Google Analytics drop visitors traffic BUG

No Traffic and visitor Capture Google Analytics
No Traffic and visitor Capture Google Analytics

Google Analytics users are reporting a bug that it is not getting traffic report. While visitors on their site are not properly capturing or not including in report. The visitor and traffic report is not correctly showing. People can’t expect sudden drop and check their traffic with an alternative option. Some user reporting totally drop and not capturing users on their sites.

Google Analytics report drop visitors-min
Google Analytics report drop visitors-min

However, the real-time visitors showing in the report for 30 minutes but not adding it in the hourly report. In other words, the realtime traffic is not counting since the realtime show last for 30 minutes only. Similarly, the pageviews analytics audience overview report shows lower than usual. Yet no official answer from Google Analytics team but there is a workaround to find and accumulate the visitor.

GA traffic and visitor drop not capturing
GA traffic and visitor drop not capturing

How to find the visitor alternatively

If you implement Google Adsense on your website, the Adsense report still showing all the page views. User can view AdSense report to see this day page view and impression. Then compare all the pageviews with Google Analytics. If AdSense pageview capture is more than GA then you are an encounter with an issue like other users.

Page view track from AdSense

If you implement Google AdSense code on your website, you can easily track all the pages. The AdSense account owner can view and draft report of all pageviews of this day from Google AdSense default report. The report usually showing all the pages and impression. Using filter and custom report to see page views by country.

Track visitors from WordPress plugin

Alternatively, if you are using a WordPress plugin to track your visitors. Then open the report and track the visitors. Such as Jetpack plugin on WordPress can track all the visitors. Including page view, and traffic source since the day you install that plugin.

Updates on Google Analytics visitor drop

Initially, the GA user reports the issue here. The support forum is still waiting for updates the drop visitor issue. And waiting for a reply from Google Analytics folks and SEO community to release an update. For some user, Google Analytics is down while the update will post here.

Update: GA shows the single day report will all accumulative users but somehow people still show sign of missing traffic.

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