labels on the messages.


On the Gmail web, you can easily pick your theme. The themes are showing images and built-in set themes with a solid colour. Furthermore, you can choose your personal images from photos to set as the background image. Every image is comfortable since the text is adjusting itself with an image. When select any photo for the background image, after that, you get the option to set text background. Also image to set image vignette and blur is adjustable. The system images are set with an auto option to choose text look. However, select My photos, you can still adjust the text background and image vignette to appear bright text.

Pick your Theme and background image
Pick your Theme and background image

Get Add-ons

The G Suite Marketplace is now working with Gmail account. You can add third-party add-ons and apps to integrate into Gmail UI. Similarly, if you have an account in Trello, Asana, and smartsheet then it integrating with the help of Get Add-ons option. The Add-ons are searchable and menu categorizing the Apps in Business tools, Productivity, communication, and utilities. Furthermore, you can even search the Apps only for Gmail and manage existing Apps from the menu settings.

Add-ons Marketplace
Add-ons Marketplace

Send Feedback

Sending Feedback from Gmail is just a few click steps to describe the issue. The gear icon includes Send Feedback button to click and include the screenshot. Furthermore, you can even highlight contents on the screenshot and no need to use any external software. The black paint lets you hide the sensitive contents while including the screenshot within the Gmail web. Similarly, you can also use the Gmail App to send Feedback. The detail is here explaining details steps and method of how to send Feedback from Gmail web and App.

Send Feedback
Send Feedback


New to Gmail or stuck with any option to know what it is for? Gmail always publishing plenty of guidance and help pages. These help pages are showing popular first and let you start searching in thousands of other help pages. Specifically, the help menu showing contents and pages that officially published by Gmail team. It is best practice to get in touch and keep reading from here to know from the developer source. Any changes or updates to amend here so no need to rely on old third party articles.


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