Google Chrome Identify Slow Loading Websites Fast Load

Google Chrome identity badge slow fast sites
Google Chrome identity badge slow fast sites

Nobody wants the loading of their Website to act slowly. So Google is now going to take care of all of these to make easier to find such loading Websites. The Google browser keeps getting updates daily basis in many fields. But updating in the loaded features is more interesting and amazing. Prior to this Google Chrome is start to synchronize the clipboard between many devices. Maybe you notice recently how the dark theme launched on Android devices. How released it a new menu to manage links and images.

According to research that Google’s Chrome supportive team says, In the coming days the Chrome will identify websites that are typically slow or load fast with clear indication. Google also announced it’s a future plane at the Chrome Dev Summit to enhance more features.

How the Feature will work?

Google is testing a method to recognize and label the slow-loading of websites. In the future Chrome has reported a feature that will notify users on one side when a website is loading slow and on the other side it will offer a quick way to clean badging of the websites. So letting users easily make exist if a specific website is slow or in case their network connection is acting up. 

How Google Chrome Moving towards a Speed Web

As we say that Google is launching a new system to identify the loading speed in Chrome of which websites are loaded. So that users will easily know if a page loads slowly or quickly. Google intends to show the user and notify them their status of a page is likely to be slow depending on their network and device conditions.

Whenever you visit any website that is identified as being slow to load and you will be notified with a message “Usually loads slowly” on the loading screen. On the other side, when you visit any website that typically loads fast, a green signal will appear to you instead of a blue indicator on the website that loads slow.

Google Chrome Identify Slow Loading Websites Fast Load
Google Chrome Identify Slow Loading Websites Fast Load

However, Google says its plan to recognize websites that are slow or fast will be carried out gradually. Incase on the increasingly stringent criteria that may include other factors besides speed. It is also to consider a specific badge for each website. The website gets a faster badge if loading fast. However, the slow speed site is getting shame badge (usually load slow).

Important Recommends Loading Websites

In any case, it is recommended that web developers begin to optimize the performance of their pages. You can use the resources of Google itself, such as Page Speed Insights, an online tool with speed data and beside Lighthouse which is another tool that provides personalized advice to improve a website. Furthermore, you can track each page specifically from search engine console. You can further validate to fix the error and remove the badge when you fix the page speed.

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