Google G Suite Account For Business with Features

G Suite and features
G Suite and features

Initially, the G Suite Account is known as Google Apps for your domain to register. The initial checkout for 50 domains but it was a way back and known it legacy account. User till holding those legacy accounts for free since the initial start and Google switches to G Suite brand. More feature includes now as Gmail, Drive, user control features and is now complete cloud computing system. Furthermore, the business can grow with productivity and collaboration tools offering in G Suite package.

What is G Suite Account for your business?

G Suite Account for your business is to get enhance and integrate the features such as connect, create, access and control. Each category then includes furthermore products to access more productivity and collaborative tools. It actually reduces the cost of Information Technology and minimum training will able to the business owner to control the features.

More features of G Suite Account


Connect your business with your employees, team and colleagues. No matter if at workplace or work from home. Following are the products of a connecting category that is reachable through a different medium.

  • Gmail
  • Google Calendar
  • Currents
  • Chat
  • Google Meet & Meet Hardware
G Suite Connect products
G Suite Connect products


All the tools that need your business to build and create. The needful tools are built in G Suite Create to explore and use according to the need and requirement of the business. These are either to keep your idea, write, calculate and script automatic Apps. Following the are everything that can bring business project to implement and run.

  • Docs – Documents
  • Spreadsheet
  • Forms
  • Site for easy drag and drop websites
  • Slides for presentation
  • Apps Scripts
  • Google Keep
  • Jamboard – Collaborative white board


Access to your business store files easily and instantly. The traditional way of finding all files through Google Drive and Advance feature of access to Google Cloud Search. Let you find across all the products in one place. The search result indicates the result along with the products and respective link. The link then easily let you access to straight to the product page and content or item to view. Following product and tools to use Access on G Suite account.

  • Google Drive
  • Google Cloud Search


Control is what the business owner need to do so. To control their users, employees and related devices assign and handed over to their employees. And most importantly, controlling the data in the form of data management and easily data securely. Using multiple tools to quickly generate users, control of information and endpoint management. Following are the main tools that can control the business domain by G Suite features.

  1. Admin
  2. Vault
  3. Endpoint
  4. Work Insights

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