How to Open Google Chrome Private Browse Incognito

Google Chrome Private Browsing

Learn how to browse in private using Google Chrome. Incognito mode in Chrome allows users to surf the web privately on Computer and smartphone. You can use a private browsing window on every machine such as Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iPhone and Chromebook.

The private mode of Chrome is called incognito window. You can browse privately without any fear of saving data on your computer. If you want to keep your privacy on Chromebook or laptop, follow the instructions below how to open and surf.

If you visit any site on your computer that we wouldn’t necessarily want someone else knowing about. And while clear your browsing history will make sure that nobody sees the websites you have browsed in your Chrome’s history page. It is much simpler and easier to ensure that no one traces your sites visiting history. Here’s how to open the incognito mode in Chrome:

Open Incognito Mode on Desktop Private browse

Depend on the OS you are using, you can follow below similar steps on Windows, Linux, macOS and Chromebook to open private browsing Incognito Mode.

  1. Open Google Chrome  on your Computer
  2. Click on Menu (3dots) at the top right  then open New incognito window
  3. A new Chrome window with Incognito icon to start browsing in private
Click New Incognito Window

Click the Menu button near the Chrome profile picture then click on New Incognito Window. Or use shortcut key Ctrl+Shift+N.

Incognito Mode or Private Browser

Incognito icon demonstrating private browsing window “You’ve gone incognito”. You can now browse privately and browsing activity is not storing. However, the download files and bookmarks will be saved to remove manually.

On a Mac, you can also access this feature from the File menu.

keyboard shortcut to open private browse mode

  1. Chrome OS or Window, Linux: Press Ctrl + Shift + N
  2. In Mac: Press ⌘ + Shift + N

Once you switch between to Incognito mode, it will appear in dark grey. Similarly, all the tabs in dark grey are now in private browsing mode. When you finish surfing the web, you can switch back to regular Chrome. Follow the instructions below, how to disable private browsing.

Tip: You can view Chrome Management, to see if your workplace Chrome is managed here in new tab chrome://management/. However, you can download Google Chrome from here.

Disable private browsing

If you want to open Incognito mode it will run in a separate window. To exit or disable Incognito mode, click to close all Incognito windows:

You can stop the Incognito mode from the icon at the right or click the X to close it. Follow the detail instructions.

  1. Close the window
    1. Chrome OS or Window: Click the Cross at the top right.
    2. Mac: Click the Cross to Close at the top left.
  2. Or Click Incognito icon then click on Exit Incognito
Close  Private Browser

A quick way to close the Private browsing window.

Exit Incognito Mode

Click the icon and hit Exit Incognito button to exit private browsing in Google Chrome.

Open Incognito Mode on Android

Using Chrome app on an android device and you want to open the Incognito mode on Android then follow the steps below to switch your regular Chrome app with Incognito mode.

  1. Open your Chrome App on Android
  2. Tap the More then tap on New Incognito tab
  3. A new window in dark grey with Incognito icon to start private browse
Click More or Three dots

Click the Menu button

Open New Incognito tab

Tap on New Incognito Tab

Private Browser Tab

The private browsing window appears on App in dark grey color. You can surf privately. However, you can’t take any screenshot using Incognito mode.

After you finish, you can exit from private browsing. Follow the instructions below, how to exit.

Disable private Browser or Incognito mode

The private or Incognito browsing mode is run in a separate window app from your regular Chrome tabs. In case you have an Incognito mode open and want to run another one. The incognito mode will continue in the new tab. To exit or disable the Incognito mode, close all the private mode. However, for detail instructions, follow the steps below.

  1. Tap on the Switch tab button
  2. Then tap on x icon to close the Incognito tab
Close Incognito Mode

As shown in the above screenshot, you can see the Switch tab icon “2”. The #2 is actually demonstrating two tabs open currently to switch between. After that, you can just tab on x to close the mode.

Open Incognito Private browse on iPhone or iPad

Using of Chrome on a Smartphone device iPhone or iPad. To open Incognito mode for private browsing, follow the steps below to switch your regular Chrome app to Incognito mode.

  1. Open the Chrome app on your iPad or iPhone.
  2. Tap the More button then tap on New Incognito Tab
  3. A new window tab with “You’ve gone Incognito” will appear to start private browsing
New Incognito tab

The Chrome menu button to click New incognito Tab.

Incognito Mode iPhone

Make sure you are in Incognito mode, and then tap on Switch tabs. By swiping to the right.

When you are going to browse it will open an Incognito tab. While you are using private browse mode, you can switch both tabs between regular tabs and Incognito tabs.

Disable private browsing or Incognito on iOS

The Incognito tab mode will open in a separate tab from the Chrome normal tabs. If you are using private mode tab and open another tab, your private mode browsing session will be running in the new tab. So you want to exit or disable the incognito mode close all private mode by following the steps below.

  1. Tap on Switch tabs and Swipe to the right to see your running Incognito tabs
  2. Tap the x at the top right of the tab you want to close

Effect and features of Private browse on Google Chrome

There are the followings features and effects when you start browsing in private mode using Google Chrome.

  1. Chrome will not keep browsing the history, site data, and cookies, information, Form fill data and search history.
  2. Extensions and plugins are not functional. Unless you set up each to enable in Incognito mode.
  3. Download files and bookmarks you make will be kept
  4. Your all activities are not hidden from the websites you searched, your school or employer, or your internet Service provider.
  5. You can’t take a screenshot using Google Chrome App
  6. Some managed Chrome by organization to check before you browse

Remember that even using Incognito mode, you can download files and bookmark sites. However, extensions will work only after you mark the allowed in Incognito option from Settings.

In conclusion, people usually using a work device to browse the pages. The incognito mode allows you to safely visit the URLs without logging it on the computer. Similarly, people in the workplace try visiting their favourite websites. And similarly, using someone else device for a short period to browse internet pages. Using private Chrome browsing to avoid storing history in someone else device.

Similarly, people also try to test web pages to view and test without extension. Instead of disabling, use of Incognito mode disables all extensions.

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