How to add Send Message button on Facebook Page

Send Message button FB Page

Button on the page has the greate influence to send message to your business and community page. Facebook page allowing different activities to add on your page. You are redirecting people to take action from the button as configured.

Different pages have different offers and business terms. Sometimes prior sale or sale question to receive them directly into your Messenger. Therefore you can timely respond to people from any device and get in touch with your clients.

Button options available in Facebook page

There are multiple options to choose the best that suite your page and business. Some of the buttons that you would like people to see and what action to trigger. However, followings are the list of available buttons

  1. Book with you
  2. Contact You
  3. Learn More About Your Business
  4. Shop with you
  5. Download Your App or Play your game

How to add Send Message button on Page

The button usually helping your page visitors to take action after what you are offering them. For instance to proceed the deal with you; there is a doorway needed to enter your business. After that don’t worry, you can edit the button back to anything you want.

To Add Send Message Button on FB Page

  1. Open your Facebook Page
  2. Click on + Add a Button
  3. Go to Contact you section from options
  4. Check the radio button on Send Message and click Next
  5. Review the button and click Finish

Above all to activate a new button for your a purpose to reach you on Messenger. In conclusion, you will have easy contact with the client or visitor to your page.

Add button Send Message
Contact us button option
Send Message button
Review contact us button
Finish adding contact us message button settings

Contact You button further categories

Depend on your model and type of availability, you can choose and consider any of above.

Contacts us

Usually redirecting to your specified contact page link. For instance to fill-up the form and quotation query. Similarly, any terms using by your business will comply by the button to redirect you. However, each and every website have a different form of contact us page.

Sign Up

Usually dealing to get users and sign up your website for further deals proceeding. In other words, you defined the process of doing business and how visitor register with you. However, these are including thousands of categories. People are offering different categories and verities with subject to sign up their website. There might specific purchase option and you will need to keep user data via sign up form.

Send Message

Simply contact you using Facebook Messenger for a quick question and answering their query. The most community using this button to quickly gain the client. Such as people might hesitate to fill up the form and redirect to another page. Therefore they will feel easy to use built-in Messenger to contact you.

Send Email

No team or busy life then Send Email option best suite to you. You are receiving messages via Email and you can respond timely when you are at your inbox.

Call now

Adding a local cell or telephone number to call you. Your reception team or your smartphone in hands to attend people calls. In other words, using quick booking for on the spot and finish the deal within minutes.


Controlling group and using WhatsApp API to consider the easy medium to contact you. Most people feeling easy to respond to their client via WhatsApp. For instance, the start of your business keep using WhatsApp and you can’t move to other messaging clients.

Who can add buttons

Only Page owner as Admin can add the buttons. However, the contributors to the page and Admin with permission can also modify and change button options.

How to turn on / off the send message on page Settings

Some page owner are reporting that button is missing from their page. In other words, they can’t see the option on the page like other pages. It is due to the fact that the page settings set to turn off the message on-page. Therefore you will need to turn on the message on page settings as the followings steps:

  1. Open your Facebook Page and go to Settings
  2. in the General tab, go to the Message section
  3. Check the box to turn on Allow people to contact my Page privately by showing the message

After that, visitors will be able to send you a Message. In addition, the moderators and Admin of the page can also respond to private messages.

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