How to block someone on Instagram [App & Browser]

Block Someone on Instagram

Looking to get rid of someone on Instagram then here you will learn how to block someone you don’t like on Instagram. No matter any device you are using and both are explained below with screenshots.

Maybe you don’t like someone to be a friend of you on Instagram and someone comments to your story on Instagram uses awkward words and that bother you days later. So you don’t see him on your Instagram to view your post and going to block him. However, you can unblock any user on Instagram.

There are so many reasons why you want to unfriend or block someone. While Instagram including all social platform makes it easy for the user to use block option. These options giving you the freedom to don’t interact with someone you don’t like.

Where to block someone on Instagram

You can block someone on Instagram using followings method:

  1. Computer Browser
  2. Instagram Android App Device
  3. Instagram iOS App Device

When someone becomes a headache for you in Instagram and you want to remove that tension or headache. Then it is very easy on Instagram using your laptop or computer browser or smartphone using App. Both options are given below to block someone either using a browser or App. Just scroll down read the process step by step with screenshots for your guidance.

How to block a person on Instagram using Android or iOS App

To Block someone using an Android or iOS device using App

  1. Open your Instagram App
  2. Tap on your Profile
  3. In the Search tab enter the Name or Profile of the person, you want to block.
  4. Go to Menu Option in the upper-right corner your screen
  5. Tap the Block and tap OK to confirm the action
  6. The selected profile is blocked now and added to block list
Three Horizantol dots block

User profile showing with menu option as indicating with an arrow.

Block Profile Instagram

User profile menu to tap on Block option adding the user to block-list.

Block option

Confirmation message stating that user will not be able to search or view your profile including posts, and stories on Instagram. Furthermore, Instagram is not giving any indication to users that you already blocked him/her.

Block Confirmation Ok

So finally you block the person and the button showing “Following” front the profile name has been changed to Unblock.

Unblock option Instagram

Following the same menu to unblock the user. You can read more in detail on how to unblock a user profile on Instagram.

How to block a person on Instagram using a Desktop browser

Let’s scroll down how to block a person or profile on Instagram while using a web browser via computer and laptop. You can use the browser option to search a profile and add to the blocklist. Following are the steps to block someone via a browser.

  1. Open the browser and go to
  2. In your profile search the User profile you want to block
  3. Click on the three dots near to your account name.
  4. In Pop-up Window click the Block this user option
  5. Proceed to confirm and the user is added to block list
Click the Profile or Name

Using a browser, to search for a profile and pick from the search result.

three horizontal dots

Going to the user profile menu to access more option

Block this user

User profile option with Report user, Block this user and cancel. To block a person, click Block this user. Otherwise, you can cancel to exit the menu option.

Block Option

Confirm to proceed block. After you block a user on Instagram, the user will not be able to find your profile in the search result. Furthermore, your posts and stories are hidden from the blocked user. While Instagram is not sending any notification to the user.

Dismiss Option

After that, confirmation of user added to block-list.

What will happens when you block a user on Instagram

When you block someone on Instagram that person will be no longer your friend and unable to see your posts, profiles or stories on Instagram. He will not get any notification that you block him.

As per the statement, this is easy and a drama-free process. If the person searches for your profile and suddenly cannot find your account, they will perhaps get the hint.

All the blocked users are not permanently moving but stay in the block-list. You can access them again to unblock here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the user receiving any notification after you block?

No user is not getting any notification. Instagram is just restricting block user to get a search result.

How to find if someone blocks me?

By default, you can’t find if someone blocks you. But if the profile is not appearing in search result it is likely the person add you in the blocklist.

Is there any specific way to fine if I am blocked?

You can use another account to search for a specific profile. If that profile appearing in search result then it’s mean your primary account is blocked.


To summarise, you have both options to use any device. Using a desktop computer or laptop; you can choose browser option to sign in your account. However, easy method to use your smartphone app and stop someone from your posts with just steps.

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