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Google Password Checkup Extension

let’s talk about the new feature of the Google Password Checkup tool. This is a security extension tool from Google for the Chrome browser. You can check the compromising of your Gmail account.

Users are getting alerts of breach data and published passwords. Especially of compromised password account holder getting a red alert. The alert insisting to change their password right away. Therefore, for safety purpose, it is highly recommended to follow the alert and change your password.

As a useful security tool from Google, which is encouraging and improving your security. Let walk through the tools and learn how to use the Google Password Checkup tool.

What is the Google Password Checkup Tool?

The feature launched by Google after the testing of their four million users’ accounts user name and password for compromising. After that, Google launched this new feature for public Gmail accounts. With the help of this new feature Google’s password checkup tool, you can check if your account password is secure or not. In case your password available in compromise database, it will recommend changing your password immediately. Furthermore, It also taking care of other non-Google accounts if using on Chrome browser.

You can change your password with the help of the drop-down menu. This feature motivates people to change their password. If the users want to ignore the drop-down menu then ignore it. But highly recommended, not to use a similar password of compromise accounts.

How to Use the Google Password Checkup Tool?

Using of Google password checkup tool is very easy and to use this feature first you need to install and activate the Google chrome extension. Here are the steps showing how to install and activate this feature

Step 1:

  1. Open Chrome Browser on your Computer
  2. Sign in to your Google account.
  3. Go to the Chrome web store
  4. Install Password checkup extension
Password Checkup Tool or extension

Step 2:

After the installation of GPCT, right-click on the checkup extension icon to open the menu.

Manage or Remove the extension or tool
  1. Now open any Website on your browser
  2. If your password compromise then the color of the Google Password Checkup icon will change to red.
  3. When the color of icon change to red, hover the cursor on the icon for more information requesting to change your password
  4. If your account is not in the hacked list then your extension icon color will be remaining Green in the browser

How to Manage the Extension

Once you finish the installation of Password checkup extension tool then you can manage by right click on the icon in the browser bar. You can remove the extension by clicking on the remove option. Otherwise, Go to the manage extensions option to on or off the password checkup extension.

Password Checkup Extension Alert

Any password detection will alert that account password is no longer safe due to data breach. A key symbol indicating the domain referring to your account. You can ignore the Password Checkup Extension alert or proceed to follow the instructions.

If you want to clear the password checkup data then you have to go the password checkup advanced setting and click the clear extension data option to clear all your data.

In conclusion, with the help of Google security extension, you can easily check that your user name and password compromise or not. Hence, use this new feature of Google Password checkup Tool’s security checkup to secure your account.

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