Google Play is bringing Android games to Windows PCs in 2022

Android games to Windows PCs in 2022
Android games to Windows PCs in 2022

Do you know Google Play will Bring Android games to Windows PCs in 2022? The big news about Google is that it will bring a collection of its Android games to Windows PCs in 2022. The new apps will let users run Android games on their Windows, laptops, desktops, and tablets. The announcement was made during The Game Awards 2021, where Google stated that Windows PCs users would soon be able to access hundreds of Android titles from their tablets, laptops, and desktops computers.

Greg Hartrell, Product Director, spoke about Games on Android and Google Play, about bringing Google Play games to Windows PCs.

Using Android applications on the computer is not really a new thing, given emulators like BlueStacks have made such tasks easy. Even Windows 11 has developed a platform that lets users download and install and run Android applications from the Amazon Appstore. However, what Google Play is recently building is all various standalone Game application that does not rely on emulation technologies.

The Game Awards

Users will be able to play their most favorite Google Play games in 2022 on many devices: without interruption of connecting between a tablet, phone, Chromebook, and soon, Windows computers. Made by Google this product brings the best Google Play Games to more laptops and desktops. and we are excited to expand our game for players to enjoy playing their favorite Android games even more. We will have to share soon!

Google has not disclosed a lot about its plan to bring Android games to Windows PCs, not to mention that this is happening next year. That means we will have to wait and see which games end up making their way to a computer or in case a monthly service like Play Pass will be supported. Maybe the whole Android game library will be supported, Although it may be asking a little.

As the company stated that it “More detail on the product will be shared soon” so we will need to wait for more detailed information. However, between this and the Amazon app store coming to Windows 11, obviously, Android applications will be an integral part of our PCs usage.

Geoff Keighley also said that the new Google Games application will able the players to pick up the games on PC from wherever they left off during their phone session, which sounds useful. The application will only be available on systems that have Windows 10 or above and “will not involve game streaming”

People will have to download and install the games locally, on their hard drive, though cloud saves will be turned on.

Microsoft also rolled out in October an Amazon app store that lets users run Android applications on Windows 11 users. The feature is only available to access to those users who are part of the Windows Insider program. The operating system’s (OS) ability to run Android applications was already disclosed by the company in June. The company has partnered with Amazone and famous application developers to curate fifty applications for windows Insider to test and validate across a broad set of hardware. In case you wish to try out the android application on Windows 11, you first need to join the Windows Insider Beta or Dev channel.

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